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A Cure to COVID: Suffer Now or Later?

Stephy Says 💋 first of all: I’m sick of COVID. Sick of hearing about it. Sick of talking about it. Sick of working in it. But, it’s still here…therefore, so am I.

With that being said…

2020 hit us all like a ton of bricks as life as we knew it changed so quickly & drastically. COVID-19 reared its head in the most unimaginable way possible. When the Corona virus made news headlines, let’s admit—none of us really took it seriously. I mean after all, we have seen & lived through the H1N1 Swine flu, H5N1 Bird Flu, Ebola, & Zika; not to mention old school outbreaks like Polio, Measles, Chicken Pox, Whooping Cough, & Tuberculosis. This outbreak would come & go like the others, right? Wrong!

COVID-19 made an appearance & proved that it was here to stay. We witnessed laws change, courthouses close, DMVs shut down, approval of to-go alcohol beverages, schools close its doors, jobs furloughed, utility bills & rent be forgiven, & generous funds (stimulus checks) be provided by the government. Who would have ever thought this would happen in America?

Nobody saw this coming, well except maybe the conspiracy theorists. Honestly, I will admit, I’ve listened to some of the theories—& I don’t think they are all wrong.

We went from a democratic nation fighting over toilet paper & hand sanitizer to a mandatory mask wearing social distancing with a curfew new world order country—all in the blink of an eye. Tests were unavailable to confirm actual positive results & symptoms changed from strictly respiratory symptoms to flu like symptoms with a touch of “sinus infection.” Boy, 2020 had us confused.

Initially, scientists were baffled. Doctors were confused. The medical field was in shambles. And healthcare workers felt complete chaos. There was barely any PPE (personal protective equipment) & “no room in the inn” when it came to hospitals.

As far as those who contracted the virus, there was no standard treatment. Individuals were instructed to “treat the symptoms” with OTC medicines like ibuprofen & Tylenol for muscles aches/fever & hydration. Severe cases were treated with ICU hospitalizations for respiratory distress & life threatening cases ended in death.

Then, miraculously vaccinations appeared—3 different vaccines at that (Moderna, Pfizer, & Johnson & Johnson). All of which had been approved for EUA (emergency use authorization) by the FDA with CDC regulating the guidelines.

As of August 23, 2021 Pfizer became the first & only COVID vaccination approved by the FDA.

As of September 17, 2021 the FDA advisers vote against Pfizer booster shots for the general public.

8:50 pm September 17, 2021 FDA panel recommends Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 booster shots only for people 65 and older or at high risk

Editor’s note: This post was originally published [January 9, 2021] and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

This is when everyone in the world became scientists & COVID experts.

As a healthcare professional, I pride myself on being safe, largely in part due to the life of my patients depending on me, but also for the fact that the safety & wellbeing of my patients is my priority. Also, I too like living.

With that being said, I still receive condemning scowls from individuals because I chose not to get vaccinated. I’m usually informed of the death toll from the virus, as if I’m not already aware. I’ve been called all kinds of names you can think of, people can “understand for the life of my why someone just would be so stupid not to get the vaccine.”

Personally, I have seen the news coverage, & I am aware that the numbers are inaccurate.For some reason, it is just hard for some people to accept the concept of free will or the personal choice of not participating in vaccines. I pass no judgement on anyone’s choice when it comes to their health.

I found a few of the most common reasons for people not being vaccinated:

Most people I come across were initially afraid to take the vaccine due to unknown side effects. The most common side effects seem to be fever, muscle aches, soreness or tenderness at injection site, headache, chills, & fatigue.

The other reason is this, “if I can still get COVID then why do I even need to get the shot?” (keep reading for more of my two cents)


The divide is not between VACCINATED & UNVACCINATED. The divide is between RESPONSIBLE & IRRESPONSIBLE.

I am unvaccinated, not irresponsible.

I wear a mask.

I wash my hands—THOROUGHLY.

I practice social distancing.

And I would still do the same if I was vaccinated.

Let’s talk vaccines.

The media does a poor job of accurately informing the general public. Overall, their goal is to entertain, not really inform. The information we receive is 3rd party. I can only imagine how many times the information has been re-written & misconstrued before being aired to viewers. They air news & headlines that provide a false certainty & a misguided sense of assurance. The statistics are fluffed up for extra excitement & a little more razzle dazzle.

Contrary to popular belief, receiving the COVID vaccination does NOT prevent an individual from contracting or spreading the virus. It merely decreases the chances of severity of symptoms & makes hospitalization less likely. With that being said, vaccinated individuals can still be positive WITH symptoms. They can also be positive WITHOUT symptoms & transmit it to others without knowing. Hence why masks for vaccinated individuals is still necessary.

The vaccines’ effectiveness is supposed to allegedly last about 6 months. I’ve seen people test positive within 3 months or less of receiving their 2nd dose. Am I surprised? No, because I understand that vaccines do not prevent the virus nor the spread of it.

Here are some facts:

A modest percentage of people who are fully vaccinated will still get Covid-19 if they are exposed to the virus that causes it,” Dr. Walensky said in the email.


The vaccines were intended to prevent hospitalization and death, the worst outcomes of infection, in large part the result of damage to the lungs and other organs.

I said all that to say this, even if you are vaccinated- please be responsible. Yes, I know you’re not responsible for anybody else’s health. However, just for decent human courtesy. It would be nice.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had patients come into the office upset because they are asked to wear a mask. “I got the shot.” That’s ALWAYS the response. But let me tell you this…my last 2 exposures have not been from unvaccinated people. They have been from vaccinated people who thought they were “ok” (even though they had ALL the symptoms), just because “they got the shot.” Guess who they contracted the virus from? Vaccinated people. Undoubtedly, people who were didn’t feel the need to mask up because of receiving“the shot.”

Educating about the vaccine & it’s objective is key.

My second point:

The news & the community consistently blames the unvaccinated for the spread of the virus when that is not necessarily the case.

Honestly, when the CDC decided to release the new guidelines stating fully vaccinated individuals were no longer required to wear masks, they were too trusting that Americans would be honest. The dishonest unvaccinated ones that chose to forego the mask without the vaccine were irresponsible. THOSE are the ones responsible for the spread of the virus.

That ain’t got nothing to do with me. I was still responsible. Vaccinated? No! Responsible? Yes.

What it all comes down to is being a responsible & courteous human being. Vaccinated or not, wear the mask, wash your hands, & stay outta people’s face.

If people don’t wanna get vaccinated, mind your business & stay outta their way when you see them coming.

If requirements or mandates come, that’s whack as a heart attack but let people deal with that & cross that bridge when they get to it.

There has been some talk of unvaccinated people having higher insurance premiums. Why? If I’m not sick or costing any extra bills or claims, why should it matter?

I stood in the middle of COVID care for over 70 positive patients before scientists even knew what it was or even had a vaccine to offer. I have maintained negative results the whole pandemic, & now because I refuse their precious vaccine, I should be penalized. Get outta here!

Do I agree with the mandates? Absolutely not! Because I don’t believe anyone should be “made” to do something to their body if it’s not their desire or own free will. After all, as a nurse, we were always taught that a patient has a right to refuse any form of treatment. I believe & fully support medical freedom!

A little more perspective for you:

P.S. here’s how I’ve remained negative the entire pandemic :

  • 1,000 mg Vitamin C
  • 110mg Zinc Oxide
  • Orange Juice
  • Hydration (Water)
  • 8-10 hours of sleep
  • Keep stress levels low
  • Wash hands or sanitize
  • Wearing a mask
  • Avoiding large crowds (social distancing)

Disclaimer: I am not a medical practitioner & not offering any medical advice. Everything in this article is strictly based upon personal experience & opinions.

Stay safe! Happy vaxxing!

Oh yeah, we thought 2020 was bad.

Welcome to 2020won… read it again🥴

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A BLACK Face In White Collar America

Stephy Says 💋, it’s BLACK HISTORY MONTH so let’s discuss real black issues. 

We often shine a spotlight on racism in regards to police brutality, but let me accentuate where we see it most. Allow me to call your attention to where the biggest racial divide lies but is discussed in a whisper rather than with a bullhorn. Let’s focus on an area where racism exists, but we are forced to “accept it” without dispute due to life’s circumstances. Financial, home, & personal responsibilities restrict us from defying our superiors.


Get a job they say, but let’s talk about how difficult it is to thrive in Corporate America, an office setting, or a career with underrepresentation of people of color. Let’s explore how our assertiveness is falsely identified as aggressive.

“Does my haughtiness offend you? Don’t you take it awful hard ’Cause I laugh like I’ve got gold mines Diggin’ in my own backyard.”

Let’s discuss the complaints that have been made for HR to take affirmative action but we’re brushed off as us being sensitive–“I’m they didn’t mean it that way.” Let’s bring to the forefront the policies & procedures that are strategically implemented by corporations to create indirect racial tension accompanied by what they believe to be inconspicuous discrimination. 

Is it required of us to dim down our blaring confidence for those who are uncomfortable with self love? Are we supposed to overlook or pretend to be oblivious to the mistrust of our superiors, Executive team, or directors when a task is given to a person lighter in skin tone? A task in which, we are more than capable & equipped to complete. A task in which we have been thoroughly trained & qualified, if not more qualified than our counterparts to accomplish. Are we not supposed to acknowledge when a project was initiated by us, but seized from our grasps & completed by another just to ensure we don’t receive the credit? Do we turn a blind eye to the substantial differences in salary even with equal experience or degrees? Are we supposed to neglect the subtle hints of anticipation for them to find flaw or error in order to validate their misinterpretation? Is it expected of us to ignore the lack of training & inaccessibility to the tools needed to warrant success in our position? Do we dismiss the blatant difference in task/job preparation while we are taught the bare minimum to complete our jobs in effort to make certain that we do not overachieve? Are we required to consistently maintain a particular vernacular to display our level of education while others merely speak in colloquial terms? Must we have to prove ourselves worthy daily just to sustain a stable career? Do we just look in the opposite direction & disregard the apparent disdain? Do we deafen our ears to the condescending tones used in conversation towards us? They place us in these constricted choke holding situations, yet expect us to breathe easy enough to thrive. 

Mrs. Maya Angelou asked this:

Does my sassiness upset you? Why are you beset with gloom? ’Cause I walk like I’ve got oil wells Pumping in my living room.”


Let’s be honest.  Realistically, half of the jobs we qualify for, we are never even given the fair opportunity of an interview, yet the companies wear the EEO badge with honor; all while concealing the truth. Certain names, regardless of certifications, credentials, degrees, or experience will never slide across the desk of the HR director. The cycle seems to remain the same amongst African Americans. The application will get lost in the shuffle, & the job will be given to a less melanated person with only half of the required or preferred credentials. Do our degrees not hold value? Do our achievements not merit reward? Or does the race associated with the formal education counteract the intelligence? Why it is that White Collar America misperceives correlate being black with being ignorant? We are considered to be unsuitable for positions simply by the check we place in the race box. Preceding employment, Black Americans face hiring discrimation and involuntarily relinquish jobs most likely traced back & attributable to race. During my research on this topic, it was discovered that experiments and studies have exhibited that resumes submitted with a more “black sounding name” received significant fewer callbacks for interviews for employment than those with more “white sounding”/ Caucasian names, even when the individuals had indistinguishable credentials. Continuing with my research, it confirmed my beliefs & turned them from an opinion to a fact. In a scholarly written by Dina Gerdeman, it was discovered that even when business organizations, corporations, & business firms use terms such as “pro-diversity,” or “equal opportunity employer,” or  phrases like“minorities are strongly encouraged to apply,” masses of minority applicants conjure up the wrong idea that it’s safe or acceptable to disclose their race on their resumes—only to be declined later for the job. Lisa Bryant, an educated & degreed black woman, discloses that companies are most likely to recruit & employ individuals that they believe mirror their core values, reflect their culture, and who they can be comfortable with, but also look like them; which in most occurrences, those people are white. Even after hire, we are placed into a competition that we weren’t even aware we signed up for, as if the job market isn’t competitive enough in itself. Our work ethic can be the best in the company, but the sad truth is –we never measure up. Perhaps, the measuring tool of success are different. As a black American, we have to make twice the effort to receive a quarter of the appreciation & gratitude.

It is expected for us to change our image, our clothes, our speech, our tone of voice, our disposition, our statue, & our dialect just to appease those around us that are apprehensive & uncomfortable with our existence.

Racism extends beyond Black Lives Matter. It expands beyond blatant police brutality and Ku Klux Klan lynchings. Legally. segregation “ended” years ago, However, segregation still discreetly lingers in places it may be least expected. It stretches into the Human Resources Departments of major corporations and paramount firms. It drives unethical business actions and decisions.

Being a black face in white collar America is equivalent to the knee of a cop on George Floyd’s neck. WE CAN’T BREATHE.

Regardless of what people of color endure, I wouldn’t want to be any other race. Being black is a BIG FLEX 💪🏽! “And that’s on Mary had a little lamb.”

Maya Angelou said it best: “You may shoot me with your words, You may cut me with your eyes, You may kill me with your hatefulness, But still, like air, I’ll rise.”



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Stand Back, Stand By—The “PROUD” Boys

Stephy Says 💋 Donald Trump & the Proud boys, you have really outdone yourselves this time. Never in the history of America has a president been banned or blocked indefinitely on social media; probably because they knew how to conduct themselves as leaders & adults. I’m still fairly young & have only lived through a few presidents so I grabbed a supporting quote just in case I may have been wrong. 😁
“This is the first time in history that the social media accounts of a head of a State by Facebook has been suspended.”
On January 7, 2022, Wavy 10 News released the report that Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook & now Instagram announced that these platforms have extended blocks on Trumps accounts, indefinitely–or at least for the remainder of his term. At some point in the same day during this fiasco, Trump turned to Twitter to unleash his opinions & a few choice words to whoever was willing to give up their precious time to read them. It seemed as if Twitter wanted no part of the shenanigans & many of tweets were deleted for violating community guidelines. Along with removing tweets, Twitter added a disclaimer “this claim about election fraud is disputed” in regards to the false reports of the Election Process.
via Twitter Feed January 7, 2021

Via Twitter feed January 7, 2021

Breaking News: 01.08.21–Turns out that Donald Trump has permanently been suspended from Twitter.

Source: The Associated Press

03/31/21 UPDATE: CNN announced that 45 created his own website after being banned from social media

Stephy Says 💋 Again he’s the ONLY president to be banned from social media

Editor’s note: This post was originally published [January 9, 2021] and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. 

It kind of makes me wonder–when Trump said “stand back & stand by,” what exactly did he mean? If you watched the debate, when the conversation of racism was brought to the forefront, Trump made a comment regarding the Proud Boys & for them to “stand back and stand by.” To me & many black viewers, this sounded like an order & a threat. While he won’t admit to the comments, members of the Proud Boys that watched the debate deemed his comment as both “historic” & an “endorsement.”
Proud Boys – stand back and stand by. But I’ll tell you what… Somebody’s got to do something about antifa and the left because this is not a right-wing problem.” –Donald Trump during the presidential debate Above information cited from
Remember the disgust American citizens had about Colin Kaepernick silently & respectfully kneeling during the National Anthem? Do you remember the backlash he received while exercising his American right? His silent protest resulted in him in losing his multi-million contract with the NFL because of how it “misrepresented” them. Disrespectful. Disgraceful. Unpatriotic. These are only a few of the words used to describe him.

How about the looting, rioting, & protest in 2020 that people described as “unnecessary” after the recorded murder of George Floyd while in the hands of the police?

I saw numerous of relentless social media posts, opinion articles, interviews in publications, etc. condemning those involved. Trump supporters called them animals & according to Donald Trump, they were “thugs.” Even during peaceful protests, they were spit on, shot at, sprayed, & gassed. Turns out that when the Proud Boys & Trump supporter throw over the Capitol, those same opinions have turned hushed. I have yet to see a post, hear an opinion, or read an article that condemns them with the same measures that BLM was condemned. I don’t see the ridicule, the outrage, the disdain during this riot.

 These terrorist thugs successfully bombarded the Capitol, a highly secured government agency, breached security, & dismantled the furniture without so much as a scratch; yet BLM protesters were met with a fully armed police team carrying air rifles, tear gas, &face shields. The racial divide is obvious.

Apparently, I’m not the only American that feels this way.

CNN released an article revealing that the sports world also sees the difference in handling the two riots.

The article quotes NBA player Jayson Tatum during an interview,

RG3 tweeted, The difference in the treatment between races in America is on full display.”

Boston Globe displayed a chart comparing the number of arrests made during BLM protests to the number of arrests made during the Capitol riots. The results are unsurprising.

Soure: http://www.bostonglobe.con

I’m sure this riot has been & will continue to be negatively compared to BLM protests. Comments will most likely be made that BLM did the “same thing.” I can agree with the facts that both groups of people dismantled public property, however, the reasons fueling the protests are unparalleled.

BLM had a CLEAR objective & agenda–a cause. The protesting was a reaction to police brutality & the killing of unarmed black Americans with unjustifiable cause. For lack of better words, The riots were a cry for help, the statement being made was this– as a culture we are tired & unheard. There was a message in the mess. Whether individuals chose to see or hear the message, the point was loud & clear.

Bedsides being objective, the 2020 protests were international. The movement was supported across the world because everyone in the world recognized the agenda & the injustice of the “American systemEXCEPT Donald Trump, racists , & the Proud Boys.

Let me reiterate, as aforementioned in an earlier post, I did not necessarily agree with the rioting & looting, BUT I definitely understood it.

I normally try to see thing from other points of view, think using their logic, & understand other people’s perspective (I got that word tatted on me).

However, this makes NO sense.


For those that need a definition:

Entitlement: the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

This commotion & uproar is completely different than BLM. Simply put, the riot taking place at the Capitol is a flat out temper tantrum. They are behaving like wild animals & children. Spoiled brats. And let’s not even mention the costumes…what was the Viking supposed to be doing??

Honestly, did they think that Trump would NEVER lose? He should be used to losing by now, he’s lost many wives , plenty of businesses, & half of his marbles.

  • Unlike BLM protests, this is an isolated riot to ONLY Trump supporters. No other countries are standing with the Proud boys. There’s no cause for this type of behavior other than being sore losers. They are behaving like my 8 year son that accuses the game of cheating every time he’s losing.
  • Viola Davis tweeted a meme of Peter Parker in the car with a MAGA hat on using a skin tone card to determine how to word his actions.

    Viola Davis made a valid point, Terminology seems to differ as the skin tone becomes lighter. The verbiage is contingent upon race not action.

    This is the type of hypocrisy & double standards that keeps this country set back & stagnant.

    If individuals can just walk into the Capitol so easily, breach security, & overthrow it, I wonder if America was ever really as safe as they tried to make us believe….

    Update: Donald Trump has broken yet ANOTHER record.

    Trump, your whole goal in presidency was to Make America Great Again. This is the country you created , you must be proud.

    Happy reading!

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    Editor’s note: This post was originally published [January 9, 2021] and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.