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Hush Talk- Dr. C. Peoples, Jr.

Stephy Says 💋, mental health wellness check! How are you holding up mentally?

As I reflect on my life, I can recall how many occurrences & escapades I had as a teenager where I wished for someone to ask me this very question. Even as an adult, our mental stability is often overlooked unless a tragedy occurs. In most cases, after the tragedy, everything is perfectly visible in hindsight.

Growing up in an African American household, mental health was not a topic of discussion. In fact, it wasn’t even recognized or thought to be an actual illness or disease, regardless of the fact that psychiatrists existed to treat such debilitating conditions. You just didn’t “claim” that issue. From a recent brief study I conducted by way of polling, it seemed as if mental illness was dealt with the same throughout the African American culture—religion & reprimanded.

If a child made mention of depressed, they were most likely to be met with the question & argument, “what you got to be depressed for? Somebody is taking care of you.”

You weren’t allowed to be anxious. You just needed to go “sit down somewhere.” Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder was misdiagnosed & most black kids were all place on Ritalin to make them sit down & shut up.

There was no such thing as Oppositional Defiant Disorder. All that was needed was a “tail whooping.”

If being reprimanded didn’t “cure” the issue, then additionally, you were drug to church & placed on the altar for the reverend to “pray it out of you.”

In my opinion, the lack of proper attention & treatment led to black individuals running to drugs, sex, & alcohol to deal with the demons they were made to believe weren’t real. Seeking professional treatment or seeing a “shrink” to get “crazy pills” was never an offered solution because of aforementioned reasons. Additionally, it was misperceived & pictured that therapy was lying on a couch with someone asking, “how does that make you feel?” (As seen in TV) Not mention the infamous makeshift black proverb, “what happens in this house stays in this house.”

For whatever reasons, it seemed to believe that mental illness could invade everyone’s body, but Black Americans were exempt.

Nobody wanted to go “tell a white man all my business”.


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What if I told you that there was a relatable professional available that could help end the stigma?

What if I showed you a mental health provider with a melanated face like yours?

Meet Dr. Clarence Peoples, Jr.- licensed psychotherapist/chaplain.

What is psychotherapy & what can he do for me?

In short, psychotherapy is “talk therapy.” In other words, it’s a method of communication between therapist & client to identify the root of the troubling circumstances & creating strategies to better mentally & emotionally cope with them. The overall goal of psychotherapy is to eliminate or control undesired symptoms, both mental & emotional. Contrary to popular belief, the two coincide. (Think about the conflict the war between what the head knows & what the heart feels).

Dr. Peoples is able to provide you with both professional & religious interventions. If you are not one that considers yourself to be religious, you should take comfort in know that Dr. People possesses the professional ability to effectively separate the two entities. He’s committed to serving his clients without judgement, without violating their personal beliefs, or imposing on client rights. In the hands of Dr. Peoples, you are in a safe place–physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually. In his role, confidentiality is maintained & client’s comfort level is respected.

He not only nurtures your mind; he has a gentle tactical approach to mend the heart in areas that you didn’t know were broken. He strategically reveals the deepest thoughts & emotions that were believed to be hindering, & teaches you how flourish in spite of them. Aside from skilled therapy, he possess the spiritual capacity to supercharge your spirit, your energy, & your aura that will leave you illuminating with positivity & radiance. He equips you with the skill set & tools necessary to tackle difficult thought process & behavioral practices attached to them.

Benefits from Dr. People’s services could include but not be limited to you noticing fewer days of feeling sick or general fatigue, less debilitating moments, fewer medical problems or diagnosis, increased work progress, & greater self fulfillment. However, in order for his treatments to be highly beneficial, you must commit, comply, & have an approach & attitude of willingness.

Basically, Dr. Peoples somewhat rewires your brain so that,

“As a rose–focus on the beauty of your petals–not the pain of your thorns.” -Stephy Ellsworth


Deacons, members, saints, family & friends….

You can have the cross & the couch.

It’s acceptable to have JESUS AND a therapist!


Dr. Peoples bridges ministry AND medicine.

His mission as a seasoned Chaplain is to prepare & cultivate individuals in position to lead. His program, The Clinical Clergy Institute, provides thorough training & preparation to success.

The title & weight of responsibility that is placed upon a Chaplain is significantly heavier than those who operate in other positions. The takeaway key point & overall objective is once completing The Institute, individuals will be capable of providing patients, families, and employers with clinical training that is expected from Chaplains. 

With the changes in era & millennial generations, Dr. Peoples teaches leaders how to implement modernized methodology without revising tampering with sound doctrine.

In essence, Dr. Peoples aims to dedicate himself to serve others. His mission is to effectively & therapeutically communicate with individuals by meeting their needs, their concerns, their questions, their calamity, their uncertainty, & their confusion.

And the best part is, he can efficiently meet them right where they are.

The Cross AND the Couch.

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