BJ Mood Swing

Stephy Says πŸ’‹ I remember a viral video on Facebook of a guy sitting in the car singing Praise on the Inside by Jay Moss. The post was shared by The Playmakers Entertainment. I’m sure you remember the video too, but you probably don’t know it yet. From his physical appearance, you would automatically assumeContinue reading “BJ Mood Swing”

Yummy Yumz LLC πŸ¨

Stephy Says πŸ’‹ how many times after eating dinner (or supper where I’m from) do we say, β€œnow, I need something sweet?” Ok, maybe that’s a southern thing, but what I do know isβ€”mealtime isn’t complete without fulfilling that sweet tooth. Everyone loves dessert. Allow me to introduce to you Yummy Yumz, LLCβ€”with treats soContinue reading “Yummy Yumz LLC πŸ¨”