🎧 Earbuds In, World Out 🌎 Issa Vibe

While typing ⌨️away at work doing my daily duties, I put my earbuds in 🎧and tune out the noise & the office drama. My favorite Pandora stations are playing the best vibing music, and I’m in a world of my own🌎. This inspired my postΓ  when you listen to these songs, βœ¨issa vibe! This is the kind of music that touches your soul & youContinue reading “🎧 Earbuds In, World Out 🌎 Issa Vibe”

πŸ˜’Bitter Broads

In case you guys had no idea, I am also a published author & aside from blogging, I write stories. Check out this excerpt from my short story “Game Over.” πŸ’‹You know the warm fuzzy feeling you get when that special someone calls? And that tingling feeling you get in your stomach from being inContinue reading “πŸ˜’Bitter Broads”