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De Hud: The Lxn Wxlf

Stephy Says 💋 some of the best music comes from “undiscovered” independent artists. The patience, practice, & perfecting their craft is evident in the the music they put out. With that being said, allow me to introduce you to an independent artist that is a force to be reckoned with. Meet indie artist, De Hud.

De Hud, also known as Duray Hudson is a native of Franklin, VA (8th City) but currently resides in Portsmouth, VA. Lessons in life led him to the path of music as an outlet. He turned loss & pain into passion, & he’s made a name & claimed his place in the industry. Some of you may be new to his journey or perhaps this article may be the 1st time you’ve heard of him—nonetheless, there is no doubt that he’s made for the artist life.

He is impressionable & has memorable music with quotable lyrics. He’s the artist that you want on your song features, performing on your set, or as an interview on your radio show or podcast. His energy is contagious & vibrates high.

From remixes to original composed music, De Hud delivers. The clever word play in his lyrics give you a moment of aha after listening. If you haven’t heard his single Peep Hole, you’re missing out on the word play. But, because I love my followers, here’s a snippet of it. I’m sure after listening to it, you’ll have an aha moment of the song title. Like Era, he used his platform to bring a banger while addressing police brutality & killings of unarmed African Americans.

Peep Hole

Even with limited performances due to COVID-19, De Hud has still managed to build a solid fanbase & following strictly off released music, social media shares, & videos dropping on his YouTube channel with his most viewed video at over 15k views. And that’s ORGANIC traffic. Since he isn’t able to perform as often on stage, he makes a stage right where he is & gives you a show. It’s no doubt, this guy is not only an artist, but an all around entertainer.

His musical styles, lyrics, & delivery is confident & effective. Every mission he sets out to accomplish is executed with authenticity. Everything about this cat is REAL! (Yes, I said cat). As an artist, he’s one of a kind & cannot be duplicated or imitated. He knows his value as a person & his place as an artist. Even De Hud said himself:

“Ain’t wit that energy, even if you kin to me ion want you around.

These ni**as premeditated knowing that I levitated, they go up to greater heights to try to bring me down..try to bring me down

I’m more like David & you ni**as Goliath”

Big Boogie Mental Health (remix)

Every time he steps in the booth or sets foot in the studio, he comes out with some heat. Every piece of music he releases is written with a listener’s interest. He always makes sure when he drops something for men, that he balances it by dropping something for the ladies too. While doing this, he makes sure he gives his listeners the highest video & sound quality with professional production of his music.

He’s a chameleon in the music game & can easily bounce between hip hop/rap & RnB genre. Yes, I said RnB. He has music that matches all of your moods, & his song catalog that easily move you from the streets to the bed. He has bars AND vocals. He first came on scene with an acapella vocal YouTube video of his song Window (produced & filmed by Illgrind Multimedia Group) in 2017. This breakthrough video gained over 5k viewers & made believers out of those that doubted him.

Over the years, he moved in silence & broke back into his music career as an evolved, new & improved artist. His voice had matured & his lyrics became metaphorical bars. After his evolution, he became able to maneuver from genre to genre without losing himself or his followers in the process.

His ability to transition to either side of your favorite music automatically places him at the top of my favorites list. Since we are on the topic of his ability to blend into any room, let’s talk about his style & fashion sense. He can easily go from hood with gold slugs to a lover boy with the swagger enough to be Mr. Steal Your Girl. Not only is he the flyest in a room, his wife is drop dead gorgeous & adds a force to his already known presence. Pulling this off takes skill & talent.

De Hud talks about real life struggles, not only the struggles he faced as an individual, but the common struggles faced by the entire black culture. He uses the same situations that are meant to bring us death & turn it around to give us life through his lyrics. His music shows us that rather than accepting defeat, we should celebrate the victories, embrace what we’ve learned, & celebrate how we overcame. The fact that both old & young can relate to him brings more followers & supporters across the nation.

Knowing him behind the scenes & after briefly working with him, as I said before—he’s AUTHENTIC. He’s hungry for success but he’s HUMBLE. When he tells you that he appreciates your love & support, that that ish to heart because he means it. He has the mind of a millionaire & the heart of a hustler.

Besides music, he is the owner of the self made brand Lxn Wxlf (Lone Wolf). This brand grabbed attention of supporters & took off making its way throughout Virginia, Washington DC, & Maryland. The brand is worn by both men & women so it appeals to everyone regardless of sexual orientation. It’s INCLUSIVE. Tap in with the Lxn Wxlf. It’s the perfect time to join the pack.

I’ve probably just introduced you to your new favorite artist, & all his songs get better with repeated plays. He’s proof that your past doesn’t define your future.

If anyone asks how you found him, tell ‘em Stephy Said It 😎

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PS Dress Up dropping soon, so connect with him on his social media to tune in for exclusiveness!


Happy listening 🎧