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✂️Vibez By Brooke💇🏽‍♀️

Stephy Says 💋 allow me to introduce you to one of the most skillful stylists & entrepreneurs I know – Brooke.

If you take pride in your appearance, she’s unquestionably the one to call for your hair needs.

If you are one of the ones that look at the hair of the cosmetologist before booking your appointment, no worries because Brooke’s edges stay laid & her hair stays slayed. Tuh! 💅🏽 She is a WHOLE VIBE!!!

Choosing the right hair style is one of the most challenging tasks for women. It’s so many things to take into consideration: face shape, hair texture, budget, & skin tone/complexions just to name a few. Not to mention, trying to find a style in this era becomes harder every day because it seems as if there’s a new style every month.

If you are like me, you scroll through pictures on Facebook, Pinterest, or Google to find various hairstyles to inspire your next look. You search pictures, prices, colors, textures, lengths, styles, etc. and hope that your stylist can recreate it; maybe not precisely, but as close as possible. After all, your hair style is ultimately what brings your look together.

Speaking of pictures, I can’t tell you many times Brooke has probably been shown a picture on a phone and asked, “can you do this?” (I know this because I’ve done it to her a few times lol). However, it comes as no surprise to me when she says she can, and is actually able to deliver.

This is where those “what she wanted” vs. “what she got” pictures on social media come into play.

Ladies, I’m sure you can agree with this statement–> If it’s one thing I don’t play about, it’s my hair.

You know like I do that you can’t have just anyone styling your hair. The wrong stylist will leave your hair damaged, dry, brittle, & unmanageable. And nobody wants to be a bald head scallywag…😅

Finding a skilled, authentic, affordable, & dependable hairstylist is difficult. Throw in friendly, patient, & affordable and you just may be out of luck. But, there’s hope because Fortunately, all of these qualities can be found in Brooke.

I’m sure you’ve probably heard this before, & if you haven’t, then I’ll tell you now, a woman’s hair is her crown. Her glory. With that being said, I entrusted my crown to Brooke some years ago, and she has crowned me at every appointment ever since.

Here’s what Stephy Says 💋 :

1st- if you have witnessed me slaying in a picture posted, chances are my hair was done by Brooke.

My bald & beautiful phase was created by Brooke. I never felt so liberated & Brooke made sure I knew how beautiful I was before I left her chair.

I remember feeling self conscious & telling her I felt like a bald headed boy. She laughed by reassured me that it was a look that I was fierce enough to pull off. That was a moment I will never forget. That was in 2017 & Brooke has continued to instill beauty in me even when I don’t see it in myself. What woman wouldn’t want a hair stylist like that?

2nd- When you step into the presence of Vibez By Brooke, the first energy that meets you at the door is one of serenity and relaxation. During my last appointment, it was mentioned by multiple patrons at multiple times that Brooke’s salon felt like home. It has home girl next door vibes. There is a level of comfort & tranquility. Even amongst women you’ve never met, you feel as if you’re family.

Let me add, Brooke doesn’t only “do hair.” She isn’t just another cosmetologist. She restores confidence. She reignites your self interest. She rejuvenates your energy. She renews your overall appearance. While many beauticians I know place emphasis solely on how the hair looks, Brooke splits her focus between two components: the appearance of your hair & your hair health.

She gives your scalp, roots, follicles, & tips a luxurious shampooing. She follows up with thorough conditioning. She makes sure she conditions, treats, & coats the hair from root to tip. She adds oils that controls frizz & is sure to keep your hair & scalp hydrated. Her products add hydration without weighing the hair down & leaving it noticeably fresh. When you leave her chair, your hair is thriving & flourishing. It leaves you swinging your hair with voluminous body singing, “stiff where?”

After your hair has been transformed, she educates on the best methods to use to keep your hair remaining fresh & healthy. She offers her professional opinion with patience especially when clients are full of questions or doubts as they are about to make a potentionally life changing decision regarding their hair.

If you…

Need a cut? ✂️Call Brooke.

Need color? 🎨Call Brooke.

Need a style? 💁🏽‍♀️Call Brooke.

Need locs? 🔗 Call Brooke.

Whether you have 2 scoops of hair & a spoonful of edges or a head full of long tresses, Brooke can help you.

Seriously though, Brooke has hands that stimulate both hair health & hair growth. She can transform curly hair to make it straight. She can make straight hair curly. She is the ultimate transformer.

From bold & attention grabbing to modest & professional, she’s capable of creating a look that is perfect for any occasion at a rate your pockets can afford.

Connect with Brooke on social media:

📸Instagram: Vibez by Brooke

👍🏽 Facebook: Vibez By Brooke

🗓 Schedule Appt: Book Now

TikTok: Vibez By Brooke

Happy Hair Styling ✂️💁🏽‍♀️

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Artist Reviews music/entertainment

Nicole Lundy

Stephy Says 💋, per usual social media has connected me to yet another talented artist. She is sure to make a notable appearance in the music industry. Allow me to introduce you to a rising R&B sensation & Slept On Artist (SEA) of the Year 2021, the gifted Nicole Lundy.

Photo cred :

I came across Nicole in my daily aimless TikTok scrolling. In the video that made me pause, the caption on the screen said, “#fillintheblanks,”& she began singing Ja Rule’s throwback Always On Time feat. Ashanti. Nostalgia!

It was something about the way she sang “now baby” that made me stop in my tracks & say YOU BETTAH! You know, the typical black girl compliment 😅

From there I clicked around her TikTok profile, & ended up on her Instagram page. A video of her singing Treat Me Like Somebody by Tink halted me in my tracks, & I have been stuck in fandom ever since.

Let’s admit, the music industry is tough. Besides politics & legalities, success in the music industry is based on a combination of talent of both lyrics, sound, personality, & a certain sense of style; all of which must appease the eyes, the ears, & the emotions of their listeners. Stephy Says 💋 with much confidence, Nicole Lundy has it ALL!

Her style is as flawless and polished as a diamond leaving her supporters awestruck with not only her voice, but her style & persona as well.

Nicole Lundy

Her voice is strong & bounding, full with convicted & compelling emotions. It’s attention grabbing on some songs while soft & melodic on others. Each song on her album shows her versatility & her unconventional range of artistry. While listening to her music, it will strike up sleeping emotions & awaken them with her poetic lyrics. The whole project & entire orchestration of it is emotionally-rich & vibe heavy.

She appeals to all of your emotions & situations. In love? There’s a song for that. Break up? There’s a song for that. In the mode for making love? There’s a song for that.

Nicole’s music doesn’t consist of mere words, but rather an art of storytelling. She paints art & tells a story through her words— but the real connection to her listeners is by the tone of her voice; the richness, the feelings, & the experiences of life. She breathes life into the words on paper, & they in turn breathe life into her listeners.

Her lyrics meaningful & purely written with real, raw, & authentic emotion. Her album & voice will have your heart full with her heartfelt music. Let me not forget to mention that will have you turning the lights down low.

Aside from composing original content, she is also the QUEEN of smashups & remixes. Her skill & musical inclination to choose two unapparent similar songs & blend them over one beat while making them a bop is like none other. (If you follow me, then you know I deemed Rico Da Ruler the King of remixing popular songs).

Nicole hits notes with so much confidence & certainty that makes her listeners more attracted, mostly because of the sureness of herself as an artist. She is comfortable with her vocal range. Nicole delivers various ranges while taking big leaps & chances while still remaining true to herself & delivering without taking away her voice control.

For a moment, I thought the R&B industry & music was dead. I read a post that said R&B has been having an “identity crisis” due to the genre being mislabeled. Well…Nicole has been one of the artists that made me believe that the R&B genre could be salvaged. She has contributed to the genre from becoming non-existent. She has stuck to the definition of R&B, & has confirmed her identity within not only the genre, but in the industry. The best part about Nicole is her ability to blend into the pop & neo-soul genre as well. That’s what I call multifaceted. The chameleon effect is definitely there.

Nicole’s live performances are a win-win for her supporters. Without a doubt, she would be worth the listen & worth the view.

Nicole Lundy

Tap in with Nicole & join her on her music journey!

Independent movie directors & producers, she ready to be your film soundtrack.

Need a feature? She would be an asset to your mixtape or single.

📻Stream her music here:



Apple Music

Connect with Nicole Lundy on social media:

Happy listening 🎧 ladies & gents!


Business Branding Tips

Build A Brand

Stephy Says 💋 , if your brand was present in a room before you arrived, what word would be used to describe it? How do people know you? What do people know you for? Think about it. Your brand is your introduction. Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. What your brand says about you adds value even your absence.

I’ll rewind for a second and give you this one abbreviated but vital statement. One of the most misused words in business are marketing & branding. The brief difference between the two is this: Branding is who you are. Marketing is what you do. (Don’t worry, we will review this in another blog post or YouTube webinar).

If you have never visited Stephy Says 💋 before, welcome! I’m happy to have you join me. Please stay for a while (hint, hint: SUBSCRIBE. please & thanks!)

Now that the preliminaries are out of the way, let’s talk about why you’re really here. You want to know what I have to say about —branding.

By definition, branding is “the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.” But Stephy Says 💋, YOU are your brand. Everything you are & everything you do is your brand. Your brand should appeal to the senses & mind; what people see, hear, think, or even feel.

Brands can be created by way of one or multiple things: logos, jingles, mottos, taglines, or characters (mascots).

What is a brand? And why is it so important?

  • Your brand is:
    ✔️your identification.
    ✔️your reputation
    ✔️your testimony
    ✔️your credentials
    ✔️your reference

Your brand is what clients or consumers use to set you apart from competitors. It paints the picture for consumers of what they can expect from you & can easily provide information about you before they meet you.

When I wrote my mission statement & vision, I wanted my brand to be known by 3 words: Engage. Empower. Impact. This is how I want to be introduced, even if I am not in the room. I want individuals to vouch for my services & attest to the statement that I engage with others by empowering their brand & impacting their lives. Besides this, whenever someone sees a pair of red lips, I want them to think about Stephy Says 💋.

Ok, you’ve heard my branding terms or keywords. Let’s talk about yours. In order for your brand to grasp the attention of consumers & capture their interest, you have to think BOLDLY!

Be creative. Be concise. Be conscientious. Your wording is everything!

This would be a good moment to think about the brands you already know. You can probably complete this branding exercise with little or no help from me:

•Nike- Just Do It.
•Subway- Eat Fresh.
•CoverGirl- Easy, breezy, beautiful, CoverGirl

While considering wording, also be mindful of typography. Is your business more professional? Consider using a font with “feet,” such as Times New Roman. For a business related to children or youth, maybe a fun font such as Comic Sans MS could be used. If your brand is more formal, try Lobster.

It probably goes unnoticed by wording & typography is one of the 1st layers to branding. Take a peek at the image below for examples of these typography styles.

Aside from wording, another vital component of branding you must consider is COLORS! Think of all the colors you see & what emotions or thoughts that they create inside of you. What picture do you want to paint for your future customers & clients? Do you want to create feelings of optimism & hope? Maybe, yellow is a perfect color for you. Another example of the use of colors would be a brand using the color blue which may evoke feelings of calmness & peacefulness. What colors do you use for your brand? Click here to see a chart of colors & its correlated emotions.

Now, move on to the next order of business. Just a small recap: we have talked about wording & colors. Let’s add more building blocks to #buildabrand.

The next element you need in branding is packaging & presentation. Most sales & increase of clients occur because the product is appealing to the eye. Think about a caterer & the importance of the food presentation on a plate. How many times have we been upset at fast food restaurants because our food “doesn’t look like the picture.” If the food placed sloppily, your Yelp review of the brand may be negative. Another example poor branding is McDonald’s. Even if the food was stellar, they are mostly associated with a flaw. What are they known for? “The ice cream machine is down.” That common occurrence devalues their brand.

Keys to #buildabrand

The key to branding is:
Consistency (how often do you make yourself known?)

Communication (how often do you speak with or to consumers?)

Knowledge of your audience (who are you appealing to)

Exposure (multiple platforms to reach multiple geographic locations)

Evolving (how have you leveled up? How much growth have you seen?)

Competitiveness (how can you be better than your competition?)

Passion (do you really love who you are as brand?)

I’m hopeful that this post has been time well spent & informative. While this post may have been the abridged version of branding, it should be able to provide building blocks in your business. A solid foundation is the only way to build a fortified business.

Want to hear more? Be sure to listen to the Stephy Says 💋 Show!

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👳🏾‍♂️Cancel Nick Cannon??

Stephy Says 💋 the news of Viacom CBS firing Nick Cannon came as a complete shock although, with the way the increasing racism & hate towards the black community on the rise, it probably shouldn’t have.

Zeewiththetea posted the original statement made by Viacom following the termination of Nick. (P.S. Stephy Says 💋 I know yall think yall like The Shade Room, but follow ZeewiththeTea 🐸☕️ for ALL the tea. Tell her Stephy said it 💋).

Viacom’s Statement

It almost seems as if Nick’s had a target on his back dating slightly back from the scandal & being wronged by NBC America’s Got Talent (in which they then did the same to Gabrielle Union 🙄). Now let me add, I didn’t read any full articles or listen to the entire podcast (mind your business). However, if he did say something wrong, was is really so wrong that he had to be fired from the entire company!? I understand that he was fired for anti-semitic speech, but is this really any different from any form of hate speech? Must I speak on hate speech the black community has faced for centuries?? OK, that’s another conversation for another day. Go read Black Lives Matter.✊🏽🖤

Consider this, on July 16th, while watching The Nightly News, Donald Trump’s niece reported that his family “regularly” used anti-semitic slurs. But, “they” STILL haven’t canceled the so-called President? Make it make sense. Mary Trump’s story can be found here on Business Insider. It’s ironic how this interview aired just one day after the news of Nick Cannon being fired for the very same thing. How was this any different from Nick besides the color of the person performing the action?

“President” Trump

Even after long & thoughtful apologies for his entitled opinion, Nick Cannon is still being drug by trolls on social media. However, the same trolls STILL see refuse to acknowledge racial slurs, hate speech, or racism against the black community.

Besides Viacom, Nick’s talk show has been pulled from the 2020 line up according to Daily News. If you ask me, this is OVERKILL!

On the bright side, some good news is –Nick Cannon will continue to be the host of The Masked Singer according to CNN news.

I need the black community to STAND behind Nick Cannon. Diddy started by inviting Nick back “home” & offering a place for him on RevoltTv, a “truly BLACK OWNED” business. Let me say this 🗣 I STAND with Diddy!

Nick continues to face backlash not only from individuals outside of the black race, but also within the race which led him to gut wrenching tweets that obviously show his pain. Stephy Says 💋 imagine putting your career on the line, lose your career, then be turned on by the very same culture you were protecting. Nick has rooted & spoke for the black community when we didn’t have a voice loud enough or a platform big enough to speak for ourselves. Long before now, “our people” having been calling Nick Cannon “lame” or “whack.” I remember having a conversation with one of my FB friends about how much Nick is underappreciated, underrated, & overlooked. Our people have been degrading him for years, so honestly this comes as no surprise, but with everyone else seemingly being against black culture–I assumed we could rally behind Nick. I guess I expected too much….

As expected, Nick has received love & support from the Wild N’ Out crew. Justina does not say many words, but the 2 she says (LOVE YOU), clearly speaks volume. Conceited does not say any words, but did post a pic of him & Nick with the crown emoji. The love & support continues from DC Young Fly following this outrageous incident. Emmanuel Hudson stands by Nick & offers support & love. In fact, Eman went on an entire rant about how our people crossed Nick. Hitman Holla speaks up for Nick & vouches that he spoke no lies. In his tweet, Hitman says “NO LIES DETECTED.”

While Hitman, DC, & Eman take moments to speak up & protect Nick, Chico Bean, B. Simone, & Radio Big Mack have been fairly quiet on Twitter considering the incident. Karlous Miller uses this serious situation to gain a few laughs per usual, However, Nick’s tweets touched a nerve in Karlous as he tweets:

“they done convinced my boy that he offended a whole community. I can’t believe this fucking shit.

Make no mistake. –we know that Karlous rides for Nick even after all they have been through.

Not to mention, I’ve been waiting to see a statement, tweet, status, or something from Colin Kaepernick to see if he will ride for Nick as hard as Nick was riding for him. (Remember the WNO episode that Nick wore a Kaepernick jersey instead of the traditional WNO gear?)

If you remember the Azealia Banks WNO episode, then let’s talk about how ignorant she is acting in this situation. She is actually rejoicing & celebrating the fact that Nick was fired & had the gall to make this statement, “Azealia Banks voodoo is working.” At this point, call DC to roast her again ‘cuz I’m siccud. She posted a video on Instagram: view it here.

Stephy Says 💋 let’s talk Nick Cannon’s accomplishments :

Wild N’ Out is one of the most successful shows on the MTV Network. Nick used his platform without discrimination & opened his stage to other races, religions, sexual orientations, & cultures. Tim DeLaGhetto gives his appreciation to Nick for the chance to grace the Wild N’ Out stage.

When Nip died, Nick took it upon himself to continue the legacy of Nip by using his platform to continue the Dr. Sebi documentary. Surprise, surprise….he also faced negative comments & remarks for wanting to do this as well.

Nick Cannon is more than an entertainer & producer. Nick is a philanthropist. A risk taker. A mogul. A cultivator. But above all, he’s HUMAN & he deserves a little grace. I mean really, how many of individuals do you know that have said things that they had no business saying? To lose so much due to “sensitivities” of those on the receiving end while the killers of Breonna Taylor roam the streets….but THIS is Amerikkka.

01.28.21 UPDATE: Nick Cannon’s daytime show has been revived.

02.04.21 Update: says, “Nick Cannon, ViacomCBS Reunite for ‘Wild ‘N Out’ After Host Makes Amends for Anti-Semitic Comments

04.08.21 update

USA Today reveals headlines:

“Don’t call it a comeback: Nick Cannon unveiled as Bulldog on ‘Masked Singer,’ returns as host next week.”

Editor’s note: This post was originally published [July 15, 2020] and has been updated frequently for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. 

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