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πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ³Kiss the Cook πŸ’‹

Stephy Says πŸ’‹ if you’re a foodie that loves to eat but hate cooking (or you’re too busy to cook), I know just the person to call for all of your favorite cuisines! From sweet & fulfilling to savory & satisfying, she masters it all effortlessly. Allow me to introduce you to Chef Nae, OWNER of Nuhaus Cuisine, LLC.

If you are reading this, you may be wondering what makes Nuhaus Cuisine, LLC so different from any other food service business; and if I’ve guessed correctly, this is probably where you would expect me to deliver some personal opinions to make an easy sale.

However–honestly, I don’t really have to write this blog review, her service speaks for itself. Buttt…since we are here, let’s drop a pin so I can make this statement πŸ“ –>what could easily be considered as a personal opinion could also be fact checked & produce enough statistical data to support my review.

Let’s jump into this review!

If you don’t order fast, you’ll miss out! Still question how good her food is? Don’t! Stephy Says πŸ’‹ selling out is a pretty good indicator of her chef skills. It’s apparent that her meals are real crowd pleasers.

I say this without exaggeration, she’s never had a dissatisfied customer. Her reviews constantly rave about flawlessly marinated meats and perfectly seasoned sides. She pleases even the most finicky gourmand.

Chef Nae whips up any entrΓ©e, appetizer, dessert, and/or side dish using a blend of spices that explode on your taste buds! I’m talking full blown foodgasms! No matter if you want traditional Southern soul food dishes cooked like your Big Ma or an exotic foreign cuisine, Chef Nae brings your menu to life.

I decided to gather a few words to describe her as both, a business owner & a chef.

Versatile: This is one of her strengths. She’s multifaceted, her cooking ability has no limits, & that’s a major flex.

Daring: Chef Nae is unafraid to try new recipes. She’s fearless as she mixes new spices, and she’s bold as she takes on the challenges of her customers’ requests. (BTW, the orders are beautifully & tastefully executed.)

Affordable πŸ’΅: Chef Nae fills your stomach without emptying your pockets. We all know the cost of food can be steep. I’m sure we can agree that most major chain restaurants upcharge for a spoonful of bland food & poor service. In contrast, Nauhus Cuisine provides stellar service with filling portions.

Another note worthy point I would like to highlight is —Every order is made fresh with only the finest ingredients. She puts love in every meal & her passion for cooking shows in her customer service.

Caramelized onions, crispy vegetables, fresh fruit, & juicy tender meats–the thought of her meals makes me start salivating. (That’s this emoji btw, 🀀). The main course is accompanied by a delicious array of sides. Her blend of colors pop off the plate as soon as you lift the lid. (LOOK AT THESE COLORS 😍).

Grilled Salmon & Shrimp Pineapple Boats

If you read my other post Build A Brand, then you know I briefly touched on the topic of presentation when it comes to branding. My example was that of a catering business with unappealing & sloppy presentation. Well, that scenario doesn’t apply to Chef Nae as she perfectly presents every meal she prepares. The meals even appear aromatic while looking at photos of her work. Check out her presentation in the pics below. Inhale slowly so you can smell the aroma! If you stare long enough, you may even trick your taste buds into tasting the mouth-watering delicacies. οΏΌ

Garlic Herb Lamb Chops

Stuffed Salmon

Ribeye, Lump Crab Cakes, Homemade Mashed Red Potatoes, & Roasted Parmesean Broccoli

General Tso Chicken & Shrimp fried rice

With Chef Nae & Nuhaus Cuisine, LLC, you have the ability to receive restaurant quality meals in the comfort of your home. ANDDD, just in case you’re wondering, YES she caters! She will even prepare a private meal for special occasions, including but not limited to:

birthdays πŸŽ‰

anniversaries ❀️

weddings πŸ’

Now let’s talk desserts:

Who needs to wait for the yearly fair or a seasonal carnival to fix your funnel cake craving? With Chef Nae, you can order a delectable funnel cake that is crisp on the outside and fluffy in the middle. Maybe you enjoy a good homemade peach cobbler. If so, Chef Nae is at your service with flavors accented by cinnamon swirled sweetness clinging to every bite.

Book Chef Nae for a a dining experience you’ll never forget. She takes cooking & food to the next level. Order today! When you’re done, don’t forget to tell your lovers & friends to kiss the Cook! πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ³πŸ’‹

Check back frequently for updates of ways to connect with Nuhaus Cuisine, LLC on social media!

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Happy eating!

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πŸ’ˆKurtz Kutzβœ‚οΈ

Stephy Says πŸ’‹, my county, (Southampton County) breeds hometown heroes, and he had NO IDEA that I was going to do this, butttt—if anyone deserves recognition, he does. Soooo…

Allow me to introduce you to Kurt Evans, CEO of Kurtz Kutz Barber Shop in Courtland, VA.

Owner of Kurtz Kutz- Kurt Evans

If you’ve ever visited Kurtz Kurtz, there’s one word that can describe his barber shopβ€”HOME. The atmosphere & environment is relaxing & inviting to anyone that steps through the door. It’s safe to say that Kurt doesn’t know any strangers. Whether you are there to get a cut, or waiting for someone, Kurt makes you feel comfortable. The word that comes to mind is simple–FAMILY.

Stephy Says πŸ’‹, in my honest opinion, his active deeds & roles in the community sets him apart from others. Not to discredit any of the other respected barbers, but I know for certain — Kurt is a pillar in the community.

His giving & loving nature is admirable & highly respected. He’s more than just a barber & his business is more than business. I’ve witnessed his shop become more than a business establishment. His barber shop has been a refuge, a safe place, & security net for young men in the community–a place that they can visit without fear of being scrutinized or criticized. Kurtz Kutz is home for some because his patience & understanding (especially when it comes to my son πŸ₯΄πŸ˜¬) is unmatched. Home is where the heart is, & it’s evident that Kurt places his heart in his business & his community. I like to believe that the community IS the heart of his business.

The Tidewater News gives accolades in an article titled, “Courtland residents give back to one another” & it mentions

“Kurtz Kutz Barbershop was a hubbub of action. Kids were given free haircuts by Kurt Evans, the owner of the shop.”

“Tonya Claude of New Image Beauty Shop added her services by washing and blow-drying hair alongside Kurt’s wife, Dianna and his daughter, Janae, who also donated a haircut.”

As you can see, not only is he active in the community, but his family is active as well. How could he not gain your respect?

Besides this event, he has participated in community services & acts of service with Speak Life (Kashif Carter), assisted with community events alongside his pastor Rev. Anthony Rawlings (Pastor Eureka Rawlings) at Celebration Church, as well as opened his business for fundraising for Good News Worship Center (Pastor & Co-Pastor Steve Ellsworth, Sr.).

If you have been around Kurt, then you know that he lifts spirits, he’s supportive, & is a man of strong character. He takes pride in his work as well as in his business.

I’ve never seen him step out of character no matter the situation he faced. In fact, the only divide I’ve ever seen him take part in is the great divide between the Cowboys & the Redskins. In case you didn’t know, Kurt is a die hard Redskins fan.

If I had to describe Kurt & Kurtz Kutz, I would use the words personable, relatable, & easygoing. Stephy Says πŸ’‹ thank you Kurt for all you do πŸ™πŸ½. Thank you for being more than a barber! You are not over looked nor forgotten, we love you & the community definitely wouldn’t be the same without Kurtz Kutz.


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πŸ’ŽCrystal Clear Credit Solution πŸ’Ž

Stephy Says πŸ’‹, please allow me to introduce Crystal Melvin, CEO of Crystal Clear Credit Solution. Her personal testament to the importance of credit repair fueled her passion to assist others with their credit repair.

CEO: Crystal Melvin

I personally like to think that good credit is better than a bank account full of money. Credit is a lesson that should be taught early on in life. But what do I know? I’m only telling you what Stephy Says πŸ’‹. Do you know what interest rates mean? What about APR? Or any of the other things we see on applications that involve our credit? Yeah, I have no idea either.

Thankfully, Crystal Clear Credit Solution is here to help professionally guide the way. Her interview gives a brief background of her company, & I’m sure her advice is something we ALL need.

Soo, let’s jump right into it…

Stephy Says πŸ’‹ : Why did you get started?

Crystal Clear: I started this company to assist my fellow millennials with learning how to get their credit and finances back on track.

Stephy Says πŸ’‹ : Do you have particular credentials to make potential clients feel more comfortable with choosing your business?

Crystal Clear: I have a BA in accounting with several years of accounting work along with a number of years serving in the banking industry.

Stephy Says πŸ’‹ : It seems as if you have quite an extensive background. What makes you so passionate about your business?

Crystal Clear : My title may seem perfect but my story is far from that in 2016 I too became a victim of bad credit. I was able to raise my scores from a 523 to a 750. Even though some might think the road was easy, guess what It wasn’t. I had several failed attempts applying for a mortgage. I was sued by a major financial institution and by this point I felt bad about it but wasn’t going to let that stop me. I was determined to turn things around.

Stephy Says πŸ’‹ : How did you turn things for yourself?

Crystal Clear : I educated myself on the laws and importance of credit. I slowly started to climb out of debt and bad credit. Once I learned that the credit score model was a numbers game, & it was only up from there.

Stephy Says πŸ’‹ : Why do you feel like your company is the best fit for potential clients?

Crystal Clear : I feel like Crystal Clear Credit Solutions is the perfect company to assist you because I too was in your shoes. Working with our team this a judgement free zone.

Stephy Says πŸ’‹ : What do you hope to teach your clients?

Crystal Clear : We are looking to teach our clients financial awareness and regaining their financial confidence you too can walk into the lifestyle you deserve.

As you can see, Crystal has been where we are or where we have been at one point. It should give you great comfort in knowing that you’re not alone & she has been in your shoes.

Interested in repairing your credit & want a one on one session?—Connect with Crystal Clear Credit Solutions.

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πŸ‘ΈπŸ½Crystal Banks πŸ“Έ

Stephy Says πŸ’‹ there is talent right under your nose if you look or pay attention to it. With that being said, please allow me to introduce the melanated modelesque queen, Crystal Banks. 3 words to define her: FIERCE. ENCHANTING. MESMERIZING.

“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.”

β€” Steve Maraboli

Photo credit: Kool Kreations

Stephy Says πŸ’‹ she cannot be ignored. In fact, she has a face that you automatically notice, or perhaps maybe, it’s her glow & aura that hits you first. Whatever it is, when you come across her, you KNOW it. Her face is stunning, & it’s pure & alluring with beauty. Her modeling talent is in a class of its own. Her vitality is contagious.

As we all know, just because someone has a pretty face, doesn’t necessarily make them model. However, in this case, Crystal is more than just a pretty face. She was MADE to do this. A model isn’t what she does, it’s who she is. Her confidence & sexiness blares through each photo that’s captured. The quality of the photos & the poses she strikes are intoxicating. From the hint of sparkle in her eyes to the structure of her facial features, she is a visual body of work. Time after time, she strikes poses that are perfectly formed & vary from sharp & precise to soft & subtle–powerful, yet gentle–strong, yet approachable.

Stereotypically, society used to deem a model as thin or small in frame or stature. Crystal defies these stereotypes as she embraces her curves & serves the body she has with perfection. In my opinion, this gives so much life! She has redefined the word “model,” & set her own standards. She is easily an inspiration to both women & young girls–ESPECIALLY those of color. I’m speaking for us all when I say, we salute you & appreciate you Queen βœŠπŸ½πŸ–€.

πŸ“ΈPhoto credit : Kool Kreation

She is a work of fine art with even toned skin, & makes the viewer, both male & female, stop in their tracks to admire her. Though she wears no literal crown, she gives queen energy; however, her beautiful locs adorn her head creating her own crown of royalty.

She serves both body & face in timeless & breathtaking photos. Her work as a model creates two moods in the viewer: it draws you in, then it blows you away. Every time she attends a photo shoot, she delivers. DROP. DEAD. GORGEOUS. —πŸ‘πŸ½EVERYπŸ‘πŸ½ SINGLE πŸ‘πŸ½TIME! She is guaranteed to turn heads with her uncontested beauty. She’s beautiful. She’s radiant. She’s ravishing. SHE is Queen πŸ‘ΈπŸ½ Crystal Banks.

…& She’s a force to be reckoned with. I’m more than certain she will be one of the next big names in the industry.

Stephy Says πŸ’‹ Be on the lookout, Queen B is on her way! And we are here for it! ✨

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πŸ’‰Mister Enigma ✍🏽️

Stephy Says πŸ’‹, got ink? πŸ’‰πŸ’‰

Wanna be dipped in ink? πŸ’‰

❗️Once more, Twitter has struck again. Please allow me to introduce the talented artist, Mister Enigma–owner & mastermind behind the business & brand –>Safe Haven Tattoos.

If you have been tuning in to the Stephy Says πŸ’‹ Show, you have probably heard his name a few times (and by now you should be following him because Stephy Said It).

❗️Let me explain a few reasons why he has been worthy of these shout outs:

β€’ He creates with the utmost care & attention to EVERY detail

β€’ His creative mind is unmatched. 

β€’ His artistic style is a bold expression, & it is deeply infused with his passion for drawing & creating. 

β€’ His art form is a multidimensional space where a variety of thoughts and ideas coexist. Creativity meets reality. The two worlds collide & burst into a mind blowing creation.

🚨If you haven’t had a chance to check out his work, (with his permission), I have included some pictures below.

Time & time again, Mister Enigma breathes new life into the art of drawing & tattooing. In each piece he creates, he helps us see his vision. I must admit, watching his YouTube videos have been satisfying to see an empty slate come to life with each stroke of ink. Each canvas he fills tells a story, & each time the story is different. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a good story. He uses bodies & blank pages as a canvas, ready to be filled. His art appeals to your emotions & eyes. He flawlessly creates art for all ever changing moods that range from fun & flirty, medieval or explicit.

His knack for originality is unparalleled. In other words, Stephy Says πŸ’‹ , when it comes to the tattooing & drawing thing, you ain’t fw him! 

IMHO (in my honest opinion), his work is a portrayal of a mixture of his imagination & real-life observations, resulting an end outcome that is impressively & perfectly executed. In fact, his imaginative world transforms the visible world, and you are able to step into his mind through his artwork.

It is more than evident that his artistry is fueled by his passion for art, both drawing & tattooing. Honestly, his work & his talent is uncontainable and has no boundaries. His level of creating is out of the box & simply out of this world. EXTRATERRESTRIAL πŸ’«


His technique is both distinguished & deeply thoughtful. He pushes the limits & creates daring masterpieces. His artistic approach is an oxymoron as it is a simplistically complex one. Each drawing is original & never duplicated. I’ve enjoyed taking the journey with his art. In two short words, Mister Enigma is an ARTISTIC GENIUS!

πŸ“ΈFollow Mister Enigma on Instagram : @_misterenigma_


🐀Follow Mister Enigma on Twitter:_Misterenigma

πŸ“ΉSubscribe to Mister Enigma on YouTube: Dipped In Ink

Once you follow him, you will see his art described as STROKES OF A GENUIS!

Happy reading! 

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πŸ’„πŸ’‹Jazzy Lips

Stephy Says πŸ’‹ meet the owner of Jazzy Lips, LLC– bombshell Jasmine Chambliss.

This beauty is the CEO behind those kissable lips & products. Ranging from high gloss & shine to a moisturizing matte, Jazzy Lips has ALL of your lip needs without the sticky residue left behind like mainstream lipstick brands. This company gives all the ladies lipstick fever πŸ˜πŸ’„.

Make up artists highly recommend her products & use them faithfully to complete their full facial beat. Their look is not normally complete until a Jazzy product has graced their lips.πŸ’„

No outfit is complete until lipstick is applied. Pair it with stilettos or dress it down with sneakers. Each look is sure to be fire as long as Jazzy Lips is applied. Instantly go from drab to fab!

In today’s time, lipstick is worn all the time. This is why Jazzy Lips is bound to flourish & grow! When a woman looks her best, she feels her best, & Jazzy Lips makes women feel like a star ⭐️. In almost all the pictures that have been posted by Jazzy Lips customers, their lips are puckered & their faces are glowing. That’s the Jazzy Lips effect–confidence at its best.

No matter how bad your day is, Jazzy Lips gives you a little push & motivation. You put it on, and it picks you up. It becomes an armor & superpower. It makes a woman see her beauty & strength. With Jazzy Lips lipstick on, a woman can accomplish anything.

Women adorned in lipstick can be perceived as strong. Whether you try a vibrant shade or one slightly brighter than your natural hue, with Jazzy Lips you will ooze with confidence & a strength that other women will want.

To make Jazzy Lips more special, there is a lipstick shade for every complexion because beauty is available in every shade. Whether your melanin is deep and dark, or medium to light, there is a Jazzy Lips product for you!

Don’t want a full size tube of lipstick? No problem, Jazzy Lips has a product for you. In addition to single full sized tubes of lipstick and gloss, she also offers a mini collection.

Not only can you pair your favorite outfit with a beautiful shade, you are now able to carry it in style with Jazzy Lips shoulder bags as pictured below. πŸ’„πŸ’‹

When you shop Jazzy Lips, you are met with prompt, professional, & pleasant service.

Stephy Says πŸ’‹ in the words of the beautiful Jasmine & the Jazzy Lips brand, “satisfy your beauty.”

Shop Jazzy Lips! You won’t be disappointed!

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πŸ’» Shop Online:

What will your top picks be?

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πŸš—Auto City Scam

On December 2, 2017, the day before my birthday, I paid a visit to Auto City a buy here, pay here “side lot” located in on Air Line Blvd in Portsmouth, VA. This was one of the car dealerships offered as a benefit by my former job. It seemed like the perfect opportunity for me. Boy was I wrong !πŸ˜’

My dad, a former car salesman, searched the lot with me, followed closely by my car salesman, Evan. My dad checked out all the cars I liked. He looked under the hoods, checked the fluids, inspected the tires, trunk, & inside of the car–carefully overlooking them all. Evan gave his word that he would never put me in a car that he wouldn’t put his daughter in. He even said he would treat me like family. He quickly referred to himself as “Uncle Evan.” I looked at a few cars within my budget, but I kept coming back to the car that felt like “me.” I finally settled on a silver 2006 Acura TL for a low price of $4,600. That one was “it” for me.

My family & I test drove it. My dad rode while I sat in the passenger side. He turned all the knobs, checked the air & heat function, sun roof function, radio function, & checked out all the lights in the dash. Everything checked out good & I decided to buy it.

I gave a generous down payment of $3,000 & drove off the lot with my “new to me” 2006 Acura TL, that I purchased on my own. This was a huge moment for me! Not only did I have a car of my own, but my payments were only $80 biweekly. Double win right? Wrong πŸ˜’

Initially, everything was great. The staff were pleasant & exemplified superb customer service. (I know now that it was because of my money, not because they were so happy to serve me). If you haven’t figured out by now, money talks.

A few months later, they started hounding me about payments saying that I was “8 or 9 days past due.” This was no problem, especially since past due payments were only $84.88. I was told by customer service representative, Kim, “you’re always late on your payments.” I agreed to this statement, & let Kim know that a payment/receipt book never received so I had no idea when payments were due. I just paid them every 2 weeks from the date of the last payment. I was then told that I didn’t receive the receipt book because it was “too thick” to fit in a post office box. (Red flag #1🚩) I made payment arrangements, which has been acceptable per Kim but a date needed to be provided in order for it to be accepted.

I made a few more payments & then the hounding began again.

Fast forward to 2019, I called & made a “late” payment on 02/28/19 for $84.88. I spoke with Kim & made payment arrangements, informing her that I would pay the past due balance & current balance totaling $169.47 on March 15th, to which she replied, “ok, I’ll make a note of that.” I then asked about a round about number of how much was still owed on my car. To this, Kim responded, “a little over a thousand dollars.” I thanked her & trusted that the note was entered per our conversation.

Well, on March 14th (the day before the arrangement was to be paid), I’m startled out of my sleep by flashing lights & my blaring care alarm. My car was being repossessed for owing a whopping total of $162. This final number of $162 included late fees.

Oh, let me mention, my car payment was soooo behind, a whopping 19 days past due. That’s right 19 DAYS. Not even 30 days past due.

On March 15th, I called the dealership & spoke to Karen. I was informed that the payment I made on 02/28/19 wasn’t sent for processing until 03/01/19. πŸ™„ Go figure πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Karen informs me that she doesn’t see a note from Kim discussing our arrangement. This bewildered me because Kim clearly told me “ok, I’ll note it.” I ask how much it will be to get the car back & she tells me that she doesn’t know. πŸ€”πŸ€” Shouldn’t that be written somewhere? She then tells me that she would have to see where Kim would have put the note & they would call me back later.

After about 2 hours later & still no phone call, I called back. I talked to Kim about the payment arrangements & I’m hit with the biggest lie in a not so pleasant tone–she says, “I may have said ok, but would never agree to that. I don’t even have enough power to agree to something so far out. Management can decide whether they want to repo after 11 days past due. I’ve called you everyday, but you never called me back. You making arrangements to pay on the 15th says, I don’t care about my car payment.”


Here are my LOGICAL questions?

1. If you didn’t have the power to approve payment arrangements, why & how did you allow it before?

2. If you didn’t have the power to agree to payment arrangements for the 15th of March, why didn’t you say this on February 28th?

3. Why would I continue talking to you when arrangements were already made & “noted”?

4. If management could decide to repossess the car, why would they do it the day before the arrangement was set?

Kim tells me that I owe $162, but to get the car back, I would have to pay $715!!! I’m floored. I know math isn’t my strongest subject, but I wrote it down & tried to calculate this BS price. I came up short of how the price jumped so steeply.

I asked for a break down of how I went from $162 to $715. She says this is because the tow company they used wasn’t in my jurisdiction & towing costs were $550. My house from the towing company is approximately 50 miles. Even being 50 miles, there’s NO WAY towing could or should cost $550.

First of all, that’s FREAKING ABSURD. How does it make sense to pay $550 for towing when the past due balance was only $162??

Furthermore, why would I pay $715 to get the car back when I only owe $1000?

I asked Kim for the towing company’s name & she tells me Don’s Towing Company. I asked for a location & she tells me “Portsmouth” then proceeds to tell me in a testy voice, “the towing company doesn’t set out towing rates. We set our own rates.” By this time, I feel disrespected at the piss poor service. My response in a equally testy voice, “I didn’t ask you about any rates. All I asked is what company you use.” Seems to me that offering more information than asked reads 🚨GUILTY. 🚨

Here is MY conclusion:

They scammed me out of my money. They allowed me to almost pay for the car before they repossessed it during tax return season so they could resale the car. $715 is the closest they could get to the pay off they were looking for before resaling the car at the same price of $4,600 to scam someone else out of their money. Why else would they wait until the day before the payment was going on be made to repossess the car?

‼️Mark my words: I will NEVER again purchase a car from Auto City. I wouldn’t even send my doll baby there to get a car.

Don’t take my word for it–Here are some more reviews: 14 people recommend them, however nearly HALF of the people posting reviews agreed that the service is horrible. Check out the reviews. All reviews are available for public view on Auto City’s Facebook page

I went to get my things out of the car because I was told they closed at 7. I got more than half there & called at 6:03 pm to see who I needed to speak to & they were closed. I called the following day about picking up my things only for Kim to tell me that the car was auctioned off and they had no idea where my belongings were.

Stephy Says πŸ’‹ NEVER buy from Auto City! They are a rip off

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πŸΈβ˜•οΈZee With the Tea

Stephy Says πŸ’‹ if you aren’t following writer, blogger, & author of Addicted to a Savage series, Zoya Fryer , I strongly encourage you to do so right now! This is blogging & reporting done right, & she is definitely the QUEEN.πŸ‘ΈπŸ½

All hail the Queen❗️ πŸ‘‘

I’m telling y’all, she is legit!!πŸ’― Check out her literary spotlight πŸ”¦from Literary Royals here.

I’ve been following her for a while now—just let me say, Zee has ALLLLLLL the tea!! And babyyyyyyy because of Zee, we sip the tea all day long! It hasn’t been a dull moment yet. The interaction from supporters in the comment box πŸ“₯ makes everything that much better! They are wild, & I’m always there for the comments πŸ˜‚.

When I’m scrolling on Facebook & I see her tag line ❗️WAIT A MFKN MIN❗️,I pump the brakes because I know I’m about to get ALL the tea.

She includes “you saw it here first” photos, mug shots, video clips, announcements, & entertainment news. The leaks given to her Zee Hive are exclusive, & the posts are always worth sipping on. In fact, if I want to know what’s popping off in the celebrity world, I skip the news & outside sites. I just visit her page to catch up. She pours the tea straight from the pot.β˜•οΈ

Here’s another fact, when I wake up in the morning & see celebrity or entertainment news, my response to anyone in the room is “oh I saw that on Zee with the Tea last night.”πŸ˜‚ (I’m just waiting on a Zee with the Tea show or YouTube channel/segmentπŸ‘€)

She’s a pillar in the author & blogging world with a rapid growing fan base. The beauty of it all is that she’s beautiful, down to earth, & loveable. She’s an inspiration to others & she stays in her own lane. She selflessly supports others & offers promotion packages to help other writers advance (Zee Hive Promotion).

Of course some of her most recent stories have included Chris Brown rape allegations, Soulja Boy’s interview, Tammy & Waka Flocka’s wedding, R. Kelly allegations & explosive interview, Keith Sweat’s mix up of NBA Youngboy & 21 Savage, & so much more. Visit her Facebook page for more stories & details.

If you like The Shade Room or TMZ, you’ll LOVE Zee with the Tea πŸΈβ˜•οΈ.

Stay tuned, her website is upcoming. Until then, connect with Zee on social media ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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Keeping πŸ†™with the Jetts

Stephy Says πŸ’‹Here’s an update of the power couple L. Terrel & Rachel Rae:

Since the last blog post, Var & Rae Plus 8, quite a few changes have occured.

I was ranting and raving about how amazing this power couple was, but since October 2018, the Jetts have managed to level up once more. Their relocation to Georgia, from a small town in VA, has already greeted them with life changing events.

L. Terrel has been performing regularly to his rapidly growing fan base in Georgia, all the while showing love to his hometown fans and supporters as they continue supporting him. Along with performances, L. Terrel also has his hits spinning at the local radio station.

His EP “Stay Up” has dropped & it’s πŸ”₯! I know this from personal experience. I purchased the EP & I haven’t stopped listening to it since I purchased it. It’s available on iTunes. The song that I personally listen to & have on repeat is —Sorry. Everything he said in that song, πŸ—£I FELT THAT ‼️

L. Terrel has newness is dropping soon–πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸŽ‚Birthday Girl featuring Era will be available on all platforms on January 26th! (Birthday Girl release countdown will be available on

RACHEL RAEBeside every good man, is a great woman! His lovely wife Rachel Rae, has been making her presence both known & felt in the modeling, fashionπŸ‘—πŸ‘ , and make up πŸ’„world in ATL. This melaninated queen is the epitome of black girl magic.οΏΌ She’s naturally & unapologetically dope. Rachel Rae’s make up skills & precision in applying makeup is unmatched. In fact, her clients hated to see her leave VA, but were supportive in her endeavors. Her makeup expertise was widespread throughout the DMV (Washington, DC, Maryland, & VA) with Georgia being added to her map of success. Because of her natural beauty & flawless skin, modeling comes naturally for her. Check out the pics & how effortlessly she poses & captures your attention. 😍

Here are a few reasons you should follow her journey:

✨she’s gorgeous

✨she’s relatable

✨she’s humble

✨ she’s supportive

✨she’s encouraging

✨she’s talented

✨she’s dope

✨ she wants to see everybody win!

These qualities & characteristics merely scratch the surface of who Rachel Rae.

L. Terrel & Rachel Rae remind me of Dwayne Wade & Gabrielle Union. They are fun, but also bosses making boss moves. They have every tool it takes to delve into a successful career. They have a drive to succeed, receive motivation from one another, and are ambitious. In fact, they are so ambitious, they left behind a familiar life and began a new journey in order to fulfill the dream. Their dreams will be fulfilled & Stephy Says πŸ’‹ you should stay tuned & follow them on this journey.

Coming soon to a screen πŸ“Ίnear you, look out for L. Terrel & Rachel Rae πŸ‘€

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Business Review

πŸ“–Meet Author Devona Boone

Stephy Says πŸ’‹ today we are featuring a good friend and a powerful influential woman, Author Devona Boone.

Stephy Says πŸ’‹ here’s why I decided to feature Author Devona Boone–she’s astounding! The same grace & elegance she posseses doing business, is the same smile & energy you receive when you see her outside the office/business setting. While some would desire sympathy from a painful past, Devona embraces the circumstances & draws strength from her pain. She contributes hardships as a reason she’s so strong & powerful today.

I admire Devona because while empowering herself, she isn’t selfish, and reaches out in the community to empower other young ladies.

This type of empowerment for young ladies is essential and offers the ability to discover identity and build self-esteem. Devona embeds the importance of self-love, self-confidence, and self-control. She provides skills to be successful in every aspect of life.

Author Devona is the Founder of Precious G.E.M.S., Inc. πŸ’Ž and Author of β€œA Precious GEM: The Journey of My Shaping.”

What does Precious GEMS do?

Precious GEMS Inc is for girls ages 10-18 and we offer 3 programs:
My Life Foundation

Promotes the importance of positive self-image and respect for self and others. Prepares young girls to succeed by teaching them decision making and problem solving skills. Helps young ladies make independent life decisions to overcome past mistakes that altered their lives.

🚧Community Service Leaders
Provides young ladies with meaningful community service that provides instruction and reflection. Teaches girls civic responsibility and the importance of strengthening their community.
πŸ‘—Natalie’s Closet
Provides clothing, shoes, accessories and outerwear and more to girls. The goal is to inspire girls to care about their appearance but also work with budgets to obtain the things they desire.
In honor of Devona’s mother, πŸ‘—Natalie’s Closet will also raise awareness about domestic violence. 

What does Author Devona Boone is the recent author of:

β€œA Precious GEM: The Journey of My Shaping” is a memoir about how I persevered through childhood domestic violence and generational curses. It’s a story about how I coped with life after my mom’s murder. Through my transparency you will see that I’m a living testimony of my mother’s story as well as my own and be encouraged to ignite self-discovery, change and true healing within yourself.
πŸ“–Genre: Empowerment/Community Outreach
πŸ—“οΈDates Available/Website: Book is currently available for preorder at
RELEASE DATE: December 15th
PGEMS (Open Enrollment Nov 1st-Jan 30th)
Register online ($25 fee) at:
Stephy Says πŸ’‹ Connect with Author Devona Boone on Social Media:
πŸ‘πŸ½Like her on Facebook: Precious GEMS
πŸ‘πŸ½Like her on Facebook: AuthorDevonaBoone
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πŸ‘£ Follow Author Devona on Instagram: AuthorDevonaBoone