✍🏽️🎶Lyrical & Gifted

A-List Celebrity according to what Stephy Says 💋 I have been working on this post for weeks because I wanted to perfectly embody this next artist. I wanted to serve justice to the type of dope individual & artist he is. So, if I could have your undivided attention….. 🗣Meet S.W. The lyrical & giftedContinue reading “✍🏽️🎶Lyrical & Gifted”

✨This is Marcus Canty

A-List Celebrity according to Stephy Says 💋 *Picture from Google Images* A few years ago, I remember sitting on my couch as X Factor aired its auditions. There was this 20 year old guy that flashed across the TV & began sharing that his mother gave him 2 years after graduation to shoot his shotContinue reading “✨This is Marcus Canty”

🎤C.A.M. 🎶Creating All Music🎧

🐤Twitter has once again connected me to another dope individual–CAM 🎶🔥 It was my pleasure to receive a Direct Message from him asking me to visit his site. Honestly, normally, I hate receiving messages like this. However, this time I used it as a networking opportunity, & I am so glad I did! I visitedContinue reading “🎤C.A.M. 🎶Creating All Music🎧”

Who is 🤴🏾King Air 💨?

Allow me to introduce you to the man made ⚡️WAV ~🤴🏾~GOD⚡️! I had the pleasure of following & being followed by King Air on Twitter. If you ask me, he’s a 💫superstar💫; but I’m sure if you ask him, he’s just a man that’s trying to change the world & make his mama proud. ThisContinue reading “Who is 🤴🏾King Air 💨?”