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Gifted Hands: Why Not Start?

Stephy Says 💋, the My Heart Instead, Virginia Beach rapper, Immanuel Mitchell aka Gifted Hands has become a viral sensation.

His viral fame comes after his TikTok video touched the heart of millions & had them rocking with Gifted Hands all across the globe. His song “Why Not Start,” had all time streams racked in a whopping 1,008, 510 streams.

In addition to that, his song was also listed as “Top 99 of 19,923 playlist for this song.” Keeping with stats, this unintentional worldwide debut also gained 1.6 million plays, 6.3k average daily listens, 1.2k purchases, & 81.9k Shazams. His Instagram followers greater than tripled, going from 3k to 100k seemingly overnight.

Photo extracted from Gifted Hands Facebook page

Gifted Hands’ management team: Capri Lawrence & Nicole Buckley of LiveWire revealed to Facebook that Why Not Start is the song of the year as it hit over 2,000,000 all time plays.

Photo extracted from Facebook

From TikTok alone, this hit song gained over a million views. He issued a Why Not Start duet challenge on TikTok, & artists across the nation & world joined the challenge & revealed their own personal struggles & how they overcame them.

Gifted Hands chose the 1st place winner!

Gifted Hands’ rise to fame has been budding for quite some time now, and in my honest opinion—it’s long overdue. He made an earlier appearance on January 30, 2019 on the local news, Channel 13. The story was aired, “MAKING A MARK: Rapper overcomes physical obstacles to inspire others.”

Immanuel Mitchell also known as Gifted Hands was born with what would be considered a physical limitation; he was born without hands. He is open in interviews & gives account of his childhood struggles & added lyrics to his music about the struggles & challenges he faced as a both child, & an adult with physical abnormalities.

The pressures of being different created some depression for the young rapper. He revealed to 13 News that he had even contemplated suicide, but music saved his life. He found his life purpose in music.

Stephy Says 💋 is late to the party when it comes to covering the budding superstar. His story was recently aired again by 13 News once more with the headline, “Virginia Beach rapper, ‘Gifted Hands,’ goes viral. When interviewed, Mitchell said:

“I’m able to reach out and lift people’s spirits up with my ‘gifted hands’ even though I don’t have hands

“Life isn’t about what you have or don’t have, but what you can give.”

13 News Now

Amongst coverage from the local news station, Gifted Hands was also covered on other platforms such as:

Every time he writes a song or performs it, he continuously defies the odds. With a poor prognosis & predicted disabilities like being deaf or deceased by the age of 3, Gifted Hands fought to his success & has begun a global marathon with his music.

His appearance fed his appetite & hunger to fuel his platform. He developed a fanbase that recognized sheer talent despite being different. His authenticity & humility is what moves the crowd. He has graced the stage is many venues across Hampton Roads. He even performed at the 420ish Unity Festival in Portsmouth during the spring (April).

In such a small amount of time, he’s given the world hope. In the middle of a pandemic, inflation, a recession, & uncertainty—Gifted Hands gave us hope. With his music alone, he’s lifted us out of a dark place. It’s ironic how he was born without hands but has reached way down & touched souls going through their deepest struggles. Without exaggeration, let me just say—the world felt this one!

His note to fans via Facebook on July 27, 2022 was simple:

🥺Thank you for accepting me!! Vulnerability is scary but there’s so much beauty comin out of sharin my story!!🙏🏾 #InhaleExhaleInhaleExcel”

Gifted Hands

Whether he’s on stage or standing in front of you in person, his message is the same—Don’t give up.

If you want to sing or rap along with GH, the lyrics can be found here.

He’s scheduled to shoot the official video of Why Not Start on Friday, August 12, 2022 at the Virginia Beach Mount Trashmore Park location. The video shoot is open to the public & Gifted Hands is requesting everyone to purchase a t-shirt & wear it to the video shoot.

Contact the names on the flyer

For booking:

Connect with Gifted Hands on social media:


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SongBird, LLC- Kourtney White

Stephy Says 💋 I came across Songbirdwhite on my regular TikTok scrolling & her voice stuck to my soul. Chilllleeeee, & let me tell you –I AM A LIFE LONG FAN!

Nothing I say is law, but in my honest & humble opinion – her biggest advantage (next to her fashion sense) is her versatility. She can easily flow in sequence with soul, R&B, & gospel. Her vocal presence can grace any genre & adapt without difficulty. She’s a chameleon that makes herself at home with extensive range without compromising who she is or what she represents. Listening to her music, there’s no doubt that the vocal gift she has is a natural born talent. This is the type of music & soul that cannot be taught. The maturity of her voice just further confirmed that she was made for music. She didn’t music, music didn’t choose her –they chose each other. Everything about her sound leaves me emotionally charged; I mean music that leaves you saturated with emotions. The uniqueness & unforgettable tone of her voice are defining characteristics of her as an artist.

The raw authenticity & pureness of her voice gave me chills. Every word in her “Outside” covered was a balanced & layered with pain & passion. Her voice lifts you from where you are & leads you into another realm by getting lost in her vibes. She’s a true songbird. She’s rich in energy & her voice gets better with each repeated play. The “clip” of her singing wasnt enough for me, & I was drawn in & she left me wanting more. The delivery & placement of words in her lyrics are well thought out & executed precisely. Her lyrics are a storytelling medium that taps in the subconscious.

Her music transforms her trial into triumphs with words & melodies. After you listen to it, I’m almost positive that you will deem this cover one of the most memorable ones to date of MO3’s music. LONG LIVE 3

It’s evident that Songbird, LLC is a company with heartfelt dedication & passion for music, lyrics, composition & engineering of music mixtapes & masterpieces.

And she is now your new favorite artist…You’re welcome ❤️


Lyrics – *Stephy Says 💋 disclaimer: some lyrics have been altered to be consistent with cover lyrics *

God know we stepping now and later

Until it hurts, there ain’t no mercy, that’s just how we made

You hear that church up in my verses

‘Cause that’s just how we raised

I told God he gotta forgive me, I’m insane, oh

Get down on my knees when I’m in pain, oh

Tired of the rain on my name

I clean this blood off my Jesus piece

Ooh, Jesus, please

Can you fill my needs? Yeah

Tired of *messin’ up, I’m in the streets, *yeah

Tryna take away this hurt inside of me

God, I need a second chance

Knowin’ that I love you, but sometimes I do the Devil dance

Lost a couple of my patnas, so I’m slidin’ out on whoever end

Drop one of them ni**as

When I kill em, call the reverend, yeah (Yeah)

’Cause no weapon formed against me shall prosper, yeah

Gotta know I’m clutchin’ on this choppa, yeah

Waiting on them boys outside…

Lyrics courtesy of

*Full MO3 & OG Bobby Billions official video here

Screenshot from the official video

Yesterday, K. White posted on Facebook that she is OFFICIALLY the OWNER of SONGBIRD, LLC. 💪🏽

Stephy Says 💋 stream Songbirdwhite’s music here:


Connect with the songbird on social media:

📸 Instagram: @songbirdwhite

🎥 YouTube: Kourtney White

🎶 TikTok: songbirdwhite

👻 Snapv: Holleywood_86

📅 Booking:

Happy listening 🎧