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Stand Back, Stand By—The “PROUD” Boys

Stephy Says 💋 Donald Trump & the Proud boys, you have really outdone yourselves this time. Never in the history of America has a president been banned or blocked indefinitely on social media; probably because they knew how to conduct themselves as leaders & adults. I’m still fairly young & have only lived through a few presidents so I grabbed a supporting quote just in case I may have been wrong. 😁
“This is the first time in history that the social media accounts of a head of a State by Facebook has been suspended.”
On January 7, 2022, Wavy 10 News released the report that Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook & now Instagram announced that these platforms have extended blocks on Trumps accounts, indefinitely–or at least for the remainder of his term. At some point in the same day during this fiasco, Trump turned to Twitter to unleash his opinions & a few choice words to whoever was willing to give up their precious time to read them. It seemed as if Twitter wanted no part of the shenanigans & many of tweets were deleted for violating community guidelines. Along with removing tweets, Twitter added a disclaimer “this claim about election fraud is disputed” in regards to the false reports of the Election Process.
via Twitter Feed January 7, 2021

Via Twitter feed January 7, 2021

Breaking News: 01.08.21–Turns out that Donald Trump has permanently been suspended from Twitter.

Source: The Associated Press

03/31/21 UPDATE: CNN announced that 45 created his own website after being banned from social media

Stephy Says 💋 Again he’s the ONLY president to be banned from social media

Editor’s note: This post was originally published [January 9, 2021] and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. 

It kind of makes me wonder–when Trump said “stand back & stand by,” what exactly did he mean? If you watched the debate, when the conversation of racism was brought to the forefront, Trump made a comment regarding the Proud Boys & for them to “stand back and stand by.” To me & many black viewers, this sounded like an order & a threat. While he won’t admit to the comments, members of the Proud Boys that watched the debate deemed his comment as both “historic” & an “endorsement.”
Proud Boys – stand back and stand by. But I’ll tell you what… Somebody’s got to do something about antifa and the left because this is not a right-wing problem.” –Donald Trump during the presidential debate Above information cited from
Remember the disgust American citizens had about Colin Kaepernick silently & respectfully kneeling during the National Anthem? Do you remember the backlash he received while exercising his American right? His silent protest resulted in him in losing his multi-million contract with the NFL because of how it “misrepresented” them. Disrespectful. Disgraceful. Unpatriotic. These are only a few of the words used to describe him.

How about the looting, rioting, & protest in 2020 that people described as “unnecessary” after the recorded murder of George Floyd while in the hands of the police?

I saw numerous of relentless social media posts, opinion articles, interviews in publications, etc. condemning those involved. Trump supporters called them animals & according to Donald Trump, they were “thugs.” Even during peaceful protests, they were spit on, shot at, sprayed, & gassed. Turns out that when the Proud Boys & Trump supporter throw over the Capitol, those same opinions have turned hushed. I have yet to see a post, hear an opinion, or read an article that condemns them with the same measures that BLM was condemned. I don’t see the ridicule, the outrage, the disdain during this riot.

 These terrorist thugs successfully bombarded the Capitol, a highly secured government agency, breached security, & dismantled the furniture without so much as a scratch; yet BLM protesters were met with a fully armed police team carrying air rifles, tear gas, &face shields. The racial divide is obvious.

Apparently, I’m not the only American that feels this way.

CNN released an article revealing that the sports world also sees the difference in handling the two riots.

The article quotes NBA player Jayson Tatum during an interview,

RG3 tweeted, The difference in the treatment between races in America is on full display.”

Boston Globe displayed a chart comparing the number of arrests made during BLM protests to the number of arrests made during the Capitol riots. The results are unsurprising.

Soure: http://www.bostonglobe.con

I’m sure this riot has been & will continue to be negatively compared to BLM protests. Comments will most likely be made that BLM did the “same thing.” I can agree with the facts that both groups of people dismantled public property, however, the reasons fueling the protests are unparalleled.

BLM had a CLEAR objective & agenda–a cause. The protesting was a reaction to police brutality & the killing of unarmed black Americans with unjustifiable cause. For lack of better words, The riots were a cry for help, the statement being made was this– as a culture we are tired & unheard. There was a message in the mess. Whether individuals chose to see or hear the message, the point was loud & clear.

Bedsides being objective, the 2020 protests were international. The movement was supported across the world because everyone in the world recognized the agenda & the injustice of the “American systemEXCEPT Donald Trump, racists , & the Proud Boys.

Let me reiterate, as aforementioned in an earlier post, I did not necessarily agree with the rioting & looting, BUT I definitely understood it.

I normally try to see thing from other points of view, think using their logic, & understand other people’s perspective (I got that word tatted on me).

However, this makes NO sense.


For those that need a definition:

Entitlement: the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

This commotion & uproar is completely different than BLM. Simply put, the riot taking place at the Capitol is a flat out temper tantrum. They are behaving like wild animals & children. Spoiled brats. And let’s not even mention the costumes…what was the Viking supposed to be doing??

Honestly, did they think that Trump would NEVER lose? He should be used to losing by now, he’s lost many wives , plenty of businesses, & half of his marbles.

  • Unlike BLM protests, this is an isolated riot to ONLY Trump supporters. No other countries are standing with the Proud boys. There’s no cause for this type of behavior other than being sore losers. They are behaving like my 8 year son that accuses the game of cheating every time he’s losing.
  • Viola Davis tweeted a meme of Peter Parker in the car with a MAGA hat on using a skin tone card to determine how to word his actions.

    Viola Davis made a valid point, Terminology seems to differ as the skin tone becomes lighter. The verbiage is contingent upon race not action.

    This is the type of hypocrisy & double standards that keeps this country set back & stagnant.

    If individuals can just walk into the Capitol so easily, breach security, & overthrow it, I wonder if America was ever really as safe as they tried to make us believe….

    Update: Donald Trump has broken yet ANOTHER record.

    Trump, your whole goal in presidency was to Make America Great Again. This is the country you created , you must be proud.

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    Editor’s note: This post was originally published [January 9, 2021] and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. 

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    Do you REALLY want her?

    She’s beautiful & curvy. Wide hips & plush full lips.

    Yes, You like what you see & you want her.

    But will you still want her & love her more on the days that she can barely love herself?

    Will you still want her when she has no strength to maintain her physical beauty?

    Will you still want her through anxious days & tearful nights?

    Will want her when her talkative days turn to unplanned quietness?

    Will you want her through the days of moody depression & moments that she feels unworthy or so damaged she can barely function?

    Will you still want her through the disorganized insecure thought patterns that have become a part of her “normal” life?

    Will you want her when she throws jealous fits because she feels inadequate?

    Will you still want her when she becomes impulsive & controlled by previous experiences?

    Will you want her when she lashes out at you because of her past pains?

    Will you still want her when she can’t “be there” for you because she can barely “be there” for herself?

    Will you want her when she all of a sudden becomes “sensitive” to words because a harsh tone flooded her mind & heart with dark memories?

    Will you still want her when she can’t explain herself out of fear that she will be reminded of it later?

    Will you still want her when she shuts down out of fear that you will blow up?

    Will you still want her when her silence becomes her loudest cry?

    Will you still want her with internal wounds that have been covered but not fully healed?

    Yes, you like what you see. But do you REALLY WANT her???

    Editor’s note: This post was originally published [March, 2020] and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

    Happy reading!

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    🔥August Heat Up July

    Stephy Says 💋, I can’t let the month of July past without talking about August. 📆

    I’m sure by now you have seen or heard about the August Alsina & Jada scandal (and I know I’m extremely late 🙄 but mind your business), but if not –let me try to briefly catch you up. August definitely brought July in with some heat. 👀

    Jada & August. August as in Alsina. Jada. THE Jada. Will’s wife. How did they even meet in the 1st place? This all started when Jaden introduced August to Jada at a festival (Wireless Festival) they were attending in London. However, I don’t think Jaden introduced August to his mother with the intention of her having an affair with him. (Referenced by Vulture).

    Let me continue…Soooo, you remember back in 2018 when August came out the blue with that “I had an affair with Jada” allegation? What about that romantic & sweet birthday shout out dedicated to Jada Pinkett Smith? Do you remember that she did the same for him for his birthday? You probably didn’t pay it much mind then. Maybe it was innocent then but, looking back at it, these were probably telltale signs. I mean seriously, is any of this ringing a bell??

    As expected, after he somewhat spilled the tea, of course she denied the allegations, and it all died down. The thing is, it’s 2020 & none of these allegations are new. We have been here before. 😬 and honestly, this is all old news.

    If you can recall, Alsina was a guest on Red Table Talk sometime in 2017 or 2018 where he revealed that he was having health issues. However, we knew about health issues after he experienced a health scare in the middle of his concert where he fainted & reportedly began having seizures that landed him in a coma. Remember TMZ reporting and other headlines flashing that the poor guy passed out in the middle or his own concert?

    As the time line continues, in 2018, Jada happened to announce on the Red Table Talk that Alsina had approached her asking for help with his health & his life (apparently he was having addict issues as well). She stated then that it was only “friendly” & denied any other allegations. Seriously though, who was she really trying to convince that they were only friends? Us or herself? I suppose this was an effort to put an end to the already blazing rumors. (Referenced by

    Anddd we’re moving on. In 2019, it was rumored that Alsina’s song Nunya remix was about his romantic relationship with Jada. These rumors were believed to be true because in the Nunya video, Alsina is texting a female named “Koren” which just happens to be Jada’s middle name 👀 Conincidental? I think tf not. To add more fuel to the rumors, Alsina uses a GIF of Jada in the text thread seen in the video. Lyrics that he sang, “You got me feeling like it was an act, you’re just an actress/Putting on a show ‘cause you don’t want the world to know/That you lost a man who loved you all along, Baby, couldn’t we just let this go?” made speculation more believable. (Whole Nunya Video here)

    In a recent interview with Angela Yee of The Breakfast Club, Alsina spoke about his mental health & also outed Jada by exposing their affair (once again). He claimed to have gotten a “blessing” from Will Smith. Initially after the interview, Jada denied the allegations. After much chatter and IMO pressure, Jada finally tweeted: “There’s some healing that needs to happen…so I’m bringing myself to The Red Table.

    Jada brings herself to the Red Table and in the brief clip of the most important part, Jada describes her involvement with August as an “Entanglement.” It isn’t until Will directly calls it a relationship that Jada admits to a relationship. To add more insult to injury, she sat across from Will, looked him in his face & said, “I just wanted to feel good. I hadn’t felt good in a lonnngggg time.” 🥴 Sheesh, talk about heartbreaking words.

    Weeks after Jada openly admits to their relationship, August drops his song Entanglements. And guess who had the nerve to try to give a report? CNN! Yes, I said CNN, as if they don’t have a whole pandemic and government scandal to be reporting on. (They all up in the entertainment world🙄.)



    CNN gives the report that August dropped a song titled “Entanglements” featuring Rick Ross following Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk interview with husband Will Smith which followed August’s announcement that he & Jada had an affair. Whewwww, that was a lot to say lol But, are you following me?? Honestly, IMO this is all just a distraction to take our eyes off the racial injustice & political fraud happening without the government legal system….but, we will skip the conspiracy theories today.

    IMO (“in my opinion for you older folks out there“) , my first thought was “see,now he picking.” And yes, I said it just like that. Here’s my take, August said his piece, JADA cleared the air, she & Will left the red table in a good place, so the situation should have been done. Dropping the song is a bit disrespectful & petty, a little insult to injury-ish…’s believed that this is a publicity stunt to make himself relevant again after being off the music scene for a while. Conincidentally, he dropped an album The Product III: State of Emergency, around the same time of the scandal. Maybe you’ve heard his song Resent on the radio (if people even listen to the radio anymore 🥴). Stephy Says 💋 IDK if this was a publicity stunt or if he just wanted to find peace within himself & after life threatening illnesses. Either way, it shook up the black community.

    Either way, this took it a tad bit too far….but let me add, I fw the song.

    I hope August finds the peace he is searching for, & I hope Jada and Will push through.

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    👳🏾‍♂️Cancel Nick Cannon??

    Stephy Says 💋 the news of Viacom CBS firing Nick Cannon came as a complete shock although, with the way the increasing racism & hate towards the black community on the rise, it probably shouldn’t have.

    Zeewiththetea posted the original statement made by Viacom following the termination of Nick. (P.S. Stephy Says 💋 I know yall think yall like The Shade Room, but follow ZeewiththeTea 🐸☕️ for ALL the tea. Tell her Stephy said it 💋).

    Viacom’s Statement

    It almost seems as if Nick’s had a target on his back dating slightly back from the scandal & being wronged by NBC America’s Got Talent (in which they then did the same to Gabrielle Union 🙄). Now let me add, I didn’t read any full articles or listen to the entire podcast (mind your business). However, if he did say something wrong, was is really so wrong that he had to be fired from the entire company!? I understand that he was fired for anti-semitic speech, but is this really any different from any form of hate speech? Must I speak on hate speech the black community has faced for centuries?? OK, that’s another conversation for another day. Go read Black Lives Matter.✊🏽🖤

    Consider this, on July 16th, while watching The Nightly News, Donald Trump’s niece reported that his family “regularly” used anti-semitic slurs. But, “they” STILL haven’t canceled the so-called President? Make it make sense. Mary Trump’s story can be found here on Business Insider. It’s ironic how this interview aired just one day after the news of Nick Cannon being fired for the very same thing. How was this any different from Nick besides the color of the person performing the action?

    “President” Trump

    Even after long & thoughtful apologies for his entitled opinion, Nick Cannon is still being drug by trolls on social media. However, the same trolls STILL see refuse to acknowledge racial slurs, hate speech, or racism against the black community.

    Besides Viacom, Nick’s talk show has been pulled from the 2020 line up according to Daily News. If you ask me, this is OVERKILL!

    On the bright side, some good news is –Nick Cannon will continue to be the host of The Masked Singer according to CNN news.

    I need the black community to STAND behind Nick Cannon. Diddy started by inviting Nick back “home” & offering a place for him on RevoltTv, a “truly BLACK OWNED” business. Let me say this 🗣 I STAND with Diddy!

    Nick continues to face backlash not only from individuals outside of the black race, but also within the race which led him to gut wrenching tweets that obviously show his pain. Stephy Says 💋 imagine putting your career on the line, lose your career, then be turned on by the very same culture you were protecting. Nick has rooted & spoke for the black community when we didn’t have a voice loud enough or a platform big enough to speak for ourselves. Long before now, “our people” having been calling Nick Cannon “lame” or “whack.” I remember having a conversation with one of my FB friends about how much Nick is underappreciated, underrated, & overlooked. Our people have been degrading him for years, so honestly this comes as no surprise, but with everyone else seemingly being against black culture–I assumed we could rally behind Nick. I guess I expected too much….

    As expected, Nick has received love & support from the Wild N’ Out crew. Justina does not say many words, but the 2 she says (LOVE YOU), clearly speaks volume. Conceited does not say any words, but did post a pic of him & Nick with the crown emoji. The love & support continues from DC Young Fly following this outrageous incident. Emmanuel Hudson stands by Nick & offers support & love. In fact, Eman went on an entire rant about how our people crossed Nick. Hitman Holla speaks up for Nick & vouches that he spoke no lies. In his tweet, Hitman says “NO LIES DETECTED.”

    While Hitman, DC, & Eman take moments to speak up & protect Nick, Chico Bean, B. Simone, & Radio Big Mack have been fairly quiet on Twitter considering the incident. Karlous Miller uses this serious situation to gain a few laughs per usual, However, Nick’s tweets touched a nerve in Karlous as he tweets:

    “they done convinced my boy that he offended a whole community. I can’t believe this fucking shit.

    Make no mistake. –we know that Karlous rides for Nick even after all they have been through.

    Not to mention, I’ve been waiting to see a statement, tweet, status, or something from Colin Kaepernick to see if he will ride for Nick as hard as Nick was riding for him. (Remember the WNO episode that Nick wore a Kaepernick jersey instead of the traditional WNO gear?)

    If you remember the Azealia Banks WNO episode, then let’s talk about how ignorant she is acting in this situation. She is actually rejoicing & celebrating the fact that Nick was fired & had the gall to make this statement, “Azealia Banks voodoo is working.” At this point, call DC to roast her again ‘cuz I’m siccud. She posted a video on Instagram: view it here.

    Stephy Says 💋 let’s talk Nick Cannon’s accomplishments :

    Wild N’ Out is one of the most successful shows on the MTV Network. Nick used his platform without discrimination & opened his stage to other races, religions, sexual orientations, & cultures. Tim DeLaGhetto gives his appreciation to Nick for the chance to grace the Wild N’ Out stage.

    When Nip died, Nick took it upon himself to continue the legacy of Nip by using his platform to continue the Dr. Sebi documentary. Surprise, surprise….he also faced negative comments & remarks for wanting to do this as well.

    Nick Cannon is more than an entertainer & producer. Nick is a philanthropist. A risk taker. A mogul. A cultivator. But above all, he’s HUMAN & he deserves a little grace. I mean really, how many of individuals do you know that have said things that they had no business saying? To lose so much due to “sensitivities” of those on the receiving end while the killers of Breonna Taylor roam the streets….but THIS is Amerikkka.

    01.28.21 UPDATE: Nick Cannon’s daytime show has been revived.

    02.04.21 Update: says, “Nick Cannon, ViacomCBS Reunite for ‘Wild ‘N Out’ After Host Makes Amends for Anti-Semitic Comments

    04.08.21 update

    USA Today reveals headlines:

    “Don’t call it a comeback: Nick Cannon unveiled as Bulldog on ‘Masked Singer,’ returns as host next week.”

    Editor’s note: This post was originally published [July 15, 2020] and has been updated frequently for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. 

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    ✊🏽🖤Black Lives Matter ✊🏽🖤

    Stephy Says 💋

    Black Brotha, I love ya, I will never – try to hurt ya
    I want ya, to know that, I’m here for you – forever true
    Black Brotha, strong brotha, there is no – one above ya
    I want ya, to know that, I’m here for you – forever true
    Brotha by Angie Stone

    Stephy Says 💋 recent events & recent discoveries have once again rattled the black community leaving US asking questions such as: How long will be have to continue to endure racism? How much longer will we have to be products of injustice? How many more of us will be killed while THEY go free?

    Black Queen- Th’Mira Freeport Village, NY

    Pardon me if I choose not to use eloquent or enticing words, but this issue needs to be spoken about with black colloquial terms & the attitude & personality of a black queen. (But please don’t get it twisted, I’m a black educated queen 😘 but, I digress 🤷🏽‍♀️).

    During this trying time & heated moment, some of us lost “friends,” and people we thought were near and dear to us. Racism that has been suppressed for years rose to the surface. That’s the part that’s misunderstood–the black community faces scrutiny from every direction. We are seen & misrepresented as thugs, gangsters, ghetto, uneducated, rude, bitter, hostile, unprofessional, & the list continues.

    We face discrimination daily because our skin isn’t light enough, hair isn’t straight enough, our hips are too curvy, our voices too bold, our confidence is too intimidating, and our self love is too loud.

    No shade, but if you aren’t black, I don’t expect you to understand any of this. Honestly, if I can be completely honest…we don’t care if you have black friends and we don’t care if you have a black partner. Quite frankly, if the police stopped both of yall while together, chances are, you will go home safely but–your friend or partner will not.

    However, if you choose to support the culture, this picture is a perfect example of how to support the black community.

    Part of the argument about the BLM protest is the sheer ignorance & stupidity of people that refuse to accept or acknowledge that black racial injustice is real.

    NBC POLL- May 24, 2018

    In fact, there have been statements made from governmental & political figures in the Trump Administration such as Attorney General William P. Barr that suggests there is “no such thing as systemic racism.” This statement alone is utter stupidity birthed from an irrational thought process & poor insight.

    Allow me a brief moment to drop some actual factuals for you right here:

    According to the Washington Post, “black men are sentenced to more time for commuting the same crime as a white man.”

    The same article continues to inform that the rate of the sentencing is almost 20% longer on average.

    “Following the Supreme Court’s decision in United States v. Booker in 2005. Booker gave federal judges significantly more discretion on sentencing by making it easier to impose harsher or more lenient sentences than the USSC’s sentencing guidelines called for.

    Judges are less likely to voluntarily revise sentences downward for black offenders than for white ones, in other words. And even when judges do reduce black offenders’ sentences, they do so by smaller amounts than for white offenders.”

    Let me get this straight, you mean you’re telling me that federal judges can sentence at their discretion AND have the freedom to impose harsher sentencing? So, if this isn’t systemic racism, what is it? What happens when a black man faces a racist judge? Ultimately, his life is taken one way or the other–if not killed by cops, then as an individual enslaved to prison. (Please hold all “black on black” violence & gang comments until the end).

    The country was built on the backs of slavery and run by white supremacy. I was recently watching an interview of Kamau Bell, and he mentioned, “White supremacy is 44 out of 45 American presidents being white men.”

    He continued to say,

    “That’s the system putting thing in place like we can’t get access to the Ivy League inner circle conversations that white people can. So we don’t have the groups, we don’t have people, we don’t have the wealth around us to fund a race for presidency. We don’t have the sort of social circles where we would wind up in places where somebody would be like you should run for president here’s how we’ll make it happen. That’s the. So white supremacy.”

    Once again, an example of systemic racism.

    There are multiple emotions that we (black culture) fight daily: Hurt. Bitterness. Grief. Sadness. Betrayal. Confusion. Rage. On any given day, our emotions may range from angry to fed up. These emotions have resulted in protests, rallies, rioting, & looting. Trust me, I have seen & heard many comments about “peaceful” protest, but Stephy Says 💋 being peaceful has gotten us NOWHERE.

    While I don’t necessarily completely agree with everything that’s transpired, I wholeheartedly understand it. The black culture is lashing out because WE DON’T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO!

    We talk, you can’t hear us.

    We kneel, you fire us.

    We submit, you kill us.

    We are peaceful, you ignore us.

    We protest, you condemn us.

    We can’t jog.

    We can’t go to church.

    We can’t walk to the store.

    We can’t sell CDs.

    We can’t sell cigarettes.

    We can’t wear hoodies.

    What can we do?

    Even while the chaos was happening, the only REAL concern was the monetary & materialistic loss.

    No, burning down businesses & looting won’t bring back a life. We understand that, but if you are looking at the mess rather than listening to the message, or more concerned about the riot versus the reason, then you are a part of the problem.

    As aforementioned on my other social media platforms, looting & rioting is the historic way for America. Must I bring to your attention the Boston Tea Party? Boston Massacre? What about KKK rallies that burned Black American homes, churches, & even people? American has always forcefully (by war) taken things from others that never belonged to America or intended to belong to America. While those moments are deemed, “history,” our similar reactions are deemed as “horrific” & “unnecessary.” Their acts of destruction were completed by “patriots,” while Black Americans are called”thugs.” And if you don’t see this as a problem, then you are a part of the problem.

    Check out YouTubeBlack King- D. Hud

    Another conversation that I see surfacing on social media is a post that says, “if you’re out protesting, and haven’t registered to vote…go home.”

    My 1st opinion on this post is, we want EVERYONE that is fighting for justice to fight with us & for us. Secondly, many people protesting aren’t able to register right now due to age requirement or because of a criminal backgroundd. Protesting may be the other way they can exercise their rights. Furthermore, many of them aren’t necessarily educated or trained to see the underhanded crookedness of the racially systematic government, so they may feel their vote isn’t as important as people think. Rather than going home, there needs to be an education on the importance of voting.

    For the 1st time (that I’ve seen in history), the world protested for Black Lives. Different religions, cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, races, & banned together to fight for justice. This further confirms that racism is still yet prevalent, and it’s not just the black community being “sensitive.”

    Franklin, VA protest

    Kristen Carrington- Franklin, VA

    The other point I want to address is, stop comparing the stigma of “black on black” to the Black Lives Matter movement. Firstly, other races also kill one another (and most white shooters are mass murders –The Newtown shooting, Columbine school shooting, Las Vegas concert shooting, Charleston Church shooting, etc).

    Secondly, blacks don’t kill other blacks just because they are black. There is usually some form of altercation, be it verbal or physical. There is typically an event that led up to the killing. But, I never killed anyone sooo, I could be wrong. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Thirdly, black Americans face the consequences of their actions without a full investigation, without full evidence, or without full rights. No questions asked, barely a crime scene searched, they are detained; whereas, a white cop can murder an innocent black man in broad daylight on camera with no regard to his life all while getting a paid administrative leave, and still not be charged, indicted, or convicted.

    US Police kill up to 6 times more black people than they kill white people.

    So, you see…it’s not the same.

    Natural Flo ✨🌻

    The black Queen Natural Flo 🌻made a strong & factual response to a racist picture:

    “Let me put my two cents in.

    We live in a world where people play victim after they’ve made a conscious decision to do something that will clearly offend, upset and cause an uproar. This is not “harmless” this is not “innocence” this isn’t something we should “just get over” so let’s call it for what it is.

    I think it’s very insensitive, and a clear sign of bigotry to tell black women for one and black peoples as a whole that we should “calm down” and not take this so serious. How may times to we have to continue to sweep things like this under a rug? How may times do we have to feel like the color of our skin is a “fad”? How many times do we have to accept apologies from people who wasn’t sorry in the first place?

    You don’t have to agree with how we feel and what we’re saying, but DO NOT tell us that this isn’t that serious and we should get over it. If you don’t understand the feelings behind it, fine I don’t expect for some of you to do so. If you don’t feel like it’s that serious TO YOU then don’t tell my black self how to feel, point blank.

    Our blackness isn’t something to be used as a joke. Our blackness isn’t your entertainment. Our blackness isn’t an object.

    This is something that will never be accepted ESPECIALLY on the one month out of the year we’re we get “clearance” from the rest of the world to be able to voice and showcase how proud we are, how amazing we are, how beautiful we are before they TRY to close the cap on our voices, our mind and our movement.

    So feel how you feel, but don’t tell me how I should feel.

    “They want to be black until they have to be black”

    Stephy Says 💋 I am ✊🏽

    • George Floyd
    • Breonna Taylor
    • Trayvon Martin
    • Sandra Bland
    • Mike Brown
    • Phil Castile
    • Alton Sterling
    • Ahmaud Arbrey
    • Tamir Rice
    • Eric Garner
    • Walter Scott
    • Elijah McClain
    • unfortunately, the list continues…


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    My 2 Cents

    🐍Mamba Out 💜💛🕊

    Stephy Says 💋, January 26, 2020…a day we will all remember. It seems to be a day that for a moment, the world stood still. The day we lost a legend, kids lost their father, & a mother lost her husband & child. THE Kobe Bryant & his daughter, Gianna Bryant along with 7 others succumbed to death out of what seems to be nowhere.

    I’m sure there are no words I could even formulate to describe this tragic loss, but, here is my attempt to honor & remember a legend & one he was creating.

    You could see in pictures how much she loved & respected her father. You could feel the genuine bond between those two. Though it’s tragic, I can find a small bit of comfort in knowing that they were together in their death just like we were in life. He was there during her first breath, & there during her last. Whether he was able to do much is irrelevant, the point is–HE WAS THERE. It’s funny how life happens full circle.

    Death. This word doesn’t seem as if it’s supposed to be attached to these names. I remember sitting in the chair in front of the TV watching the Pro bowl. My phone vibrated from the local news app just like any other day. Normally, I swipe up & clear it, but yesterday I pulled it down to see the alert. I have no idea what the whole caption said, all I remember is “Kobe Bryant dead.” I read it out loud, my brother who’s always been a die hard fan, was shocked into disbelief. And like many others, his initial response was. “Kobe?…..Bryant?” As if we knew any other Kobe. Any other moments, my response would have been sarcastic, but this time, I understood his question all too well. I took to Twitter with the story & a caption reading huhhhhhh?? Only to find that it was true.

    My heart broke instantly. Perhaps, this seemed unreal because we had grown up watching him persevere through injuries (broken nose, blown Achilles, knee injuries, sprained ankles, shoulder injuries, etc) that the average person wouldn’t dare push through. Maybe his invincibility on the court made us so sure that the Black Mamba could handle anything life threw at him, not even thinking anything about death. He was a hero. I can almost bet that his daughters & family felt the same.

    Hearing the news, my heart broke because though I didn’t know Kobe, I knew what he meant to fans. The way other players cried when they found out the news, shows how special Kobe was.

    I won’t pretend to be a superfan, but I am a fan. Although he has departed life, I am STILL a fan. He will forever be alive, in memories, in thoughts, & in hearts.

    I was never a Lakers fan, but ALWAYS a Kobe fan. I always described it as not having a favorite team, but having favorite players. Ironically enough, Kobe’s closest friends (D. Wade & LeBron James were among the list).

    I won’t pretend that I followed his whole career, however, I know the impact he made during his career. I remember going to basketball courts, & seeing young boys & classmates try to imitate his signature moves.

    I remember playing the Sega Genesis back in the day, when Kobe was heavily pixelated, & hardly recognizable except the #8 on his jersey. Im talking about back in the day when Vlade Divac was playing. The Shaq & Kobe days. Back when all you heard was, “From downtown! Swish! He’s on fire!”

    Admit it, I just brought back some memories.

    To add to memories, in middle & high school–anytime ANYTHING was thrown away it was an unwritten rule that you had to fade away & yell “Kobe!”

    I remember hearing young athletes comparing him to Michael Jordan & stating that Kobe was the “Michael Jordan” of our time. But when it all came down to it, the final ruling is this-Kobe was Kobe & there was only one. The passionate, yet loving arguments of who the GOAT really was still ring in my ears.

    The love that men, especially men of color, had & have for Kobe is something special. Seeing tears from some many men resonates in my heart. Kobe not only changed the game of basketball & his family, he changed the lives of fans. He was a role model, something as close to a father or brother as many black males would ever get. I’m sure on several occasions, Kobe was the first to teach them how to dribble their first ball, how to post up, or how to make a simple layup. Many fell in love with the game because of Kobe. He had a way of connecting with the black male population in way that no one else could.

    Yes– he was an athlete, but before all that & above all that, he was a human. He was a father, a husband, a son, a brother, a coach, a friend, an inspiration. He changed lives both on & off the court. Out of all the things he accomplished in his life time, I’d like to think his family was the one he was proud of the most. Vanessa is forever in our thoughts, prayers, & hearts. 💜💛 #Mamba #Mambacita

    While the primary focus of this blog post is on the legend, I cannot leave out nor forget the other victims whose death is equally as tragic. Their lives are equally as important. Today & everyday, we remember all the victims –we honor these fathers, daughters, sisters, brothers, & mothers. We call names, let’s make sure their names are not forgotten 🙏🏽.


    My 2 Cents

    The Difference in Candidates

    Stephy Says 💋 I would like to take a brief moment to blog about my personal beliefs & observations during this sheriff campaign. These are a few events & instances that have been on my mind since they have occurred.

    If this offends you, I will apologize in advance.

    During the Franklin Fall Festival on October 5th, there were tents set up with the sheriff candidates: Wyche, Potter, & Turner.

    I spent a great deal of my day, (about 3 hours) browsing and roaming the festival. While I was walking, I would glance & see Capt. Josh Wyche mingling with different individuals: individuals of different races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and religious beliefs. The smiles the he was met with reassured me that the community feels safe & comfortable while in his presence. With the growing rate of police brutality, this is essential.

    As I continued browsing, while walking past the Potter & Turner tents & tables, I noticed that not one of them nor their campaigners approach me nor my family–as if we were invisible. We weren’t even met with a smile, a wave, or a friendly gesture. I’ll admit, this bothered me. Was I not worthy of speaking to? My vote should count too, right? After all, I am a registered voter.

    In addition to that observation, I did not see a person of color as a campaigner or being recognized. This issue is important & noticeable to me. I observe the differences that I see, probably BECAUSE I’m a person of color.

    As an African American, it is important for me to be seen & treated as equal & to not have other races seem “uncomfortable” with me, around me, or approaching me. In no way am I insinuating that neither Potter nor Turner are racist, however, it may be presumed because of the action, OR the lack thereof when they noticed people of other ethnicities at the event.

    Recently, I saw a post on Facebook that endorsed Mark Turner with Evelyn Fancher -McKinney stating, “The good thing about retirement is that you can support the best qualified Candidate without fear of retribution. Also, anybody can study budgets and other reports, but Mark knows the County and the people that reside here. I’ll take the commonsense candidate any day over the power hungry. 🙂(See Screenshot)

    To which I responded, “Evelyn Fancher – McKinney unfortunately, as a lifelong resident of the county, I do not know Mark & he does not know me.

    These moments are vital because, during the Franklin Fall Festival, Mark Turner was presented with the perfect opportunity to introduce himself to me & get to know me as a resident of Southampton County, yet he failed to seize the opportunity. He allowed me, along with my family, to walk past his tent without so much of second glance.

    The other concern is Mark Turner has been rallying his campaign by his campaigners & supporters taking personal attacks on Capt. Josh Wyche’s character rather than inform the community of what he could do to assist us and make the community a better place to live. If you have been paying any amount of attention to the campaign, there hasn’t been an instance in which Capt. Josh Wyche nor his endorsements have taken low blows at the character of either component. In the words of Former 1st Lady Michelle Obama, “when they go low, we go high.” These are the things that are important to pay attention to with meticulous detail.

    During a Power Palooza, a free event open to the public, I remember the heat & humidity. It was scorching hot, yet Lt. Josh Wyche rallied with the people of the community & gave us his support during this event. He encouraged the citizens of the community, and spoke on the importance of voting overall. I do not recall seeing any other candidate, perhaps they were there and left before I arrived. Maybe, they were there and didn’t make themselves known. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Whatever the case may have been, I remember Capt. Josh Wyche standing in the heat with us & for us.

    Capt. Josh Wyche has been genuinely taking time to acknowledge citizens of Southampton County & the City of Franklin. That’s why you should take your time & hit the polls on voting day.

    Stephy Says 💋 take into consideration all things when you visit the polls on November 5th.

    🚨Disclaimer: This post was not influenced or requested by Capt. Josh Wyche & does not represent his personal or political views. 🚨

    My 2 Cents

    ⚖️Chris Brown Weigh In

    Stephy Says 💋 I wasn’t going to give any attention to the whole Chris Brown fiasco.

    However, Stephy Says 💋 here’s my stance. Sure, Chris Brown caused some controversy by using “nice hair” in his lyrics. I can understand why someone would be offended because I understand all views & perspectives.


    Here are my thoughts:

    1. He said nice hair not good hair. That’s open for interpretation, and only he knows what he means.

    This outrage is coming fans with their own view of what “nice hair” is and societal views of what hair pattern is considered to be “nice.”

    However, let me add, it’s usually within our own culture that we define what’s “good hair” or “nice hair.”

    Let’s admit as females we see waves as “good hair” or “nice hair” over dreads. Even as females, when we see females like Rasheeda from Love & Hip Hop ATL or any celebrity with slick edges or a bouncy girl pattern, even down to our own friends, we tend to say things like “girl, you got some good nice” or immediately begin wishing for hair like theirs. The trick I found is just complimenting hair as “looking nice.”

    We (both genders) have been conditioned on both sides to think that nice hair or good hair is seen as Traci Ellis Ross hair. The thing is, I see more outrage when men use the term versus when women use it. If we are going to be offended, let’s be consistently offended. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    There wasn’t this much outrage when Beyoncé’s lyrics included, “Becky, with the good hair” in which she chose the word “good” rather than “nice.” 🤷🏽‍♀️

    2. It’s just hair & with as many weave & wigs are available, if you feel offended by the “nice hair” lyrics or don’t feel like you fit the description, then 🗣go buy you so nice hair.

    3. It’s his personal preference. Just as I prefer thicker & solid men. No offense to the slim ones, it’s just my preference for the bigger ones.

    I have friends that prefer long hair or short hair, some that prefer mates with no kids, some that prefer lighter skin or darker skin & vice versa.

    Could this be considered or seen as a form of discrimination or offensive? Absolutely, but it’s just a preference. 🗣Preferences are always going to be offensive to those that don’t fit the criteria.

    The thing is everybody has their own preferences, & people just need to learn to let others have their preferences without the sensitivity.

    4. Everyone is so sensitive nowadays, it makes it difficult for artists or anyone to name their preference without being ridiculed.

    5. It’s not that deep. He’s not dating any of us sooo we should all let it go

    The end.


    Happy Reading

    Artist Reviews My 2 Cents

    🗣Attention Please

    Stephy Says 💋 just because I’ve been thinking about it, here’s my mini list of underrated artists in no particular order… this is not up for debate, I said what I said 🗣


    Lyfe Jennings

    T-Pain (without auto tune)


    Childish Gambino

  • Tink
  • Andy Mineo
  • Mapei
  • Chris Echols
  • Devvon Terrell
  • Marcus Canty

  • I’m sure there will be some disagreement on my list, but this is why it’s according to what Stephy Says 💋

    My 2 Cents

    🚨Captain Josh Wyche for Sheriff 👮🏽‍♂️🚔

    Stephy Says 💋 it is with great pride that I write this article about Captain Josh Wyche, Sr.

    In November, Captain Josh Wyche, Sr. will be on the ballot for Southampton County & Franklin Sheriff. I personally cannot think of any better candidate for the position.

    Here are for reasons why YOU should vote for him:

    ✅ his kindness and compassion for the community & citizens of the community.

    ✅ his extensive knowledge, experience, & willingness to assist the community

    ✅ his humility & his pride in his career

    ✅ his meek yet authoritative voice that demands attention, but also enforces a mutual respect.

    ✅ he’s a family man & has family values.

    Captain Josh Wyche, Sr. is highly respected & a strong pillar in the community. His willingness to go above & beyond for the community is one of the many reasons he will have my vote in November.

    His love for people (kids, adults, elderly, etc). –all people without discrimination, judgment, or hesitation makes him the best candidate for this area. The positivity he promotes is merely a part of his character & everything he represents as a man. He is the man that the community needs to feel more safe & secure in knowing that he has our best interest at heart.

    When Southampton County suffered a tragedy, I witnessed Capt. Josh Wyche, Sr. attend the memorial service to offer support for the family & once the memorial ended, he straightway switched roles & began directing traffic without any prompting from others & without hesitation.

    Even if Capt. Josh Wyche has stopped someone for a traffic violation, his approach to the car is calm & meek. This approach makes the driver comfortable even in a uncomfortable situation. With the rise of police brutality, feeling safe is important & Capt. Wyche serves all citizens with their well being & protection as his first priority.

    He takes his career seriously, & has committed himself to the cause. He protects & serves, & he deserves your vote for Sheriff of Southampton County & City of Franklin.

    Stephy Says 💋, I’m not the only one who feels strongly about Capt. Wyche being the best candidate–check out these reviews & article.


    As always happy reading!


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