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🎶Alex Jay

Stephy Says 💋 meet Alex Jay, the angelic voice behind my favorite covers & musical genius behind his original musical art.

I began following Alex Jay on Twitter after coming across a video of him playing the guitar in the most melodic rhythm & singing with the most pure voice (Don’t believe me? Take a listen here).

His love for singing is apparent by the passion in his vocals. If you were to ask me what his music is like, I would use the words: refined, distinctive, & invoking. His voice is soothing & has a way of creating emotions, jarring feelings, & reviving life. It grasps your attention the moment he opens his mouth.

Normally, I am a reader, however his music & voice does for me what a good book does; it impacts me. As a listener, it affects me in unanticipated & unmeasured ways. It echos long after the music has come to an end.

The rhythm & tone he creates is distinctive & unique to him. His voice becomes an art of storytelling & causes you to reminisce about a particular moment. Not only do you reminisce about the moment, his voice seems to place you in that exact place. He sings in a way that makes you remember the moment, the feeling you had when the moment occurred, & brings it to the present.

His music sends sweet vibrations to the core of you heart & soul. His style of singing is intimate, inviting, & he puts you at ease. Personally, his voice has a way of calming my anxiety, enough to keep me grounded.

He has a sound that will transport you to your own world. Each song, whether it be a cover or an originally composed work or art, is written & sung with passion & heart wrenching emotion. His passion transmits to his listeners. Each rift & run that he flawlessly completes resounds within his listeners.

One of his goals & desires is to appear on the Ellen Degeneres Show–🚨🚨complete this form to request him as a guest. 🚨🚨

Stephy Says 💋 I personally won’t stop tweeting, retweeting, or completing request forms until the world knows the star⭐️ he truly is!

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As always, happy reading & happy listening 😊

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🤪The Weirdo : R.A.W.E

Stephy Says 💋 I first stumbled across Devvon Terrell some years ago on Facebook recording covers (which I’ll admit, I enjoyed more than the artist version). I instantly became a fan & began saving all of his videos, liking his page, & following him on Facebook. During this time, he was known as the Living Weirdo. That name stood out to me, partially because of the logo & the other part was because it was relatable. He made being a weirdo kind of cool, something to wear on your chest as an honor.

I became such a crazed fan, that I joined the group Devvon Terrell’s RAWE group. The group is so much more than a group, we are Devvon’s extended weirdo family. Shortly before I joined the group, (July) Facebook sent a notification giving me a badge as a top fan ⭐️.

Here’s why I HAD to write a post on Devvon Terrell: First, he DESERVES this recognition plus so much more than I could ever give him. He worked his way to this spot, & put in the time to build this fan base. I’ve said it before & I’m going to say it again–he’s completely UNDERRATED.

(One of my common questions is, “do you listen to Devvon Terrell?” If the answer is no, I’m sending a link to his music–right that second. If the answer is yes, I insert how amazing he is & they agree.) If you’ve never heard of him– click here & you’ll see he’s a big deal. He’s reinvented himself & his brand–& leveled up.

He & his music brought together fans & supporters of different races, age, & gender. Because of the growing hatred in the world today, this is big because Devvon Terrell has accomplished a common goal–unity. I guess it’s true after all, music is a universal language.

Secondly, he has OVER a million fans, followers, & supporters, but still takes time out of his busy schedule to actually comment & interact with his fans.

**(He’s made my night on a few occasions by liking my tweets & responding to my comments)

When he goes live, he actually reads comments & responds to them by calling names. Not a generic, “thank you” or response, but an actual acknowledgement of you as an individual.

Thirdly, his music (along with himself as artist) is RAWE —Real And Well Evolved. Musically, his sound is unique, but signature. His voice is intoxicating, notable & one you can never forget. When the beat drops, you know he’s going to snap on the mic. You get lost in his music, & his music comes complete with songs to fit any mood you may be feeling. New dimensions in his music are discovered with each subsequent listen as his songs get better with each repeated play. The bar is raised with each song, but he continues to outdo himself. The combination of dope songs & superb production make for very strong albums. His music not only evoke feelings, it creates an experience. He has created albums that are well versed and profoundly executed. Stephy Says 💋 his music & albums can be described as:

✅a perfect treasure of melodies sung with passion

✅exclusively unique ventures

✅works of instrumental genius

✅melodies that seep into your brain that will leave you singing

✅memorable with quotable lyrics

✅embroidered with polished effects

✅some of the most intriguing albums of the year

✅proves to be a rousing showcase of the artist’s talents

✅ rich in quality and balanced complexity

Stephy Says 💋 Devvon Terrell comes highly recommended because he is highly listenable, & highly humble. From start to finish, his albums grasp your attention.

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As always, happy reading & happy listening!


🔝👐🏽 Top 10…

Stephy Says 💋 I LOVE lists soooo below find a list of my favorite top 10s.

Top 10 favorite Weezy Songs & lines:

1. A Milli

If you can’t beat ’em then you pop ’em

You can’t man ’em then you mop ’em

You can’t stand ’em then you drop ’em

You pop ’em ’cause we pop ’em like Orville Redenbacher

2. 6 foot 7 foot

Paper chasing, tell that paper, “Look, I’m right behind ya”

B***h, real G’s move in silence like lasagna

3. Gossip

That is a weak emotion

The lady of a nigga

And you could get tipped

Like ya waitin’ on a nigga

4. How to Love

But I admire your poppin’ bottles and dippin’

Just as much as you admire bartending and strippin’

5. Go DJ

Pow, one to the head now you know he dead

6. Hustler Muzik

Phantom of the opera

All black gwop tent, locked in

I can let them shots out

You can’t get no shots in

7. Leather so soft

My rag always red, like when them hos bleed

Now that’s cold bleed, no I mean cold blooded

8. Love me or Hate me

I’ve been through it all

The fails, the falls

I’m like Niagara

But I got right back up, like Viagra

9. Fireman

You catch my gal legs open better smash that

Don’t be surprise if she ask where the cash at

I see she wearing them jeans that show her butt crack

My girls can’t wear that why that’s where my stash at

I put my mack down that’s where you lack at

She need her candlelit and I’m a wax that

10. Lollipop

lil’ mama had a swag like mine

She even wear her hair down her back like mine

I make her feel right when its wrong like lyin’

Top 10 favorite Breezy Songs:

1. Poppin’ (I’m still waiting on a video)

2. Tempo

3. Loyal

4. Ya Man Ain’t Me

5. Deuces

6. Take you down

7. She Ain’t You

8. Back to Sleep

9. Winner

10. Ain’t No Way

Top 10 favorite dancers:

1. Chris Brown

2. Omarion

3. Ciara

4. Michael Jackson

5. Usher

6. Janet Jackson

7. Bruno Mars

8. Beyoncé

9. Missy Elliott

10. NeYo

Top 10 50 cent songs:

1. Many Men

2. P.I.M.P

3. 21 Questions

4. Hate it or Love It

5. I’ll Whip your head Boy

6. I’m Supposed To Die Tonight

7. In Da Club

8. Candy Shop

9. Wanksta

10. Window Shopper

Top 10 forgotten songs:

1. Ice Cream – J.S.

2. Never Leave You- Lumidee

3. Baby It’s You- Jojo

4. Step Daddy- Hitman Sammy Sam

5. Chicken Noodle Soup- Webstar & Young B

6. Case of the Ex- Mya

7. Leave (Get Out)- JoJo

8. A Bay Bay- Hurricane Chris

9. King Kong- Jibbs

10. Throw Some D’s- Rich Boy

Top 10 favorite throwback BET shows:

1. Cita’s World

2. Access Granted

3. 106 & Park

4. College Jill

5. Rap City

6. BET Now

7. Hell Date

8. Harlem Heights

9. Baldwin Hills

10. Comic View

Top 10 favorite throwback shows:

1. The Proud Family

2. One on One

3. The Game

4. The Parkers

5. Romeo!

6. In the House

7. Moesha

8. Smart Guy

9. The Wayan Brothers

10. Sister, Sister

I think I’m done with the lists for now, but you get the point.

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🗣Attention Please

Stephy Says 💋 just because I’ve been thinking about it, here’s my mini list of underrated artists in no particular order… this is not up for debate, I said what I said 🗣


Lyfe Jennings

T-Pain (without auto tune)


Childish Gambino

  • Tink
  • Andy Mineo
  • Mapei
  • Chris Echols
  • Devvon Terrell
  • Marcus Canty

  • I’m sure there will be some disagreement on my list, but this is why it’s according to what Stephy Says 💋


    🚗Auto City Scam

    On December 2, 2017, the day before my birthday, I paid a visit to Auto City a buy here, pay here “side lot” located in on Air Line Blvd in Portsmouth, VA. This was one of the car dealerships offered as a benefit by my former job. It seemed like the perfect opportunity for me. Boy was I wrong !😒

    My dad, a former car salesman, searched the lot with me, followed closely by my car salesman, Evan. My dad checked out all the cars I liked. He looked under the hoods, checked the fluids, inspected the tires, trunk, & inside of the car–carefully overlooking them all. Evan gave his word that he would never put me in a car that he wouldn’t put his daughter in. He even said he would treat me like family. He quickly referred to himself as “Uncle Evan.” I looked at a few cars within my budget, but I kept coming back to the car that felt like “me.” I finally settled on a silver 2006 Acura TL for a low price of $4,600. That one was “it” for me.

    My family & I test drove it. My dad rode while I sat in the passenger side. He turned all the knobs, checked the air & heat function, sun roof function, radio function, & checked out all the lights in the dash. Everything checked out good & I decided to buy it.

    I gave a generous down payment of $3,000 & drove off the lot with my “new to me” 2006 Acura TL, that I purchased on my own. This was a huge moment for me! Not only did I have a car of my own, but my payments were only $80 biweekly. Double win right? Wrong 😒

    Initially, everything was great. The staff were pleasant & exemplified superb customer service. (I know now that it was because of my money, not because they were so happy to serve me). If you haven’t figured out by now, money talks.

    A few months later, they started hounding me about payments saying that I was “8 or 9 days past due.” This was no problem, especially since past due payments were only $84.88. I was told by customer service representative, Kim, “you’re always late on your payments.” I agreed to this statement, & let Kim know that a payment/receipt book never received so I had no idea when payments were due. I just paid them every 2 weeks from the date of the last payment. I was then told that I didn’t receive the receipt book because it was “too thick” to fit in a post office box. (Red flag #1🚩) I made payment arrangements, which has been acceptable per Kim but a date needed to be provided in order for it to be accepted.

    I made a few more payments & then the hounding began again.

    Fast forward to 2019, I called & made a “late” payment on 02/28/19 for $84.88. I spoke with Kim & made payment arrangements, informing her that I would pay the past due balance & current balance totaling $169.47 on March 15th, to which she replied, “ok, I’ll make a note of that.” I then asked about a round about number of how much was still owed on my car. To this, Kim responded, “a little over a thousand dollars.” I thanked her & trusted that the note was entered per our conversation.

    Well, on March 14th (the day before the arrangement was to be paid), I’m startled out of my sleep by flashing lights & my blaring care alarm. My car was being repossessed for owing a whopping total of $162. This final number of $162 included late fees.

    Oh, let me mention, my car payment was soooo behind, a whopping 19 days past due. That’s right 19 DAYS. Not even 30 days past due.

    On March 15th, I called the dealership & spoke to Karen. I was informed that the payment I made on 02/28/19 wasn’t sent for processing until 03/01/19. 🙄 Go figure 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Karen informs me that she doesn’t see a note from Kim discussing our arrangement. This bewildered me because Kim clearly told me “ok, I’ll note it.” I ask how much it will be to get the car back & she tells me that she doesn’t know. 🤔🤔 Shouldn’t that be written somewhere? She then tells me that she would have to see where Kim would have put the note & they would call me back later.

    After about 2 hours later & still no phone call, I called back. I talked to Kim about the payment arrangements & I’m hit with the biggest lie in a not so pleasant tone–she says, “I may have said ok, but would never agree to that. I don’t even have enough power to agree to something so far out. Management can decide whether they want to repo after 11 days past due. I’ve called you everyday, but you never called me back. You making arrangements to pay on the 15th says, I don’t care about my car payment.”


    Here are my LOGICAL questions?

    1. If you didn’t have the power to approve payment arrangements, why & how did you allow it before?

    2. If you didn’t have the power to agree to payment arrangements for the 15th of March, why didn’t you say this on February 28th?

    3. Why would I continue talking to you when arrangements were already made & “noted”?

    4. If management could decide to repossess the car, why would they do it the day before the arrangement was set?

    Kim tells me that I owe $162, but to get the car back, I would have to pay $715!!! I’m floored. I know math isn’t my strongest subject, but I wrote it down & tried to calculate this BS price. I came up short of how the price jumped so steeply.

    I asked for a break down of how I went from $162 to $715. She says this is because the tow company they used wasn’t in my jurisdiction & towing costs were $550. My house from the towing company is approximately 50 miles. Even being 50 miles, there’s NO WAY towing could or should cost $550.

    First of all, that’s FREAKING ABSURD. How does it make sense to pay $550 for towing when the past due balance was only $162??

    Furthermore, why would I pay $715 to get the car back when I only owe $1000?

    I asked Kim for the towing company’s name & she tells me Don’s Towing Company. I asked for a location & she tells me “Portsmouth” then proceeds to tell me in a testy voice, “the towing company doesn’t set out towing rates. We set our own rates.” By this time, I feel disrespected at the piss poor service. My response in a equally testy voice, “I didn’t ask you about any rates. All I asked is what company you use.” Seems to me that offering more information than asked reads 🚨GUILTY. 🚨

    Here is MY conclusion:

    They scammed me out of my money. They allowed me to almost pay for the car before they repossessed it during tax return season so they could resale the car. $715 is the closest they could get to the pay off they were looking for before resaling the car at the same price of $4,600 to scam someone else out of their money. Why else would they wait until the day before the payment was going on be made to repossess the car?

    ‼️Mark my words: I will NEVER again purchase a car from Auto City. I wouldn’t even send my doll baby there to get a car.

    Don’t take my word for it–Here are some more reviews: 14 people recommend them, however nearly HALF of the people posting reviews agreed that the service is horrible. Check out the reviews. All reviews are available for public view on Auto City’s Facebook page

    I went to get my things out of the car because I was told they closed at 7. I got more than half there & called at 6:03 pm to see who I needed to speak to & they were closed. I called the following day about picking up my things only for Kim to tell me that the car was auctioned off and they had no idea where my belongings were.

    Stephy Says 💋 NEVER buy from Auto City! They are a rip off

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    Happy reading

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    🏁RIP Nip 💙

    Stephy Says 💋 whether you know who Nipsey Hussle is or not, you’ve seen his name flash across your screen or on your social media pages in a large volume over the course of the last week.

    *This is a disclaimer that nothing I could possibly write would ever be enough to reflect the legacy of Nipsey or describe his character, but I will do my absolute best.*

    According to ET & The New York Times, the legendary Grammy nominated rapper and community activist, Nipsey Hussle (born Ermias Asghedom) was fatally shot multiple times by coward Eric Holder in front of his clothing store The Marathon in Los Angeles, Crenshaw district where he grew up. This shooting happened moments later after an interaction. LA Times states, “He re-emerged at the Marathon Clothing store on Sunday. The two men talked, shook hands and Holder left.” The coward then returned and fired shots.

    This unfortunate & painful news struck the hearts of fans & individuals nationwide. Developing stories added more details revealed that Nipsey’s brother was contacted, and his brother Samiel, rushed to his side for his final moments (LA Times).

    Nip was the lover of the beautiful actress, Lauren London. Honestly, their relationship is initially the reason I even Googled Nipsey Hussle. The way he loved her & the way she glowed because of his love was heart-warming. They were true #relationshipgoals. Whenever I saw a post, if I saw him, I saw her. He acknowledged her, loved her, taught her, and respected her. He encouraged and motivated other men to do the same.

    We waited days for a response from her as she was heavy in our prayers along with his family. Her response broke us all as she posted this message to him on her Instagram feed:

    It seems like this death hurts a little more each day. This loss hurts & seems to be more personal & closer to home.

    Stephy Says 💋 here’s why: besides loving his woman the way all women dream of being loved & treated, he was a father, a community activist, a philanthropist, and a poster child for how you can turn your life around; even if your choices in the past weren’t the best. He motivated. He protected. He was selfless. He invested. He was leader. He was an example. Nipsey is the man every woman dreams of having, the man every man dreams to be. He lived a life that proved that he was a “good guy” & naturally a good man.

    Some critics may focus on the fact that he is a member of gang, Rollin 60 Neighborhood Crips. While this may be true, Nipsey turned a negative lifestyle into a positive one & impacted the lives of many in the same neighborhood he grew up.

    Nipsey never abandoned his community even when other felt he should have left the “hood” . He bought the very same block where he was arrested during gang banging years. He owned and operated a business where he employed those who weren’t likely to be employed elsewhere. His aim was to inspire, educate, invest, & advance the black community. Never greedy, but always business minded and willing to teach our community how to grow.

    Along side being an entrepreneur, a community activist, & philanthropist, Nipsey not only dropped knowledge on how to advance financially and mentally, he was dropping knowledge on how to advance physically and health wise by providing the community with Dr. Sebi’s regime to restore health. He was set to do a documentary on Dr. Sebi’s case against New York for claims to have cured diabetes, AIDS, & various illnesses, in which Dr. Sebi won. Nipsey was ready to share with the world all of Dr. Sebi’s case & shed light on his great works.

    The impact he made was recognized by Russell Westbrook of NBA team OKC when he dedicated his 20-20-20 stats to Nipsey. Support from other celebrities poured in.

    His mother leaves these words, “I have perfect peace, and I have strength, and I want to lift you up. Please do not stay down, do not stay stuck, do not mourn. Because Nipsey is great […] and now he’s even greater because he has no bounds and limits. His energy is everywhere. He’s there with you now and he’s here with me now. And pleased be encouraged.”

    Nipsey’s funeral is scheduled for April 11, 2019 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. According to BET, ““BET REMEMBERS: NIPSEY HUSSLE” TO AIR  ON BET AND STREAM ON BET NEWS’ FACEBOOK PAGE THURSDAY, APRIL 11 AT 1 PM ET



    ⏩ 100 Things that made you Flashback to the 90’s & Early 2000’s

    I know I can’ t be the only one to remember:

    1. Carrying a cell phone and a portable music device (CD player that skipped every time you hit a bump in the road)
    2. Verizon customers only had free minutes from 9:01 PM-6:59 AM unless you were Verizon to Verizon
    3. T-mobiles sidekick
    4. Having to rewind tapes before returning them at Blockbuster
    5. Having to rewind cassette tapes with a pencil eraser
    6. Gigapets that beeped all night because you forgot to feed it
    7. Collecting Pokemon cards
    8. Having to record a song off the radio as your ringtone
    9. The Blackberry movement
    10. Boost Mobile & the infamous chirp
    11. Limewire & all its computer viruses
    12. Not being able to use the internet & phone at the same time
    13. AOL was on a free disc for a Trial period
    14. MySpace & our coding abilities to find the perfect background, font, & song
    15. Spice Girls & boy bands (N*Sync, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees)
    16. Plastering posters all over the bedroom wall
    17. When aluminum foil was considered “grills”
    18. Those annoying butterfly clips in the hair
    19. Lisa Frank everything
    20. Milky gel pens & black papers 
    21. Trapper Keepers
    22. Cigarette lighters in the car
    23. Lite Brites
    24. Doodle bears
    25. Rugrats, Rocket Power, Ahh Real Monsters, Hey Arnold, Rocko’s Modern Life, Anamaniacs, Invader Zim, Ren & Stimpy, Wild Thornberrys, As Told by Ginger
    26. Sega Genesis
    27. Blowing into game cartridges to make them “work” 
    28. Game Boy
    29. Pedal pushers 
    30. Slouch socks (authentic or self made)
    31. Saved by the Bell (& Zack Morris)
    32. Jelly Shoes
    33. Overalls with one strap undone
    34. Windbreaker sets 
    35. Skorts
    36. Scrunchies 
    37. Those stupid S’s that start with | | |
    38. Lion King
    39. Playing Pinball on a Windows 98 computer
    40. Clicking random boxes on Minesweeper
    41. The Easy Bake Oven that was never easy to use
    42. “Take a look, it’s in a book, the reading rainbow”
    43. Wishbone the talking dog
    44. Mr. Roger’s neighborhood
    45. All That, Keenan & Kel, Amanda Show
    46. Those chalky Flinstone vitamins
    47. Mr. Sketch scented markers (Black Burnt marshmallow was my favorite)
    48. VHS collection
    49. Space Jam
    50. Goosebumps, Box Car Children, & American Girl series
    51. Making fingernails out of Bugles
    52. Zoo Books & Highlights
    53. Dunkaroos
    54. Fisherprice skates (wearing shoes inside the skates) 
    55. Encarta & other encyclopedias
    56. Beanie Babies
    57. Transparent phones
    58. Wonderballs
    59. Kay Bee Toys
    60. Floppy disks to save information
    61. Pagers (Beepers)
    62. Payphones
    63. Macarena
    64. Forgetting to take the Tamagotchi to the bathroom
    65. Nickelodeon green slime
    66. When the Nick didn’t play cartoons all day so you could “get up & go play”
    67. Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?
    68. Finding Waldo
    69. Slapping your wrist with the slap bracelets
    70. Chi-Chi- Chia
    71. Clap On Lights (clap on!)
    72. MTV played music
    73. Skip It
    74. You asked Jeeves instead of searching Google
    75. Hit Clips
    76. You instant messaged on AIM or Yahoo messenger & joined chat rooms
    77. MASH was used to predict your whole life
    78. Owning a bean bag chair
    79. Tying your shirt in a knot in the front, making your own crop top
    80. AOL announcing “you’ve got mail” emails
    81. Glow in the dark stars & planets
    82. That stupid finger trapper that you couldn’t get your fingers out of
    83. TVs had butts in the back
    84. Passing notes & finding fancy ways to fold them
    85. The paper fortune teller 
    86. Those stupid pens with all the colors that you tried to push down all at one
    87. Those pencils with individual lead that you couldn’t use if you lost just one
    88. Pretending mechanical pencils were needles & shots
    89. Circle, circle, dot, dot, now I got my cootie shot!
    90. Chicken pox, oatmeal baths, & calamine lotion
    91. Laser tag guns at home
    92. Sharpening pencils by hand
    93. Those pesky stretchy chokers
    94. Password Journal
    95. Are you afraid of the dark?
    96. Ying Yang everything
    97. Those Crayola stamp markers that made you stamp everything
    98. Huge radios/ boom boxes
    99. Having to crank the handle to roll your window down
    100. Trix cereal had shapes

    What are some of you favorite 90s memories? I would love to hear! Comment below!



    📲Confessions of A Cell Phone Addict

    Stephy Says 💋 I will be the 1st person to loudly & proudly admit that I am addicted to my cell phone. There is no point in time that I can be without my phone. Some of the older generation would probably say that it’s an unhealthy addiction, but of course, I beg to differ. 

    There are times that I use my cell phone for business such as marketing, blogging, networking, and building a brand. However, most of the time, it’s for personal enjoyment. 

    Don’t you love the thrill of receiving a text message from that special someone? Or the nagging notifications you receive from posts that have absolutely nothing to do with you…

    From time to time, I often wonder what I did without a cell phone. I am kind of a sociable loner, like a lot of people I know, but I am mostly alone. My phone saves my life & keeps me entertained. 

    I got my first cell phone was I was 13. Back then, it was the regular old flip phone that lacked a LCD screen. No screen meant I had to physically open the phone to see who was calling. Texting wasn’t quite a thing back then, or at least not for everyday conversation. Texting was only used for “important” times or emergencies and the templates included:

     Sorry, in a meeting.
     I’ll call you back.
     Sorry, unable to talk.

    Not to mention, you had to push the button a million times to finally get to the letter you wanted. Might I add, that phone was also prepaid on a Verizon network. After that, the flip phones started upgrading to those fancy Motorola Razors. I had the sleek gray one. I went through almost every phone phase. That’s one of the joys of being an addict. Just to name a few, I had the Rumor, Blackberry Curve, Blackberry Storm, Chocolate, iPhone 4, Galaxy S6, iPhone 6, and now the iPhone 8s Plus. Of course, I want the new iPhone, partly because I feel like it will have better features, but I mostly want it because it’s new. 

    So, as a phone addict, let me tell you my absolute favorite apps

     Twitter (follow me @1STEPahed) just to shoot the breeze with complete strangers or talk to myself lol
     Pinterest (follow me @ just to see the latest makeup trends, fashion trends, marketing ideas for the blog, tattoo ideas, and random cute puppies & turtles.
     Instagram (follow me @ijs_stephysays) which is basically a picture diary & I can see everyone else’s life & they can see mine. I also use it for marketing.
     Facebook & Facebook Pages (like me on Facebook for personal use as well as business use. I connect with people or just scroll down my newsfeed & browse comments under the juicy statuses. 
     Swiftkey– it allows me to personalize my keyboard. Personalization was one of the abilities I thought I lost when I switched to iPhone. 
     Buzzfeed because I love the random quizzes & posts they share. 
     Spinrilla to download all my music for free & it doesn’t use my data to play my favorite song like Pandora (although, I love Pandora).
     Flo just to keep track of my lady events, if you know what I mean.

    The games I downloaded are:

     Family Guy Quest for stuff (a really pointless & stupid game, but highly addictive)
     Homescapes (help a young man salvage the mansion of his parents by completing levels & obtaining stars to complete tasks)
     Cookie Jam (similar to Candy Crush where arrange pieces into intervals of 3 to watch them disappear)
     Helix Jump (a game in which you have to successfully complete the puzzle without touching the “no no” pieces)
    They’re all kind of boring now.

    Let me give you some brief positives of being a phone addict

    ± people call you in emergencies because they know you are dependable & always answer your phone
    ± you’re a well of information when people need answers because they ask you to Google, thus making you an essential resource.

    The negative is YOUR PHONE DIES FAST !!

    What are some apps you have on your phone?


    Happy reading

    entertainment music/entertainment

    🔥Rico da Ruler

    Stephy Says 💋 during my normal scrolling on Facebook, I stumbled across Rico the Ruler & had no choice but to pause.

    Rico Da Ruler is an underrated artist that I would honestly put up against any mainstream artist. His flow is unique & from everything I listened to, he bodied every beat. 🔥

    I’m honestly trying to figure out what took so long for me to discover him, or why it took so long for the videos to flash across my timeline.

    Who do you know that can completely devour a Temptations beat with bars? Rico da Ruler

    Check out the savagery here.

    Drop a comment in comment box 📥 to let me know what you think.

    I have never seen anyone put it together so clever with bar after bar to a iconic beat. He has a way of capturing your attention by the use of #TheArtOfStoryTelling, & using popular songs that you can vibe to with his #OffTheDome lyrics. He is indeed, undoubtedly, the #FreeStyleKing. He comes with punchlines, metaphors, & bars without so much of a stumble.

    Besides the Temptation rendition, he completey snapped on Ella Mai’s Tripping. I’ve heard many covers & renditions, but not too many have mastered the art of rapping over the beat. His version of Tripping is viral with over 170,000 views.

    This international sensation has been in rotation from the US to Australia to the UK. He broke the internet when he spit a freestyle rap “Daddy’s Little Girl” to his daughter, gaining over a million views, a spot in front of the camera on the news, & a shout out from Marlon Wayans, Plies, Mike Epps, & Angie Martinez; but the best recognition was the emotional reaction from his daughter. (It’s bigger than rap).

    He is quietly dominating the industry, but the time to recognize him is now. His humility is admirable, and his technique is unprecedented & unparalleled. He is in his own lane. He is incomparable. He’s Rico Da Ruler 💯, & there is no other like him. Ride the wave with him & become a fan today!

    Start following him today as he continues his musical journey that I know without question will lead him to the Grammys. Be on the lookout for new music, new videos, events & performances, tours, as well as t.v. appearances!

    👣 Follow Rico Da Ruler on Instagram: Rico Da Ruler

    👍🏽 Like Rico Da Ruler on Facebook: Rico Da Ruler

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    🎵 Check out his music: Rico Da Ruler

    Stephy Says 💋 LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE ✨

    Happy reading & listening!


    🐸☕️Zee With the Tea

    Stephy Says 💋 if you aren’t following writer, blogger, & author of Addicted to a Savage series, Zoya Fryer , I strongly encourage you to do so right now! This is blogging & reporting done right, & she is definitely the QUEEN.👸🏽

    All hail the Queen❗️ 👑

    I’m telling y’all, she is legit!!💯 Check out her literary spotlight 🔦from Literary Royals here.

    I’ve been following her for a while now—just let me say, Zee has ALLLLLLL the tea!! And babyyyyyyy because of Zee, we sip the tea all day long! It hasn’t been a dull moment yet. The interaction from supporters in the comment box 📥 makes everything that much better! They are wild, & I’m always there for the comments 😂.

    When I’m scrolling on Facebook & I see her tag line ❗️WAIT A MFKN MIN❗️,I pump the brakes because I know I’m about to get ALL the tea.

    She includes “you saw it here first” photos, mug shots, video clips, announcements, & entertainment news. The leaks given to her Zee Hive are exclusive, & the posts are always worth sipping on. In fact, if I want to know what’s popping off in the celebrity world, I skip the news & outside sites. I just visit her page to catch up. She pours the tea straight from the pot.☕️

    Here’s another fact, when I wake up in the morning & see celebrity or entertainment news, my response to anyone in the room is “oh I saw that on Zee with the Tea last night.”😂 (I’m just waiting on a Zee with the Tea show or YouTube channel/segment👀)

    She’s a pillar in the author & blogging world with a rapid growing fan base. The beauty of it all is that she’s beautiful, down to earth, & loveable. She’s an inspiration to others & she stays in her own lane. She selflessly supports others & offers promotion packages to help other writers advance (Zee Hive Promotion).

    Of course some of her most recent stories have included Chris Brown rape allegations, Soulja Boy’s interview, Tammy & Waka Flocka’s wedding, R. Kelly allegations & explosive interview, Keith Sweat’s mix up of NBA Youngboy & 21 Savage, & so much more. Visit her Facebook page for more stories & details.

    If you like The Shade Room or TMZ, you’ll LOVE Zee with the Tea 🐸☕️.

    Stay tuned, her website is upcoming. Until then, connect with Zee on social media ⬇️⬇️⬇️

    📷 Follow Zee on Instagram : @zeewith_thetea

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