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BJ Mood Swing

Stephy Says 💋 I remember a viral video on Facebook of a guy sitting in the car singing Praise on the Inside by Jay Moss. The post was shared by The Playmakers Entertainment. I’m sure you remember the video too, but you probably don’t know it yet.

From his physical appearance, you would automatically assume he’s a rapper—or, at least I did. But when Holy meets hood, you get “ya lil brother.” Even The Playmakers Entertainment Facebook caption said:

Don’t judge a book by it’s gold grill … Bjmoodswing is his name

The Playmakers Entertainment

Stephy Says 💋 meet vocal viral sensation BJ Mood Swing.

Many artists have the natural born ability to sing, perform, & entertain. Most times their music is described as “feel good” music. It’s music that touches your heart & your feet. But, BJ Moodswing touches the soul. He taps into the spiritual part of listeners from the start of the song to the ending of it. He was provided with a gift that he selflessly gives to others. The viral video that was previously mentioned was recorded at one of the most devastated moments of his life, & he sacrificed his pain to give his listeners hope. He allowed God to fill him in the areas that he felt the emptiest & shared his private moment of worship with us.

He had just lost his son, & he sacrificed his moments of grief to give his gift to us during his loss.

See full story of his loss here

His voice & purity of his heart is both penetrating & life changing.

BJ Moodswing

His voice combined with the selection of song will transport you to an outer realm. As a listener I can assure you that his melodies seep into your brain & the lyrics tug at your heart. Every note is emotionally rich, & he’s the epitome of an artist with transcendent music. There’s a unique signature to his voice that is not easily imitated. It’s a blend of originality mixed with well known voice such as Pastor Tim Rogers. BJ doesn’t perform or entertain, he breathes life into his listeners.

His voice breaks yokes & has a different form on anointing that is recognizable & resounding. His voice has the power to shift the atmosphere & shift things for better in your life. As I mentioned earlier, he sang himself through his own grief with a voice that was given through the power of God. He uses music from his mouth to reach the heart of the hurt, including his own heart. Not only does he sing to connect with the heart of the listener, he sings to connect with his own faith. He is not communicates God’s love for him, but also his love for God.

BJ’s voice & humility is praiseworthy, but rather than accept accolades for his gift—he gives all praise to God.

BJ delivers blessed music to the broken.

He offers healing music to the hurt.

He gives the Savior’s music to the sick.

He provides faith music to the fallen.

He sings hopeful music to the helpless.

Make no mistake, he’s not perfect but his heart is pure. He just uses his gift from God as creative expressiveness while also encouraging others. What appears to most imports to Bj is displaying his faith so that others may also develop faith in God.

Though he doesn’t necessarily label himself as a “Christian” artist, but being a believer causes his values, spirit, & beliefs to be produced or show in his singing. Singing is HIS form of worship & reverence to an almighty God. In the midst of a chaotic & hateful world, the love & joy he has as a believer shines through his voice. I believe his appearance debunks myths or breaks the stereotype of what a Christian should “look” like.

Connect with Mood Swing on social media:


Happy listening 🎧🎶

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Stylez Unique Barber Salon & Spa, LLC💈

Stephy Says 💋 I have taken it upon myself as your favorite blogger to introduce you to some of the dopest black business owners. Today is no exception. Allow me to introduce to you, Emmanuel Brooks—owner of Stylez Unique Barber Salon & Spa, LLC.

Emmanuel Brooks- Owner

Whether we like to admit it or not, one of the most judged parts of life is appearance. Our clothes, our shoes, our accessories, but most importantly—our hair. I mean, look at all the memes of LeBron James & Kevin Durant & their hair 🥴).

I digress…Back to the subject at hand & the celebration of achievements.

Honestly, most times, the way we feel we look dictates the way we feel period; and our appearance formulates peoples’ opinions about us before personal interaction. The focal point? The hair. Think about how often you’ve heard someone ask, “Who did your hair?” Or “who cut your hair?” Let’s face it, our hair attracts attention. Most of us, if not all of us want to present with a presentable impression.

Although men are not as vocal as women, we all know that men are just as particular about their hair as women. We also know that they only want professional barbers labeled as the best & a barber with the most experienced hands to touch their hair. I like to think that men are more conscious about their hair than we actually give them credit for. They also struggle with the look they want for their next cut especially depending on the occasion.

Whether it’s a fade, intricate details of a part, or beard maintenance, Manny understands the importance of physical appearance. His cuts are crisp & sharp while maintaining your natural hairline…because men take their hair line seriously—AS THEY SHOULD!

When choosing a barber, there are a few things to take into consideration: price, location, services, environment, & reputation. Stylez Unique & Manny meets ALL of your needs!

Everyone that sits in his chair trusts that their hair/hairline or eyebrows are in good hands. His skill & level of professionalism leave his clients with little to no complaints & satisfaction is always guaranteed! He gives quality work while using quality equipment. His cuts take place in front of a ring light to ensure cutting precision. He understands that adequate lighting is vital to a clean cut. Also, it shows that your haircut can be shown proudly even with the best lighting. No filters needed!

He has mastered barbering & elevated from basic cuts to total makeovers for both men and women. When you sit in his chair, you get a full range of services including you a haircut, a shave. neck scruff cleaned up, & additionally you can get your eyebrows shaped.

For the best cuts: interact with him & give feedback on your cut. Give him an idea of what you want & how you want—& watch him get you right. Just one thing: be constructive, not critical. But trust me, with his skill, you won’t have anything to criticize.

Here’s receipts of his work: —because SEEING is BELIEVING!

Manny Did It

Not only does he transform hair, he also transfers eyebrows. Yes ladies, EYEBROWS! The look may be temporary, but the impression is lasting. The perfection, the precision, & the polished look is perfect for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, or just a little “pick me up.” This new service has been a hit since he began the maintenance of eyebrows. Once you have the Manny experience on your brows, you’ll never see your brows the same again.

Book the Look

Let me also not forget that major barbers respect him as well. He was once recognized by the international barber KrewKutz for inspiring a look he cut. Adding to his resume, his work was featured on the Instagram of Barbers Inc.

Barber love
Barbers Inc.

Mr.SetApart is the barbering king of creativity. He incorporates the most current trends into his cuts. His knowledge in cutting allows him to participate in the in the latest Stylez. He keeps himself current & up to date so that he came execute the styles requested. And yes, that’s for both men AND women.

If you want to walk past the mirror & see your feet reflection or best version of yourself, get a Manny cut. With photos surfacing on social media & the internet, he is always in tune with clients preferences. When you arrive & you bring a reference photo, he aims to deliver & executes as closely to the picture as possible without losing his own identity. He has one aim—precision not perfection. He understands creativity is key. Not only creative, but very much unique.

Manny Did It
Creativity is key 🔑
Spider 🕷 web

When you come across Stylez Unique, you will know that he offers more than a basic cut & basic services. He uses your hair as a blank canvas to exhibit his art. When you leave, everyone around you can tell that you have been stamped by Mr. SetApart. His signature & expertise is all over the cut & you are sure to attract a lot of attention. If your wait is long, you better believe the time spent there will be well worth it.

Aside from his professionalism, Manny shows the utmost respect, not only for his clients—but for fellow barbers as well. He doesn’t believe in competition, he supports collaboration. He not only exhibits greatness, he also surrounds himself with other dope barbers like Nathaniel Butler who is the SHOP MANAGER of Stylez Unique.

Big Butler
Butler cuts

Imagine both of these barbers collaborating in the same shop—that’s pressure.

Manny has demonstrated that there is room for everyone to succeed. His love for his career & clients reflects in his attitude towards his clients. It also is shown in his work every time a client sits down in his chair. Clients understand that when prices are set, every dollar spent is an investment into their selves & money invested in Manny is well-deserved.

His barber shop isn’t just any other shop. His shop is a place where men (mostly) come to unwind & recharge themselves after having the burdens of just being a man. When you walk through the doors, you’re not a client—you’re family.

He understands the importance barber client relationships. He establishes rapport. The relationships & connections with his patrons significantly impacts the success of his business. When you step into his shop, there’s an atmosphere of family & he makes clients comfortable. Not only does he make clients comfortable, he also shows that he appreciates their time & existence in his shop. Yes, you can get a cut or services anywhere—but will you get the Manny personable experience?

Another reputable & respectable aspect of Stylez Unique is that his services all inclusive; he provides services to all races, genders, & orientations. He works with various hair textures & flawlessly performs.

Next to the atmosphere or environment, cleanliness is up to par. Though it’s not in the forefront of the mind of people, an important part of barbering is sanitation & sterilization. This is another area in which he exceeds expectations. He ensures that he uses the best tools & cleans them between clients.

His ever growing clientele super-ceded his former space & he elevated to opening a shop of his own!

If your barber is retired or you have relocated to VA, look no further—I just introduced you to your new barber.

Congratulations 🍾🎈🎉🎊

Word of mouth is often times the best form of marketing, but in this case—the cuts do the talking for Manny.

Manny Brooks—barber, owner, stylist, or miracle worker for you to book for you next look. You will leave there differently than when you came!

You can walk into his shop & sit in his chair with confidence & walk out with reassurance that you know you look good.

You don’t have to search all over for your perfect shop, you can find the perfect barber for you in one stop at :

12480 Warwick Blvd

Newport News, VA 23606

This is why he’s known Mr. SetApart Brooks! Stephy Says 💋 he has rightfully earned his self made name!

Mr. SetApart

This name is rightfully his!

When looking for a barber or stylist, the first thing people usually do is search for reviews or comments about their service: let this be the review you read for Stylez Unique Barber Salon and Spa.

Catch him now before he takes all the way off! I’ve been watching his journey, & now you can too! Keep an eye out, I’ll bet anything that you will see him on the big screen as a celebrity 💈

If you are looking for a barber to trust, Stephy Says 💋 I would bet on Manny.

Due to the high demand of his services, be sure you reserve a spot or book ahead at the link below.

Book Mr. SetApart at Stylez Unique here

Shop hours are:

Monday-Saturday 9:00 AM- 10:00 PM.

Connect with Stylez Unique on social media:

Understand this, there’s no way possible for me to put into words how dope he really is. You just have to go get cut & see for yourself!

If anybody asks, tell’em Manny did it 💈& Stephy said it 💋!

Be Unique!

Happy cutting 💈


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SongBird, LLC- Kourtney White

Stephy Says 💋 I came across Songbirdwhite on my regular TikTok scrolling & her voice stuck to my soul. Chilllleeeee, & let me tell you –I AM A LIFE LONG FAN!

Nothing I say is law, but in my honest & humble opinion – her biggest advantage (next to her fashion sense) is her versatility. She can easily flow in sequence with soul, R&B, & gospel. Her vocal presence can grace any genre & adapt without difficulty. She’s a chameleon that makes herself at home with extensive range without compromising who she is or what she represents. Listening to her music, there’s no doubt that the vocal gift she has is a natural born talent. This is the type of music & soul that cannot be taught. The maturity of her voice just further confirmed that she was made for music. She didn’t music, music didn’t choose her –they chose each other. Everything about her sound leaves me emotionally charged; I mean music that leaves you saturated with emotions. The uniqueness & unforgettable tone of her voice are defining characteristics of her as an artist.

The raw authenticity & pureness of her voice gave me chills. Every word in her “Outside” covered was a balanced & layered with pain & passion. Her voice lifts you from where you are & leads you into another realm by getting lost in her vibes. She’s a true songbird. She’s rich in energy & her voice gets better with each repeated play. The “clip” of her singing wasnt enough for me, & I was drawn in & she left me wanting more. The delivery & placement of words in her lyrics are well thought out & executed precisely. Her lyrics are a storytelling medium that taps in the subconscious.

Her music transforms her trial into triumphs with words & melodies. After you listen to it, I’m almost positive that you will deem this cover one of the most memorable ones to date of MO3’s music. LONG LIVE 3

It’s evident that Songbird, LLC is a company with heartfelt dedication & passion for music, lyrics, composition & engineering of music mixtapes & masterpieces.

And she is now your new favorite artist…You’re welcome ❤️


Lyrics – *Stephy Says 💋 disclaimer: some lyrics have been altered to be consistent with cover lyrics *

God know we stepping now and later

Until it hurts, there ain’t no mercy, that’s just how we made

You hear that church up in my verses

‘Cause that’s just how we raised

I told God he gotta forgive me, I’m insane, oh

Get down on my knees when I’m in pain, oh

Tired of the rain on my name

I clean this blood off my Jesus piece

Ooh, Jesus, please

Can you fill my needs? Yeah

Tired of *messin’ up, I’m in the streets, *yeah

Tryna take away this hurt inside of me

God, I need a second chance

Knowin’ that I love you, but sometimes I do the Devil dance

Lost a couple of my patnas, so I’m slidin’ out on whoever end

Drop one of them ni**as

When I kill em, call the reverend, yeah (Yeah)

’Cause no weapon formed against me shall prosper, yeah

Gotta know I’m clutchin’ on this choppa, yeah

Waiting on them boys outside…

Lyrics courtesy of

*Full MO3 & OG Bobby Billions official video here

Screenshot from the official video

Yesterday, K. White posted on Facebook that she is OFFICIALLY the OWNER of SONGBIRD, LLC. 💪🏽

Stephy Says 💋 stream Songbirdwhite’s music here:


Connect with the songbird on social media:

📸 Instagram: @songbirdwhite

🎥 YouTube: Kourtney White

🎶 TikTok: songbirdwhite

👻 Snapv: Holleywood_86

📅 Booking:

Happy listening 🎧


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One Of A Kind

Stephy Says 💋 TikTok continues to take over the social media world with its shenanigans dance & trends. It’s so time consuming & unproductive, yet I can’t seem to stay of it. In my millionth hour of scrolling, I came across a video that made me pause, watch, like, favorite, & comment. Yes, I did the absolute most, but here’s why–allow me to introduce to the brand owner of One of A Kind & TikTok viral sensation YerrBoyDee..oh, by the way his birth name is Darnell.

Here is how I met him…PRESS PLAY


Initially, the dance moves stopped me. Then I studied the video per the TikTok etiquette (I made that up), & realized the fashion sense & style. I remember looking at his outfit saying, “that outfit is tough.” (I have no idea if people even still say that). Y’all know I’m nosey, so I clicked the hyperlinks to find out where to shop his look AND to find out what the heck oOak meant.

Before we get into oOak, let’s take a minute to appreciate his drip. 🥵

Here’s what I found:

“oOak Wear” (one Of a Kind Wear) is a brand designed for those who crave new fashion and dare to be different. A brand that stands out. A brand that says ”I don’t follow trends, I am a trend!” Quality printed and custom designed clothing made for those who care less about fitting in and more about being “one Of a Kind”!

Dee was inspired to start the brand when he realized that he wasn’t made like anyone else. He embraces his differences & wanted to encourage others to do the same.

Typically, things that most people look for when choosing their next look are:




✅ Trendiness

✅ Complementary designs

✅ Durability (not shrinking after being washed or peeling vinyl)

✅ Breathable fabric

One Of A Kind offers all of these qualities in one brand! *Note how the shirt moves naturally against his body while he dances (Go back & See video up there 👆🏽).

All of his merchandise offers a wrinkle-free comfortable fit without compromising style & softness. Each item is masculine enough for men, yet subtle & fitted enough for women. Ladies, dress it up with a pair of pumps & fellas, dress it down with some J’s.

“Time to take that selfie you always wanted!!” In a brand that’s made JUST FOR YOU!

You can effortlessly
show off your trendsetting style when you wear the One Of A Kind brand & stay true to yourself whether your style is quirky, casual, or you’re initiating a new fashion statement. Since it’s 2021, & COVID 19 is old enough to drink now, he has added breathable cotton face masks for both your protection & comfort to comply with our new world order (😬). If you have to wear a mask, why not wear one that’s One Of A Kind? –see what I did there? Before I digress too much, let me add this —> he even has merch for the stoners dropping soon. 💨🍃 Be the 1st to know by subscribing to his site & following him on social media.

His merchandise is sure to get you noticed.–if not for the style, then people will surely stop you to ask what oOak stands for (remember, that’s what made me nosey enough to click the link).

Become your best version of you when you wear oOak. After all, it’s a constant reflective reminder & walking affirmation when you wear it. You feel your best when you look your best.

One Of A Kind brand will make you standout in a world full of clones.

Now, let’s get into his dancing real quick. Dee has MOVES! He is still trending on TikTok & loved by many for his attention capturing videos. Watch him hit all the beats with precision & his own individual personalized spin on the trending dance moves. I think the ladies particularly loves his looks & body accompanied by the dance moves, especially because his videos are a balance of sexy & smooth. It’s been a couple of women that requested repeat videos because their turtles were barking 😅. PRESS PLAY AGAIN!

Aside from the style & dancing, Dee is just easy to love. His personality shines through in every video & picture. His aura & energy is positively contagious. Ok, you won’t be disappointed. Just press play ONE MORE TIME…..please!!! 😁

I guess it’s simply put, Dee is oOak!


From the desk of Dee:

“A brand you’ll love.. Prices you deserve.. Fashion you wont expect.. So you can feel like “one.Of.a.Kind”!!

Shoot your business shot & ask if he’s accepting brand ambassadors 👀👀

Stephy Says 💋 Connect with YerrBoyDee on social Media:

📸 Follow on Instagram: Yerrboydee & ___ooak___

▶️ Follow on TikTok: YeRrBoyDee

👻 Follow on Snapchat: kungfupantha

💵 Shop oOak: oOaK

Happy shopping 🛍️


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🎤C.A.M. 🎶Creating All Music🎧

🐤Twitter has once again connected me to another dope individual–CAM 🎶🔥

It was my pleasure to receive a Direct Message from him asking me to visit his site.

Honestly, normally, I hate receiving messages like this. However, this time I used it as a networking opportunity, & I am so glad I did!

I visited the site & fell in love immediately! 👀See why I fell love here! I am blessed & honored to have him agree to be a blog feature for Stephy Says 💋!

I listened to It’s Like (Winnin’) & had to send a separate direct message to show him how much I LOVE the vibe! I put the song on repeat because the orchestration of the song is genius! His voice is so smooth & attention grabbing. I’m definitely a fan already!

I shared the link to another artist & got the same response,

“who is that? The beat is definitely dope…I really like the chorus…”

“He’s off to a good start.”

Stephy Says 💋 it doesn’t cost anything to support an aspiring artist. In your free moments, check him out. Just one simple click may change his life in a major way.

Furthermore, he’s WORTH the time! His music travels from your ears into your soul. I’ve been ranting & raving about this dope artist. Now, it’s time to meet him.

Meet C.A.M.:

🎶Artist Name: C.A.M. 

What does C.A.M do?

C.A.M.–besides being a dope 🔥 artist, he offers multiple services in the fashion & entertainment category including: all services from:

  • writing/ghostwriting
  • beat/music production
  • arrangement, features, etc.

How long do you have to wait to receive services?

It varies. It could be anywhere from everyday to every week to every month. It just depends. In order to know how long it would take him to complete a service for you specifically, contact him or send him an email for a consultation or booking at

How can I connect with C.A.M?

👣 Follow C.A.M. on Twitter: @OFFBrandCZN


👣 Follow C.A.M. on Instagram: @coolasmyself

👍🏽 Like C.A.M. on Facebook: CAM

👣 Follow C.A.M on Snapchat: choosecam

👣 Subscribe to C.A.M. on YouTube: C.A.M. Worldwide

💵Buy It’s Like (Winnin’) on Amazon

▶️ Play It’s Like (Winnin’) On Spotify

👂🏽 Listen to It’s Like (Winnin’) on Soundcloud

👂🏽 Listen to It’s Like (Winnin’) on Tidal


As always, happy listening!

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Who is 🤴🏾King Air 💨?

Allow me to introduce you to the man made ⚡️WAV ~🤴🏾~GOD⚡️!

I had the pleasure of following & being followed by King Air on Twitter. If you ask me, he’s a 💫superstar💫; but I’m sure if you ask him, he’s just a man that’s trying to change the world & make his mama proud. This alone makes him more admirable to me!😍

Aside from his music being dope (which we will get to soon), he is a dope individual. He spends his time engaging & empowering supporters and impacting the world one tweet at a time. Rather than be selfish & promote himself, he spends his time promoting positivity & love. Don’t believe me? Check this screen shot of some of his tweets. He’s ultimately reached & impacted the lives of 6 MILLION people!

I had no choice but to honor such a 🤴🏾King, just for that fact alone. I can honestly say that since I’ve followed him, he’s made a huge impact on my life. I have more positive energy & spread positivity in the universe. He’s full of positive vibes & creative waves that makes you instantly connect with his soul.

Not to mention he’s eye candy for the ladies 😍

Aside from him being a dope individual, he’s an even more dope artist! He produces feel good music with a feel good vibe. I meant he has bars, beats, punchlines, & metaphors for DAYSSSSSSS! And let me add he’s one of my favesssss 😍✨🌬🌊🤴🏾

If you haven’t listened to any of his music and don’t follow him on any social media platforms, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Start listening 👂🏽& following today!👣

I promise he will have you glowing ✨

Check out his music for yourself! Go buy the album or listen on YouTube!

You can even grab a #FREEAIR shirt

Connect with the WAV GOD & join the wavy family 🌬🌊

Follow WAV GOD on Twitter: @WhoisKingAir

Follow WAV GOD on Instagram: @whoiskingair

Follow WAV GOD on Snapchat: Yungair02

Subscribe to WAV GOD on YouTube: The Creatives

Visit & shop WAV GOD on the web:

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👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Modern Day Jon & Kate Plus 8

Ok y’all! I have got to rant & rave about this power couple & AH-MAZING family!

1st of all–They have a beautifully blended family & are the modern day Jon & Kate plus 8. Var & Rae plus 8! I mean really, look at this perfectly blended family! There’s so much love that you can’t even depict who biologically belongs to one parent or the other & that alone makes my heart melt!

Now, let’s talk about the parents! The gifts & talents of these two are MIND BLOWING!

Mommy, Rachel, who also goes by Lady Rae is mommy by day, but quickly transforms into Make Up Artist Extraordinaire 💋💄✨!

Not only is she a makeup artist, she doubles as a beautiful modelesque babe followed by her stunning daughter! The ONLY daughter might I add! I have witnessed this young lady blossom into such an extraordinary rose amongst a garden of daisies. I’ve seen her mom (and bonus dad-we will get to him in a few) pour affirmation & plant seeds of positivity into this young lady to ensure that she blossoms no matter where she is planted! This young lady wants to pursue modeling! Help her dream come true! If you know a modeling agency, please reach out!

Besides makeup & modeling, Lady Rae transforms yet again into a Craft Mom (this lady can do EVERYTHING). Check out the matching skirts sewn by Lady Rae 😍

Now, let’s move on to dad! Lavarius Majette, who also goes by L Terrel is super dad by day, but superstar singer by night! Let me correct that, he doesn’t SING , he SANGSSSS! You have to watch this video & it’s one of my favorite songs! (Issa vibe)

This young man has developed into a star that is sure to rise to stardom & will be one of the next top names in music! Be on the lookout for L. Terrel.

I remember when he was singing in a group, then named Chosen. I could hear the passion of music in his voice & he reminds me of a young Chris Brown. I also remember when he sang in the high school Jazz Band & you had to be the best of the best to be selected to sing in that band.

I’ve never seen a young man that loves his family so much. Not only is he a dad & a superstar singer, he is a Pastor & pours into people on a regular basis. He offers support, encouragement, and inspiration to his family & his church family.

Those boys are nothing short of amazing! ALL 7 of them! Full of different contagious personalities that blend beautifully together that makes you fall in love with them all, but for many different reasons. They are all well mannered & excel in whatever they do! Not to mention HANDSOME! That’s parenting done right! Var & Rae sacrifice whatever they have, whether it’s time, money, or energy to ensure these boys don’t end up another statistic.

Check out their parenting Done right pics

I fully support & endorse this family! Keep up with this AMAZING family by connecting with them! I PROMISE, you won’t be disappointed!

Follow mom on Instagram: @she_is_rachelrae

Follow mom on Twitter: @Ladii_Rae

Follow dad on Instagram: @L.terrel

Follow dad on Twitter: @l_terrel_

Subscribe to dad’s YouTube channel: L. Terrel

Purchase dad’s single Better

Check out Don’t Shoot