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Brand Ambassador Program

Own a brand? Let Stephy Says ๐Ÿ’‹ be an ambassador for you! Together we can #buildabrand



We are always looking to expand our team, increase our traffic, and have more people get involved! We are excited to announce the launch of Stephy Says Ambassador team!

Hereโ€™s How it Works

As a brand ambassador, you will refer your friends and family to the Stephy Says website, and have them browse around, especially to the Stephy Says Brand Shop. Brand ambassadors also promote Stephy Says to family, friends, and followers by asking them to like, share, comment, follow, and subscribe on all social media platforms and website.

What Do I Get?

Stephy Says Brand Ambassadors will get a Stephy Says t-shirt and tote bag! In addition to the t-shirt and tote bag, brand ambassadors will receive a Stephy Says membership badge/identification card! This card will provide you with exclusive access to any event Stephy Says hosts or vends. You will also receive an exclusive gift from Stephy Says during your birthday month and special occasions/holidays. If you are wearing Stephy Says brand (t-shirt, button, cell phone case, tote bag, etc) you may be featured on the Stephy Says website and social media!

How Do I Qualify and What Do I Have To Do?

All brand ambassadors must:

โœ“ Have at least 250 followers on Instagram (and Twitter if applicable)

โœ“ Post at least one post on social media a month referring followers to view Stephy Says and subscribe.

โœ“ Attend one brand ambassador meeting a year (physically or teleconference)

How Do I Start?

Just feel out the form

o Name (First and Last)

o Email Address

o Comment: โ€œStephy Says Ambassadorโ€ in message box!

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