🚨Captain Josh Wyche for Sheriff 👮🏽‍♂️🚔

Stephy Says 💋 it is with great pride that I write this article about Captain Josh Wyche, Sr. In November, Captain Josh Wyche, Sr. will be on the ballot for Southampton County & Franklin Sheriff. I personally cannot think of any better candidate for the position. Here are for reasons why YOU should vote forContinue reading “🚨Captain Josh Wyche for Sheriff 👮🏽‍♂️🚔”

⏩ 100 Things that made you Flashback to the 90’s & Early 2000’s

I know I can’ t be the only one to remember: 1. Carrying a cell phone and a portable music device (CD player that skipped every time you hit a bump in the road) 2. Verizon customers only had free minutes from 9:01 PM-6:59 AM unless you were Verizon to Verizon 3. T-mobiles sidekick 4. Having to rewind tapes before returning themContinue reading “⏩ 100 Things that made you Flashback to the 90’s & Early 2000’s”

📲Confessions of A Cell Phone Addict

Stephy Says 💋 I will be the 1st person to loudly & proudly admit that I am addicted to my cell phone. There is no point in time that I can be without my phone. Some of the older generation would probably say that it’s an unhealthy addiction, but of course, I beg to differ.  There are times thatContinue reading “📲Confessions of A Cell Phone Addict”

🔥Rico da Ruler

Stephy Says 💋 during my normal scrolling on Facebook, I stumbled across Rico the Ruler & had no choice but to pause. Rico Da Ruler is an underrated artist that I would honestly put up against any mainstream artist. His flow is unique & from everything I listened to, he bodied every beat. 🔥 I’mContinue reading “🔥Rico da Ruler”

🐸☕️Zee With the Tea

Stephy Says 💋 if you aren’t following writer, blogger, & author of Addicted to a Savage series, Zoya Fryer , I strongly encourage you to do so right now! This is blogging & reporting done right, & she is definitely the QUEEN.👸🏽 All hail the Queen❗️ 👑 I’m telling y’all, she is legit!!💯 Check outContinue reading “🐸☕️Zee With the Tea”

🕺🏾Soul Bounce with Walt Leon

In June 2018 at my brother’s DNA, album release party, I had the privilege to witness & be in the presence of Walt Leon’s live performance. Besides the man of the hour, Walt Leon was a headliner, & he set the stage on fire. I instantly became a forever fan. I knew I had toContinue reading “🕺🏾Soul Bounce with Walt Leon”

🏆Grammys 2019

Stephy Says 💋 if you didn’t get a chance to watch the 61st Recording Academy Grammys, here’s a recap–the awards were hosted by the beautiful Alicia Keys. In my honest opinion, her hosting was dry & boring. Aside from that, her first outfit was a no go for me. It had a “night gown” feelContinue reading “🏆Grammys 2019”

🎶Loving George Lovett

Stephy Says 💋 if you haven’t heard George Lovett, you are missing out. George Lovett was a contestant on season 11 of American Idol, but didn’t make it to Hollywood week that time. He auditioned again in season 13 in 2014. Americanidolnet.com reports that “American Idol 2012 audition was part of a group trip of SCAD students.Continue reading “🎶Loving George Lovett”