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Derrick Jaxn: Is this your king?

Stephy Says 💋 over the past few days & probably a few more days to come, Derrick Jaxn’s scandal has been the topic buzzing around the internet.

If you haven’t heard of him, let me try to give a slight background from the point of view of a spectator using the internet as my sole sources.

Disclaimer: Nothing I say is law. I can only tell you what Stephy Says 💋 based on my findings from Google Nem.

So, I suppose you may have 2 questions:

1. WHO is Derrick Jaxn?

2. WHAT did he do?

Here’s my account of who & what according to what Stephy Says 💋:

Derrick Jaxn is a well known relationship guru & public speaker. When I say well known, I mean over 3 million followers on his Facebook Public Figure page. He was highly influential & known for posting videos on social media preaching about how men should treat their lady & how women should never settle for less. Jaxn is also a best selling author of a few books related to relationships, the role of each partner, & self-love. His most known publications are I Still Want It & Single Mothers are for GROWN Men, ONLY.

Derrick Jaxn Publications

He was a fan favorite & most popular amongst women as he seemed to speak boldly about issues that left many women feeling understood. According to his website, it states that he began blogging in 2012 about his personal lessons in love. In 2017, he used comments on posts, tweets, videos, & social media to address the most common concerns of the public & developed a card game titled, “Mentally Stimulate Me.” His goal was to tackle hot topics like rape, narcissism (go figure), & stereotypical mindsets formed in regards to single mothers. The final paragraph on his About Page on the website states:

When Derrick isn’t championing healthy relationships and building his empire, he enjoys spending time with his former college sweetheart, and current wife, Da’Naia and their two children.

For both single women & women in committed exclusive relationships, Derrick seemed to provide a glimmer of hope in a world full of hopelessness.

Here’s a snippet of his relationship advice–: perhaps, it will better explain why women were so devoted to following his brand & platforms.

I mean, what woman wouldn’t agree with this?

Ok, now that we semi-know who he is, let’s delve into what he did…

He was able to strategically articulate words with effectiveness to pierce the heart of even the most bitter & stonehearted women. He has quite a way with words that makes it easy to give him your undivided attention during his Captain SaveAHoe rants. From the outside looking in, he probably was irresistible to women. Which brings me to my next point….

What did he do?

Well, apparently he thought he was slicker than a can of oil & his words were so smooth that a mistress dropped her ‘draws to give him whatever it was he felt like he wasn’t getting from his wife.

Yes, you read that right. CHEATED ON HIS WIFE after ALLL the advice he gave women about relationships! & We actually supported him 😱

He played us & left black men with this question…

First–He’s QUITE the hypocrite & failed to practice what he preached because he was exposed as a cheater.

Photo Cred Zeewiththetea Zeewiththetea released this rumor report:
“Chilleeee, I should be sleep but HUNTEA, I could NOT pass up this tea! So, according to blogger, #TashaK, relationship guru, #DerrickJaxn, has been EXPOSED for cheating on his wife of 4 years! 😱😱
Now, Allegedly the “SIDE CHICK” has spilled all the tea about their relationship including that Derrick told her that he’s “separated” and he and his wife only have a co-parenting relationship. According to the SideChick, Derrick has been flying her out over the last year. They’ve spent his birthday together and they even had S*X in he and his wife’s bed 😱😱😱
Now, if you do NOT know who Derrick Jaxn is, he’s famously known on all over social media for posting relationship advice. Hes even written books geared towards relationships. His official IG is @derrickjaxn.
On the other hand, while I can NOT confirm if any of this is true, it sure as heck has the skreetz talkin’ about how ‘Mr.BlackMenDontCheat’ ain’t all he puts on to be! *slurpz tea*🍵
If you’d like to listen to the Side Chick’s interview, head over to Tasha K’s YouTube channel.
Wheew…what are your thoughts? 🤔💭
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Secondly– Not only did he cheat, but he had the gall & audacity to record a live video (while referring to himself in 3rd person) on social media with the caption: Did I Cheat In My Marriage?” featuring his wife Da’Naia Jackson. Andddd quite frankly, I’m not even sure he should have done that because that took matters from bad to worse. WITH A QUICKNESS!

For starters, he appears on live with his wife holding hands after confessing to cheating on her–THEN he had the nerve to include the link to a “best selling” book in attempt to capitalize off her embarrassment.

Caption of his video read:

“Did I Cheat In My Marriage? #TheTruth (Feat: Da’Naia Jackson)

How did we come back from this? Read the story in my book, “Heal Together Without Hurting Each Other” get it here “

So, let me get this straight. He cheated, then rather to express SINCERE remorse, he marketed his book.

As far as that raggedy video, apparently, thousands of viewers agreed that that energy & body language in the video seemed unnatural & speculated that he was abusive in their marriage. I believe the term used to describe his body language was narcissistic (probably how he was able to develop those cards). The term used for her was brainwashed. There was so much theorizing that she felt the need to address the concerns in a separate video.

Aside from that, the memes began immediately about how “busted” she looked in the video.

People have presumed that his cheating is because of the way she looks & her lack of sex appeal. One of the comments stated (Harold McConnell) , I’d cheat too if I had to come home to my wife dressed like one of the temptations.” 😬

These types of comments tapped on nerves & left people saying, Beyoncé got cheated on too.

Then that turned into men saying, if women forgave Jada we had to forgive Derrick too. Men called women out on double standards.

Black women immediately began with comments that had a “it couldn’t been me” attitude.

But IMO, it’s been them, but that’s none of my business.

After so much ridicule about the way she dressed for the live video, Da’Naia Jackson appeared AGAIN on a separate video defending herself. Let me just say this, Stephy Says 💋 she is too far gone to be saved.

Source (per usual): ZeeWithTheTea

“#DanaiaJackson, #DerrickJaxn’s, wife speaks out again and this time she’s addressing comments regarding her choice of clothing.

“I did not come here to play games and to play dress up. I came here in my battle suit, I came here on the battle ground covered in the blood of Jesus to proclaim victory over sin. You see a bonnet, I see the helmet of salvation, you see an army green shirt, I see the breast plate of righteousness.”

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This apparent mental break caused her to be the face of another meme–pictured as a No Limit Soldier 🥴

His wife then admitted to stalking the women that were “friends” of his in response to someone asking how she dealt with his fame. She discussed how she visited the pages of women that he liked & has PREVIOUS FLINGS with. Soooo….basically she knew he was cheating or on the verge of cheating.

As if that wasn’t enough drama, a second mistress popped up stating that she was one pregnant by Derrick.

An article on headlines read:

Derrick Jaxn’s Second Mistress Claims She Was Pregnant And Still Has Contact With Him Despite Video With Wife, Da’Naia”

It took being drug by the internet, ridiculed by strangers, joked by men, & scrutinized by women before Derrick spoke up to defend his wife.

Days after the scandal surfaced, he made a statement:

Damiso Arrington made this caption:

Translation: “She’s my wife. I’m the only one who can hurt and diminish her.” #Narcissism101

Imagine a Husband picking and choosing which attacks on his marriage he protects his Wife from or participates in???

I TOTALLY GET THE MESSAGE ON A PROTECTOR LEVEL, but you brought her to this party several times against her will… If she is being attacked, it’s because you injected her into the fight from your actions before and through these videos…

Real talk, we’re praying for growth… hers and yours…

Because right now, all we see is your love for social media attention is greater than your love for what matters…

I’m not perfect… no Man or Woman is… so I’m off your neck and you definitely have a lot more to deal with than these captions… Real accountability starts OFF these apps…

Some people believe that Derrick’s career is over, but if you ask me, this fiasco grew his social media presence even more & if you didn’t know who he was before–you know who he is now. released an article revealing that he gained followers after he admitted to cheating.

As far as his wife….

Initially, I felt bad for her because I saw the hurt, fear, & desolation in her eyes. I’ve been in her shoes–Cheated on, embarrassed, & lied to. My heart ached for her…


After her rants & videos, I knew there was no hope for her. She’s religiously preoccupied, fixated on him rather than healing as an individual, & too mentally brainwashed.

I will be the 1st to admit,

I’ve been stupid before. As far as I’m concerned, I might BE stupid, but I’ll cut the grass with toenail clippers & mop the ocean water at the beach before I get online in front of millions & LOOK stupid.

Turns out that the knight in shining armor was just a lame in aluminum foil.

Connect with Derrick Jaxn on social media:

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Happy cheating…I mean, happy reading😁


Business Review

Hush Talk- Dr. C. Peoples, Jr.

Stephy Says 💋, mental health wellness check! How are you holding up mentally?

As I reflect on my life, I can recall how many occurrences & escapades I had as a teenager where I wished for someone to ask me this very question. Even as an adult, our mental stability is often overlooked unless a tragedy occurs. In most cases, after the tragedy, everything is perfectly visible in hindsight.

Growing up in an African American household, mental health was not a topic of discussion. In fact, it wasn’t even recognized or thought to be an actual illness or disease, regardless of the fact that psychiatrists existed to treat such debilitating conditions. You just didn’t “claim” that issue. From a recent brief study I conducted by way of polling, it seemed as if mental illness was dealt with the same throughout the African American culture—religion & reprimanded.

If a child made mention of depressed, they were most likely to be met with the question & argument, “what you got to be depressed for? Somebody is taking care of you.”

You weren’t allowed to be anxious. You just needed to go “sit down somewhere.” Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder was misdiagnosed & most black kids were all place on Ritalin to make them sit down & shut up.

There was no such thing as Oppositional Defiant Disorder. All that was needed was a “tail whooping.”

If being reprimanded didn’t “cure” the issue, then additionally, you were drug to church & placed on the altar for the reverend to “pray it out of you.”

In my opinion, the lack of proper attention & treatment led to black individuals running to drugs, sex, & alcohol to deal with the demons they were made to believe weren’t real. Seeking professional treatment or seeing a “shrink” to get “crazy pills” was never an offered solution because of aforementioned reasons. Additionally, it was misperceived & pictured that therapy was lying on a couch with someone asking, “how does that make you feel?” (As seen in TV) Not mention the infamous makeshift black proverb, “what happens in this house stays in this house.”

For whatever reasons, it seemed to believe that mental illness could invade everyone’s body, but Black Americans were exempt.

Nobody wanted to go “tell a white man all my business”.


Photo courtesy of

What if I told you that there was a relatable professional available that could help end the stigma?

What if I showed you a mental health provider with a melanated face like yours?

Meet Dr. Clarence Peoples, Jr.- licensed psychotherapist/chaplain.

What is psychotherapy & what can he do for me?

In short, psychotherapy is “talk therapy.” In other words, it’s a method of communication between therapist & client to identify the root of the troubling circumstances & creating strategies to better mentally & emotionally cope with them. The overall goal of psychotherapy is to eliminate or control undesired symptoms, both mental & emotional. Contrary to popular belief, the two coincide. (Think about the conflict the war between what the head knows & what the heart feels).

Dr. Peoples is able to provide you with both professional & religious interventions. If you are not one that considers yourself to be religious, you should take comfort in know that Dr. People possesses the professional ability to effectively separate the two entities. He’s committed to serving his clients without judgement, without violating their personal beliefs, or imposing on client rights. In the hands of Dr. Peoples, you are in a safe place–physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually. In his role, confidentiality is maintained & client’s comfort level is respected.

He not only nurtures your mind; he has a gentle tactical approach to mend the heart in areas that you didn’t know were broken. He strategically reveals the deepest thoughts & emotions that were believed to be hindering, & teaches you how flourish in spite of them. Aside from skilled therapy, he possess the spiritual capacity to supercharge your spirit, your energy, & your aura that will leave you illuminating with positivity & radiance. He equips you with the skill set & tools necessary to tackle difficult thought process & behavioral practices attached to them.

Benefits from Dr. People’s services could include but not be limited to you noticing fewer days of feeling sick or general fatigue, less debilitating moments, fewer medical problems or diagnosis, increased work progress, & greater self fulfillment. However, in order for his treatments to be highly beneficial, you must commit, comply, & have an approach & attitude of willingness.

Basically, Dr. Peoples somewhat rewires your brain so that,

“As a rose–focus on the beauty of your petals–not the pain of your thorns.” -Stephy Ellsworth


Deacons, members, saints, family & friends….

You can have the cross & the couch.

It’s acceptable to have JESUS AND a therapist!


Dr. Peoples bridges ministry AND medicine.

His mission as a seasoned Chaplain is to prepare & cultivate individuals in position to lead. His program, The Clinical Clergy Institute, provides thorough training & preparation to success.

The title & weight of responsibility that is placed upon a Chaplain is significantly heavier than those who operate in other positions. The takeaway key point & overall objective is once completing The Institute, individuals will be capable of providing patients, families, and employers with clinical training that is expected from Chaplains. 

With the changes in era & millennial generations, Dr. Peoples teaches leaders how to implement modernized methodology without revising tampering with sound doctrine.

In essence, Dr. Peoples aims to dedicate himself to serve others. His mission is to effectively & therapeutically communicate with individuals by meeting their needs, their concerns, their questions, their calamity, their uncertainty, & their confusion.

And the best part is, he can efficiently meet them right where they are.

The Cross AND the Couch.

Connect with Dr. Peoples on social media:

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⌨️Visit his website: The Clinical Clergy Institute

Happy Thinking 💭


Oh yeah,

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Artist Reviews entertainment music/entertainment

ERA Music

Stephy Says 💋I think it’s time that I officially introduce you to one of your new favorite upcoming lyricist–ERA.

Photographed by @snipervisuals_ (Instagram)

ERA, also known as Tevin Sumblin, is originally from the small city of Franklin, VA but now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Although, this may be the start of your journey with ERA, he is no stranger to music. Before, as a hobby, he would cover familiar beats & songs or freestyle sporadically dropping a dope track & dipping off scene but leaving you wanting more.

In 2018, he dropped his EP, “The Anticipated.” He moved crowds across Atlanta with his performances from this EP & built a strong following.

As he matured & developed as an artist, his level of consistency built a national fanbase ranging from the east coast to the west coast. So, not only was he moving Atlanta, he had fans across the country rocking with him & vibing to his signature sound.

ERA’s musical style is rich both in complexity as well as simplicity. His well versed metaphors, euphemisms, & play on words while cleverly addressing authentic hot topics sets him apart from most rappers. ERA confronts adult struggles & acknowledges mature realities with age appropriate lyrics which gives parents the freedom &ability to stream his music while children are present. His lack of vulgarity & profanity makes his lyrics & music that much more memorable with quotable lyrics.

Maybe you remember his video “Too Deep For Intro Freestyle” addressing police brutality & killings of unarmed African American. He strategically used his music platform to call your attention to the rising issue without offending those who disagree. Pulling off this takes a certain level of craftiness, artistry, & mastery. ERA bodied this!

Every time he places his pen to paper, the word he writes transforms from words to feelings. ERA has a way of tapping into a realm deeper than what can be seen by using the human ears as a portal to another dimension. His music is intoxicating & invigorating enough to make the listener zone out for repeated listens. Placing ERA in your headphones has a way of giving you the ability to tune out the world, even if it’s just briefly. 

Now that we have discussed his writing skills, let’s review his delivery. ERA delivers each lyric with passion, emotions, confidence, & efficiency. There isn’t the slightest stammer or fumble over his words. Honestly, I’m not sure how he does it. His certainty & conviction placed behind his lyrics gives his listeners a confidence in his ability to succeed as an artist. His relatability relayed through his music effortlessly draws supporters of all ages.

Knowing ERA as an artist behind the scenes, I can assert & attest that music quality is a high priority. He carefully considers his audience during his process of creation as his supporters are the heart of his music & the driving force to keep him consistent. From lyrics to cover art, ERA places his fan base at the forefront of his music development. With every song he releases, he has YOU in mind.

While it may be considered risky for me to compare his artistic ability to those mainstream artists that you are familiar with, it can be described like this–if you haven’t heard his music, the best way to give you an idea of his style is this; he has the rhythm & flow of J. Cole, the confidence of Wale with the lyrical substance of Kendrick Lamar. Unsurprisingly, these happen to be a few of his favorite artists. The comparison to these artists highlights the fact that not only does he study his craft, but he studies the business.  His attention to production, engineering, & sound quality along with the dedication he places in each track warrants its place in the music industry. 

His social media further confirmed that I was not the only supporter that could see a notable comparison.

His music made groundbreaking strides as Steve Stoute of United Masters & Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics selected his single, “The Come Up,” amongst 13,000+ submission to be a featured soundtrack in NBA2K21. This election in itself proves to be a rousing showcase of ERA’s talent, skill, & caliber. This trailblazing moment will lead to this song becoming an instant & soon-to-be classic.; not to mention may be one of the most memorable songs of his career. One of which I assume will get only get better with repeated plays. This break into the music industry has set the bar for every other song he delivers & his music career. Although nothing I say is law, I would suggest you join the ERA movement because this only the beginning.

In case you missed his announcement:

“My Life Just Changed! I’ve Played NBA2K My Entire Life, Now I’m Going To Feature On The Official Soundtrack! The CEO Steve Stout & NBA All-Star Jason Taytum Selected My Song Out Of Over 13,000 Submissions! God Is Good Man! The Come Up Is Here Man 🔥🔥🔥😱😨🏀 #TheComeUp #NBA2K #InADream #GoBuy2K

“*Disclaimer: I Had To Edit The Orginial Video. The Wrong Location Was Posted, So I Edited To S/O My Hometown Of FRANKLIN, VA!” – ERA

Wanna rap along with ERA while playing the game & have one up on your opponent? Catch “The Come Up” on SoundCloud, Spotify, or Apple Music.

Speaking of achievements, there’s no greater achievement than coming from a loving & successful family.

Cover Art by @xayfree (Instagram)

ERA’s video Family Matters sums up his brand & everything he epitomizes. His brand is one that should be instilled into homes across the nation while he displays that it is possible to be educated, employed, a family oriented individual & simultaneously successfully chasing your own dreams. 

ERA & Wife Chardonnay Sumblin

Connect with ERA on social media:

👍🏽Like ERA on Facebook: E.R.A Music

👣Follow ERA on Twitter: (@_EraMusic) 

📸Follow ERA on Instagram: ERA (@_eramusic) 

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🌲 Linktree: _eramusic

**For booking & features contact manager Ryan Sumblin at

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entertainment Movie Review

Friday: Movie Review

Stephy Says 💋 if you follow me then you know that movies is not my thing & there’s a plethora of movies that I have not seen.

But there may be a glimmer of hope. A couple of years ago, I want to say 2018 (don’t quote me on that), but I finally sat down & watched the classic movie Friday.

In case you may be in the same boat as me or hiding under a rock like I was until recently & have not seen the movie, I’ll give you a simple synopsis, movie deets, & backstory.

Friday was released on April 26, 1995 & directed by F. Gary Gray. It’s listed rating is rated R for adult language, violence (🙄🙄 there’s no real violence), drug use (weed, bud, THC, Mary Jane, marijuana, sativa, loud, etc), & guns/slight sexual innuendos. So basically, hide ya kids, hide ya wife.

The movie is placed in the comedy/drama genre (I’ll tell you how I feel about that later). Its release had a quite impressive profit as it reached 27.5 million dollars in the box office. Length wise, Friday is less than 2 hours long so if you have time to watch Harry Potter, you probably could have watched Friday twice by the time HP was over.

Movie overview:

Basically, it’s Friday & Craig (Ice Cube) got fired for “stealing” on candid camera. His best friend Smokey has a habit he can’t support. He owes the local “drug dealer” (Big Worm) money that he doesn’t have & drags Craig into his bum behaviors, incriminating Craig & risking both of their lives. That’s his broke best friend right? No judgement here. The way I see it is we all have had a broke best friend & if you haven’t HAD the broke best friend then YOU are the broke best friend lol (I digress).

Did I mention that the rent is due & Craig doesn’t have the money for that either? Plus he is trying to peep at shorty ’round the way but his girlfriend is aggy & cockblocking & the crackhead is begging. His daddy is pressuring him to catch dogs while blowing up with bathroom & going through a can of bathroom spray. As if this isn’t enough, Craig & Smokey found out that Janet Jackson doesn’t look nothing like she used to. Deebo is blacking eyes. Big Worm’s employees spraying bullets. The pastor is sexing & flexing with Mrs. Parker; and add a little skinning, grinning, & sinning on top of that. Craig (a N**gaz with Attitude) finally decided he wasn’t going to keep running (he was straight outta Compton). He had big balls & fought Deebo. It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the do & Deebo got knocked tf out.

All of this on Friday. How you get fired on your day off?

Cast overview:

The movie had quite a few legends & well known & well loved actors in it such as John Witherspoon, Ice Cube, & Chris Tucker to name a few. Here’s a more extensive list of some of the cast & characters:

*disclaimer: this is not the entire cast* (RIP Deebo [Lister] & Witherspoon)

Famous quotes:

Here’s a few quotes you may have heard or even said yourself:

“You got knocked tf out!” -Smokey
I got mind control over Deebo. He be like “stfu”. I be quiet. But when he leave, I be talking again.” -Smokey
“Y’all ain’t never got two things that match. Either y’all got Kool-aid, no sugar. Peanut butter, no jelly. Ham, no burger...” -Smokey
“Lord have mercy! The Lord is my Shepherd, & He knows what I want!” -Pastor Clever

Here’s my honest review:

Don’t revoke my black card but, I was not impressed. To be quite frank, I was not entertained nor was I amused. I don’t recall laughing but maybe once throughout the entire movie. Perhaps, my humor is dry compared to others because a few things must have flown over my head. I guess it was just dumb humor, but I was told, that was the point of the movie. I don’t know if the movie really had a point or if I just missed it altogether.

It came across as a stoner movie & I absolutely cannot relate. For everyone that told me you watch it, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I am highly disappointed. I would not watch it anymore. It didn’t hold my attention, & I found myself becoming occupied doing other things. It’s just not my taste in movies. I love a good comedy & a gut wrenching laugh, but I just didn’t get that with this movie. I’m Ice hard some say it’s better when you’re high. If that’s the case, that movie is as good as it’s going to get for me. I’m in a no smoking zone.

I would rate it a one or two star overall.

⭐️ or ⭐️⭐️

The movie quality was low, but in my opinion, the low quality made it more relatable & realistic. The characters were casted with each role in mind & I believe the cast embodied their characters. There was just a disconnect for me…

I know, I know.

Gif courtesy of

At least I can partake in the “yeen gotta lie Craig” & “bye Felicia” conversation now. That should count for something right? Or am I completely banished from the black community? Can I at least still come to the cookouts?

Apparently, I am one of the very few that feels this way because IMDb ranked it 7.3/10. Rotten tomatoes gave the movie 78% while the audience score was 91%. It must have been better than I thought because there were sequels : Next Friday, Friday After Next, & Last Friday. The 1st was a dub for me sooo with that being said, don’t count on me to watch the other Friday movies. I’ll pass…kinda like Craig & Smokey did that joint.

Stephy Says 💋, clearly I don’t know nothing about movies lol

What I do know is, “You win some, you lose some. But you live, you live to fight another day.”

Stephy Says 💋, “I’m through with this 💩I was just 🐂💩‘! And you know this, man!!!”


My 2 Cents

A BLACK Face In White Collar America

Stephy Says 💋, it’s BLACK HISTORY MONTH so let’s discuss real black issues. 

We often shine a spotlight on racism in regards to police brutality, but let me accentuate where we see it most. Allow me to call your attention to where the biggest racial divide lies but is discussed in a whisper rather than with a bullhorn. Let’s focus on an area where racism exists, but we are forced to “accept it” without dispute due to life’s circumstances. Financial, home, & personal responsibilities restrict us from defying our superiors.


Get a job they say, but let’s talk about how difficult it is to thrive in Corporate America, an office setting, or a career with underrepresentation of people of color. Let’s explore how our assertiveness is falsely identified as aggressive.

“Does my haughtiness offend you? Don’t you take it awful hard ’Cause I laugh like I’ve got gold mines Diggin’ in my own backyard.”

Let’s discuss the complaints that have been made for HR to take affirmative action but we’re brushed off as us being sensitive–“I’m they didn’t mean it that way.” Let’s bring to the forefront the policies & procedures that are strategically implemented by corporations to create indirect racial tension accompanied by what they believe to be inconspicuous discrimination. 

Is it required of us to dim down our blaring confidence for those who are uncomfortable with self love? Are we supposed to overlook or pretend to be oblivious to the mistrust of our superiors, Executive team, or directors when a task is given to a person lighter in skin tone? A task in which, we are more than capable & equipped to complete. A task in which we have been thoroughly trained & qualified, if not more qualified than our counterparts to accomplish. Are we not supposed to acknowledge when a project was initiated by us, but seized from our grasps & completed by another just to ensure we don’t receive the credit? Do we turn a blind eye to the substantial differences in salary even with equal experience or degrees? Are we supposed to neglect the subtle hints of anticipation for them to find flaw or error in order to validate their misinterpretation? Is it expected of us to ignore the lack of training & inaccessibility to the tools needed to warrant success in our position? Do we dismiss the blatant difference in task/job preparation while we are taught the bare minimum to complete our jobs in effort to make certain that we do not overachieve? Are we required to consistently maintain a particular vernacular to display our level of education while others merely speak in colloquial terms? Must we have to prove ourselves worthy daily just to sustain a stable career? Do we just look in the opposite direction & disregard the apparent disdain? Do we deafen our ears to the condescending tones used in conversation towards us? They place us in these constricted choke holding situations, yet expect us to breathe easy enough to thrive. 

Mrs. Maya Angelou asked this:

Does my sassiness upset you? Why are you beset with gloom? ’Cause I walk like I’ve got oil wells Pumping in my living room.”


Let’s be honest.  Realistically, half of the jobs we qualify for, we are never even given the fair opportunity of an interview, yet the companies wear the EEO badge with honor; all while concealing the truth. Certain names, regardless of certifications, credentials, degrees, or experience will never slide across the desk of the HR director. The cycle seems to remain the same amongst African Americans. The application will get lost in the shuffle, & the job will be given to a less melanated person with only half of the required or preferred credentials. Do our degrees not hold value? Do our achievements not merit reward? Or does the race associated with the formal education counteract the intelligence? Why it is that White Collar America misperceives correlate being black with being ignorant? We are considered to be unsuitable for positions simply by the check we place in the race box. Preceding employment, Black Americans face hiring discrimation and involuntarily relinquish jobs most likely traced back & attributable to race. During my research on this topic, it was discovered that experiments and studies have exhibited that resumes submitted with a more “black sounding name” received significant fewer callbacks for interviews for employment than those with more “white sounding”/ Caucasian names, even when the individuals had indistinguishable credentials. Continuing with my research, it confirmed my beliefs & turned them from an opinion to a fact. In a scholarly written by Dina Gerdeman, it was discovered that even when business organizations, corporations, & business firms use terms such as “pro-diversity,” or “equal opportunity employer,” or  phrases like“minorities are strongly encouraged to apply,” masses of minority applicants conjure up the wrong idea that it’s safe or acceptable to disclose their race on their resumes—only to be declined later for the job. Lisa Bryant, an educated & degreed black woman, discloses that companies are most likely to recruit & employ individuals that they believe mirror their core values, reflect their culture, and who they can be comfortable with, but also look like them; which in most occurrences, those people are white. Even after hire, we are placed into a competition that we weren’t even aware we signed up for, as if the job market isn’t competitive enough in itself. Our work ethic can be the best in the company, but the sad truth is –we never measure up. Perhaps, the measuring tool of success are different. As a black American, we have to make twice the effort to receive a quarter of the appreciation & gratitude.

It is expected for us to change our image, our clothes, our speech, our tone of voice, our disposition, our statue, & our dialect just to appease those around us that are apprehensive & uncomfortable with our existence.

Racism extends beyond Black Lives Matter. It expands beyond blatant police brutality and Ku Klux Klan lynchings. Legally. segregation “ended” years ago, However, segregation still discreetly lingers in places it may be least expected. It stretches into the Human Resources Departments of major corporations and paramount firms. It drives unethical business actions and decisions.

Being a black face in white collar America is equivalent to the knee of a cop on George Floyd’s neck. WE CAN’T BREATHE.

Regardless of what people of color endure, I wouldn’t want to be any other race. Being black is a BIG FLEX 💪🏽! “And that’s on Mary had a little lamb.”

Maya Angelou said it best: “You may shoot me with your words, You may cut me with your eyes, You may kill me with your hatefulness, But still, like air, I’ll rise.”



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✂️Vibez By Brooke💇🏽‍♀️

Stephy Says 💋 allow me to introduce you to one of the most skillful stylists & entrepreneurs I know – Brooke.

If you take pride in your appearance, she’s unquestionably the one to call for your hair needs.

If you are one of the ones that look at the hair of the cosmetologist before booking your appointment, no worries because Brooke’s edges stay laid & her hair stays slayed. Tuh! 💅🏽 She is a WHOLE VIBE!!!

Choosing the right hair style is one of the most challenging tasks for women. It’s so many things to take into consideration: face shape, hair texture, budget, & skin tone/complexions just to name a few. Not to mention, trying to find a style in this era becomes harder every day because it seems as if there’s a new style every month.

If you are like me, you scroll through pictures on Facebook, Pinterest, or Google to find various hairstyles to inspire your next look. You search pictures, prices, colors, textures, lengths, styles, etc. and hope that your stylist can recreate it; maybe not precisely, but as close as possible. After all, your hair style is ultimately what brings your look together.

Speaking of pictures, I can’t tell you many times Brooke has probably been shown a picture on a phone and asked, “can you do this?” (I know this because I’ve done it to her a few times lol). However, it comes as no surprise to me when she says she can, and is actually able to deliver.

This is where those “what she wanted” vs. “what she got” pictures on social media come into play.

Ladies, I’m sure you can agree with this statement–> If it’s one thing I don’t play about, it’s my hair.

You know like I do that you can’t have just anyone styling your hair. The wrong stylist will leave your hair damaged, dry, brittle, & unmanageable. And nobody wants to be a bald head scallywag…😅

Finding a skilled, authentic, affordable, & dependable hairstylist is difficult. Throw in friendly, patient, & affordable and you just may be out of luck. But, there’s hope because Fortunately, all of these qualities can be found in Brooke.

I’m sure you’ve probably heard this before, & if you haven’t, then I’ll tell you now, a woman’s hair is her crown. Her glory. With that being said, I entrusted my crown to Brooke some years ago, and she has crowned me at every appointment ever since.

Here’s what Stephy Says 💋 :

1st- if you have witnessed me slaying in a picture posted, chances are my hair was done by Brooke.

My bald & beautiful phase was created by Brooke. I never felt so liberated & Brooke made sure I knew how beautiful I was before I left her chair.

I remember feeling self conscious & telling her I felt like a bald headed boy. She laughed by reassured me that it was a look that I was fierce enough to pull off. That was a moment I will never forget. That was in 2017 & Brooke has continued to instill beauty in me even when I don’t see it in myself. What woman wouldn’t want a hair stylist like that?

2nd- When you step into the presence of Vibez By Brooke, the first energy that meets you at the door is one of serenity and relaxation. During my last appointment, it was mentioned by multiple patrons at multiple times that Brooke’s salon felt like home. It has home girl next door vibes. There is a level of comfort & tranquility. Even amongst women you’ve never met, you feel as if you’re family.

Let me add, Brooke doesn’t only “do hair.” She isn’t just another cosmetologist. She restores confidence. She reignites your self interest. She rejuvenates your energy. She renews your overall appearance. While many beauticians I know place emphasis solely on how the hair looks, Brooke splits her focus between two components: the appearance of your hair & your hair health.

She gives your scalp, roots, follicles, & tips a luxurious shampooing. She follows up with thorough conditioning. She makes sure she conditions, treats, & coats the hair from root to tip. She adds oils that controls frizz & is sure to keep your hair & scalp hydrated. Her products add hydration without weighing the hair down & leaving it noticeably fresh. When you leave her chair, your hair is thriving & flourishing. It leaves you swinging your hair with voluminous body singing, “stiff where?”

After your hair has been transformed, she educates on the best methods to use to keep your hair remaining fresh & healthy. She offers her professional opinion with patience especially when clients are full of questions or doubts as they are about to make a potentionally life changing decision regarding their hair.

If you…

Need a cut? ✂️Call Brooke.

Need color? 🎨Call Brooke.

Need a style? 💁🏽‍♀️Call Brooke.

Need locs? 🔗 Call Brooke.

Whether you have 2 scoops of hair & a spoonful of edges or a head full of long tresses, Brooke can help you.

Seriously though, Brooke has hands that stimulate both hair health & hair growth. She can transform curly hair to make it straight. She can make straight hair curly. She is the ultimate transformer.

From bold & attention grabbing to modest & professional, she’s capable of creating a look that is perfect for any occasion at a rate your pockets can afford.

Connect with Brooke on social media:

📸Instagram: Vibez by Brooke

👍🏽 Facebook: Vibez By Brooke

🗓 Schedule Appt: Book Now

TikTok: Vibez By Brooke

Happy Hair Styling ✂️💁🏽‍♀️

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Hurry! While Supplies Last for a Limited Time Only….25 Call to Actions to Increase Sales

Stephy Says 💋, I’m sure we have all visited stores or browsed online shops for retail therapy, or maybe just browsed them out of boredom with no real intent to spend money. Every once in a while, we may come across something that piques or interest that we casually toss into our cart. But… How often do we visit Amazon online or other online shops & add items to the cart just to leave them there because we hesitate to checkout?  Chance are, it happens frequently.

Why do we do this?

We do this because there is no sense of urgency. We feel as if we have time to wait. I mean, what’s the rush right? We think to ourselves, “There’s plenty in stock.” We assume that there is high supply & low demand. Sometimes the items sit so long that we start getting reminder emails.

See example pictured below. (these are my emails 😁)

The owners of the website, online store, or boutique lure us with bright colors & maybe even affordable prices, but there is no call to action, so we let those items sit in the cart.

What is a call to action?

In order for us to understand how to effectively use a CTA or the benefits of using a CTA, we must 1st understand exactly what it is. 

call to action is a marketing term, technique, or tactic that is strategically designed to prompt or stimulate an immediate response to encourage an immediate sale, purchase, or subscription. The goal is for the consumer to purchase RIGHT NOW without feeling direct overwhelming or overbearing pressure from the owner to do so. A CTA can be a single word, a phrase, or a sentence. 

By using a CTA, the owner is shouting the message “BUY IT NOT NOW, BUT RIGHT NOW!” However, the owner is doing so with a such a diplomatic approach that the consumer is unaware of the salesman like methodology.

As entrepreneurs, our marketing strategies & tactics are vital because we want our customers to shop our products or subscribe to our services. We want them to be drawn in & ready to buy, but it seems almost as if they aren’t moving fast enough. 

Take a moment to reflect on your business & your marketing strategy. Are you using CTAs?

If you are having trouble thinking of CTAs, here are a few Call to Action terms that may make potential consumers more susceptible to click that “buy now” or “checkout” button that they’ve been hesitant about. 

Call to Action verbiage

1. For limited time only…

2. While supplies last…

3. Exclusive discount…

4. For the next 24 hours…

5. Everything must go!

6. Get 20% off when you buy today!

7. Free download

8. Sale ends today

9. Don’t miss out! Start today!

10. Sign up now!

11. Call today for a free consultation!

12. Buy now, pay later!

13. Free 7 day trial

14. Join our team!

15. Book today to save!

16. Buy one get one free.

17. Back by popular demand

18. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

19. Free shipping for qualifying orders

20. Risk free

21. This offer expires soon

22. Register now to receive unlimited access

23. Free samples!

24. Click the link to find out more!

25. You’re invited! RSVP by…

These are only a few of the many CTAs that can be used to increase both traffic & sales for your business. Remember: Create an urgency in your clients & potential consumers. Finding the most effective CTA for your business will be trial & error, but study & note which ones are most productive for your business & yields the most successful results. Consider changing them frequently or generate constant traffic. I hope this was helpful! Feel free to add the CTAs you use in the commenta below.

Happy business

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2021 MILLIONAIRE MINDSET–Law of Attraction Using Entrepreneur Affirmations

Stephy Says 💋 As a child there was a motto that I was required to repeat daily. “My attitude determines my altitude.” In laymen’s terms: my attitude determines how high I will soar or how far I will go.  I had NO earthly idea what it meant then but it groomed me for life, both as an individual & as an entrepreneur.

MIND MAP to Success

When the idea of entrepreneurship buds, we often make a checklist of the most common aspects of business; finances, business plan, products, competition, price lists, & who are targeted clients will become. However, more often than not, we forget a vital component of business. 

What did I forget? 

One of the most important yet forgotten aspects of owning & growing a business is —MINDSET.

A close second in importance is ATTITUDE

You can have the finances, the business space, & customers, but your mindset & attitude determine your success & growth. 

Self assessment–Sometimes dreams are deferred & visions are hindered because we have chosen the mindset of defeat before initiate a plan and results. Does this sound like you? 

How often have you thought of a business idea or wanted to start a business but slipped into a mindset of fear accompanied by an attitude of defeat?

• “I don’t have the money to start.”

• “No one will be interested in what I have to offer.”

• “Someone is already doing that business & I don’t want them to think I stole the idea from them.”

• “I don’t have the time to start a business.”

 You are not alone. I’ll be the first to raise my hand to say I’ve said several of these things. 

It wasn’t until I changed my MINDSET that I was able to step out, take a leap of faith, & see real results. I had to remind myself that I am knowledgeable. I am equipped. I am capable. I can, & I will be successful according to MY definition of success. 

Let me reiterate-This is not to say that there won’t be any discouraging moments, because THERE WILL BE. However, your attitude during those moments will decide how you handle them & the outcome. 

Did you know that mindset conditions your business & dictates both how & when you grow?

📊HOW•slowly, sporadically, quickly, positively, negatively

📆WHEN• now, later, never, etc.

How does mindset dictate growth?

Not only your mindset, but the mindset of your clients also affects your business.

Here is an example of how mindset impacts business growth from the entrepreneur’s POV and the client.

Entrepreneur’s mindset–for instance–

If you believe you will be unsuccessful, you will soon see lack of results or slow growth of business resulting from a defeated attitude fueled by a negative mindset. This will eventually create unmotivated work ethic furthering into delayed business expansion.

Consumer’s mindset example:

A 1st time customer purchases from your business on a day that you happen to be frustrated. Your tone of voice may become strained & you unintentionally snap on them. That customer may form the mindset that every experience will be unpleasant, thus causing them to shop at another business.

Make sense?

All in all, the point is this–the mindset & perspective you choose shapes your business framework. 

Ask yourself — Where would you be now if you chose to view a moment of defeat or failing moment as learning opportunity? An attitude of Optimism vs pessimism. A mindset of the glass half full rather than a glass half empty.

Along with minding your thoughts, it’s best practice to watch your mouth! 

You ARE what you attract! 

What you think becomes what you say & what you say becomes what you do.

The Law of Attraction  is real! You yield results according to your thoughts & words. Thinking & speaking positively will allure positive resolutions. On the flip side, thinking negative thoughts & speaking negative words will do the same. 

I can’t tell you how many times my day started off on the wrong foot & I responded, “I see today just ain’t gonna be my day.” You wanna know what happened for the rest of the day? It kept getting worse & every time something happened, I repeated the same phrase rather than speaking positive to counteract the negativity. I can’t be the only one…

I made up my mind before 2020 ended that I wasn’t going to let anyone dictate my success, including myself. If you are with me…


Start your year making positive declarations:

  • over yourself
  • over your finances 
  • over your clients
  • over business loans
  • over sales
  • over debts

If you are a business owner, THIS year is OUR year!

Say these things to aloud to yourself.

I will grow. 

My Finances will increase. 

My Clientele will flourish.

My Business loans will be approved. 

My Sales will advance. 

My Debts will be settled. 

I will be successful.

I have a millionaire mindset.

Everything that was being done for free before, put a price tag on it now.

If it had a price before, add taxes on it now.

If you someone needs assistance or have questions, have them book a time slot.

Time is valuable.

You are valuable.

Your service is valuable.

Your knowledge is valuable. Furthermore, this further benefits them so they can have your fully undivided attention.

Honestly, I was sleeping on myself before, I’m up now. Are you sleeping on yourself or are you awake & chasing your dreams?

It’s easy to sleep on your dreams because no one else can feel them, no one else can see the vision, & no one else can feel the passion.

Your business is in your hands. Better yet, it’s in your mind & your mouth. Mind your thoughts & watch your mouth.

📌Takeaway point–Failing is inevitable, but being a failure is an option.

Your mindset & attitude will decide your path…

Happy thinking 💭

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Stand Back, Stand By—The “PROUD” Boys

Stephy Says 💋 Donald Trump & the Proud boys, you have really outdone yourselves this time. Never in the history of America has a president been banned or blocked indefinitely on social media; probably because they knew how to conduct themselves as leaders & adults. I’m still fairly young & have only lived through a few presidents so I grabbed a supporting quote just in case I may have been wrong. 😁
“This is the first time in history that the social media accounts of a head of a State by Facebook has been suspended.”
On January 7, 2022, Wavy 10 News released the report that Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook & now Instagram announced that these platforms have extended blocks on Trumps accounts, indefinitely–or at least for the remainder of his term. At some point in the same day during this fiasco, Trump turned to Twitter to unleash his opinions & a few choice words to whoever was willing to give up their precious time to read them. It seemed as if Twitter wanted no part of the shenanigans & many of tweets were deleted for violating community guidelines. Along with removing tweets, Twitter added a disclaimer “this claim about election fraud is disputed” in regards to the false reports of the Election Process.
via Twitter Feed January 7, 2021

Via Twitter feed January 7, 2021

Breaking News: 01.08.21–Turns out that Donald Trump has permanently been suspended from Twitter.

Source: The Associated Press

03/31/21 UPDATE: CNN announced that 45 created his own website after being banned from social media

Stephy Says 💋 Again he’s the ONLY president to be banned from social media

Editor’s note: This post was originally published [January 9, 2021] and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. 

It kind of makes me wonder–when Trump said “stand back & stand by,” what exactly did he mean? If you watched the debate, when the conversation of racism was brought to the forefront, Trump made a comment regarding the Proud Boys & for them to “stand back and stand by.” To me & many black viewers, this sounded like an order & a threat. While he won’t admit to the comments, members of the Proud Boys that watched the debate deemed his comment as both “historic” & an “endorsement.”
Proud Boys – stand back and stand by. But I’ll tell you what… Somebody’s got to do something about antifa and the left because this is not a right-wing problem.” –Donald Trump during the presidential debate Above information cited from
Remember the disgust American citizens had about Colin Kaepernick silently & respectfully kneeling during the National Anthem? Do you remember the backlash he received while exercising his American right? His silent protest resulted in him in losing his multi-million contract with the NFL because of how it “misrepresented” them. Disrespectful. Disgraceful. Unpatriotic. These are only a few of the words used to describe him.

How about the looting, rioting, & protest in 2020 that people described as “unnecessary” after the recorded murder of George Floyd while in the hands of the police?

I saw numerous of relentless social media posts, opinion articles, interviews in publications, etc. condemning those involved. Trump supporters called them animals & according to Donald Trump, they were “thugs.” Even during peaceful protests, they were spit on, shot at, sprayed, & gassed. Turns out that when the Proud Boys & Trump supporter throw over the Capitol, those same opinions have turned hushed. I have yet to see a post, hear an opinion, or read an article that condemns them with the same measures that BLM was condemned. I don’t see the ridicule, the outrage, the disdain during this riot.

 These terrorist thugs successfully bombarded the Capitol, a highly secured government agency, breached security, & dismantled the furniture without so much as a scratch; yet BLM protesters were met with a fully armed police team carrying air rifles, tear gas, &face shields. The racial divide is obvious.

Apparently, I’m not the only American that feels this way.

CNN released an article revealing that the sports world also sees the difference in handling the two riots.

The article quotes NBA player Jayson Tatum during an interview,

RG3 tweeted, The difference in the treatment between races in America is on full display.”

Boston Globe displayed a chart comparing the number of arrests made during BLM protests to the number of arrests made during the Capitol riots. The results are unsurprising.

Soure: http://www.bostonglobe.con

I’m sure this riot has been & will continue to be negatively compared to BLM protests. Comments will most likely be made that BLM did the “same thing.” I can agree with the facts that both groups of people dismantled public property, however, the reasons fueling the protests are unparalleled.

BLM had a CLEAR objective & agenda–a cause. The protesting was a reaction to police brutality & the killing of unarmed black Americans with unjustifiable cause. For lack of better words, The riots were a cry for help, the statement being made was this– as a culture we are tired & unheard. There was a message in the mess. Whether individuals chose to see or hear the message, the point was loud & clear.

Bedsides being objective, the 2020 protests were international. The movement was supported across the world because everyone in the world recognized the agenda & the injustice of the “American systemEXCEPT Donald Trump, racists , & the Proud Boys.

Let me reiterate, as aforementioned in an earlier post, I did not necessarily agree with the rioting & looting, BUT I definitely understood it.

I normally try to see thing from other points of view, think using their logic, & understand other people’s perspective (I got that word tatted on me).

However, this makes NO sense.


For those that need a definition:

Entitlement: the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

This commotion & uproar is completely different than BLM. Simply put, the riot taking place at the Capitol is a flat out temper tantrum. They are behaving like wild animals & children. Spoiled brats. And let’s not even mention the costumes…what was the Viking supposed to be doing??

Honestly, did they think that Trump would NEVER lose? He should be used to losing by now, he’s lost many wives , plenty of businesses, & half of his marbles.

  • Unlike BLM protests, this is an isolated riot to ONLY Trump supporters. No other countries are standing with the Proud boys. There’s no cause for this type of behavior other than being sore losers. They are behaving like my 8 year son that accuses the game of cheating every time he’s losing.
  • Viola Davis tweeted a meme of Peter Parker in the car with a MAGA hat on using a skin tone card to determine how to word his actions.

    Viola Davis made a valid point, Terminology seems to differ as the skin tone becomes lighter. The verbiage is contingent upon race not action.

    This is the type of hypocrisy & double standards that keeps this country set back & stagnant.

    If individuals can just walk into the Capitol so easily, breach security, & overthrow it, I wonder if America was ever really as safe as they tried to make us believe….

    Update: Donald Trump has broken yet ANOTHER record.

    Trump, your whole goal in presidency was to Make America Great Again. This is the country you created , you must be proud.

    Happy reading!

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    Editor’s note: This post was originally published [January 9, 2021] and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. 

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    10 ways you can support a business WITHOUT spending money!

    Stephy Says 💋 Happy New Year! Whew! We survived! Give yourself a high five for surviving 2020!

    That’s enough celebrating. Now, it’s time to get back to business! Welcome to 2021! I won’t make New Year’s resolutions, I am committing myself to making lifestyle changes. Who’s with me??

    Enough of the small talk, let’s just get into the meat of this post.

    What does a new year mean for us?

    In short, a new year means:

    • new ideas 💡
    • new goals 🎯
    • new opportunities ❗️
    • new success 🥇

    It also includes fresh perspectives & renewed mindsets.

    Let’s put a pushpin here. 📌

    Repositioning perspectives & shifting outlooks is the area of focus for this particular blog post. Today, we will be mythbusters.

    I want to begin this year with the same topic I began with last year —support.

    As a small business owner, I am the first to admit that it can be frustrating at times to not receive the same measure of support that I give to others. The amount of shares, likes, tweets, retweets, subscribes, comments, & support tilts the scale a little heavier on my side than it does on the side of others. In all honesty, the business world is a roller coaster of emotions ranging from discouragement to doubt to defeat.

    Sure, as a business owner, my primary goal is to secure a profit. However, I understand that economically the nation is in a crisis that won’t allow everyone the financial ability to support in a way they would like to. I get it. Everyone may not necessarily be in the best financial situation. Adulting is hard, & life is tough. Money makes the world go ’round, & some of us are at a screeching halt.

    But what if I told you money didn’t matter?? Some of you may say, NO WAY THAT’S TRUE.

    Stephy Says 💋 I’m here to tell you & reiterate the validity of this statement —Money is not always necessary to support a business.

    I believe that a problem in large is that support is inappropriately equalized with the term finances.

    Myth: Support is solely financial.

    The idea of “support” is led by the misperception & misinformation that the ONLY way you can support a business is by opening your wallet or pocketbook (that’s Southern for purse 😁).

    Real quick, try this exercise. (I won’t tell you to close your eyes because you won’t be able to read 😊, but channel your memories).

    Exercise : Think of the times that you have asked someone to support a cause or support your business/brand. What was there response?

    I’m sure the most remembered response was someone giving the excuse of not being able to support because they didn’t have the money. Continuing with my assumption, how many people followed up on the lack of finances statement with, “but if you have any business cards, I’ll pass some out for you?” How many offered to refer your business to family or friends they believed could benefit from or afford your products or services?

    You may see the direction this post is going & the point I’m trying to make.

    If you are reading this, you may be an entrepreneur in need of support or an individual wanting to support a business, but lack of money & financial hardship may be a predisposing factor preventing from doing it. If so, don’t fret!

    I’ve complied a simple list of ways you can be supportive and never have to spend a dime, but be appreciated just as much.

    6 ways to support small business

    1. Subscribe to websites, YouTube channels, etc.

    2. Like, Share, or comment on social media posts.

    3. Word of mouth- share the news, referrals, etc.

    4. Engage in discussion posts.

    5. Attend a free event.

    6. Leave a positive review.

    7. Invite a friend to join the social media group.

    8. Host an event.

    9. Offer words of encouragement.

    10. ASK how you can support. Even if you can spend money, business owners will appreciate you taking the time to inquire about their needs.

    Hopefully, I’ve given you some ideas of ways you can increase your support in 2021 but also keep your checkbook balanced & your pockets from going flat broke.

    Starting a business venture is massive & entrepreneurs could use a little love from others. After all, most small businesses are full time employees, marketing, full time vital family members, packaging, purchasing items with their own money, & trying to keep it together. A little support could go a long way.

    Happy reading!

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