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A Letter To My Future Husband…

To my dear husband to be,

                When you found me, I was on a journey of restoration. I was on a path of healing, partially battered & broken, but somehow, you still saw beauty in me. A beauty I struggled to see in myself. You taught me rather quickly that beauty could come from brokenness. You saw beauty in the most battered & bruised parts of me, the parts of me that other men had thrown away.

Even when I felt as if I was broken beyond repair, you kissed all the parts that I hated about myself the most & reassured me of that those were the areas that made my soul pure. I had numerous wounds, some that I inflicted upon myself, & some that were inflicted by others; but every day, you patiently tended to the brokenness that you never caused. You wiped tears that you did not trigger. You dressed my open wounds with tender loving care & calmness. And you did so willing & without any complaints. You did it without me having to ask. You love me in a way that I’ve always wanted the love. You captured me that was gentle in its approach, submissive yet masculine.

To be completely honest, after one failed abusive marriage, and several failed attempts at other abusive relationships, I began to wonder if love was for me.

There were many nights that I prayed for this kind of love & other nights I cried with thoughts that I would never experience it.

But I believe in miracles, and I was blessed with the opportunity to know love & to once more love again; and this time, I was also afforded with the opportunity to be loved in return.

You unknowingly encouraged me to forfeit my misguided & misconstrued idea of love & you introduced me to the love that is carefully documented in scripture. The kind of love & sound doctrine recorded in the 13th chapter of 1st Corinthians. You have consistently walked according to those verses demonstrating to me every day that love is patient. Love is kind. It does not envy nor boast. It is not arrogant or rude & keeps no record of wrongdoings.

I’m far from perfect, yet you love me perfectly in spite all of my imperfections. You love me in spite of myself. You love me without reservations, hesitations, & without reason.  You provide for me & our family even when I have the means to make provision for & by myself. You lead me without force so I’m naturally subdued to your dominance. Your ability to lead with love innately awakened the submissive nature in me as a woman.

You brought genuineness to the smile that I forced for years. You taught me that I could find happiness in another person, but it could also be created within myself.

You listen intently with a heart of understanding & without judgment. You decipher my silence & tune in to the words my lips don’t speak. You observe my gestures, my thought patterns, my behaviors & adjust yourself according to my needs & desires.

You have witnessed me at my weakest moments & still saw strength. You provide me with a shelter & security when the storms of life rage. Your arms are a refuge when I need a place to hide because I feel the safest when I’m with you.

There’s a level of comfort with you that I’ve been unable to attain with anyone else. There’s a freedom & full liberation accompanied by peace that I have with you.

I know that there are times that I’m not the easiest to love or the greatest at compromising. I know that initially I was closed off & guarded, but you have taught me how to be transparent. You have navigated your way through my guarded walls & broken past guards just to penetrate my heart. Those efforts to make sure I’m happy will never go unnoticed or unappreciated. You’ve unlocked a level in me that opens doors for you that are inaccessible to those around me, perhaps even those who feel they know me best. When I’m around you I inhale you, breathe you, & take you in & i realize how much i appreciate your existence.

Before now, I never had a reason to thank my ex. However, just because of you, I’m appreciative of the pain that was inflicted upon me. I would go through it all again if it would lead me to you.

Your love is immeasurable. Your support is immense. You’re the love of my life…No matter how many options i have, i choose you. I will keep choosing you. I will always choose you. You’ve grasped a part of me that i had no idea i possessed. You’ve tapped into the deepest love i own within the innermost part of me & unlocked a fountain of love that can only be given to you.

Even when I’m shut off to the rest of the world, you have unrestricted access. I’m yours, every part of me & everything i am is yours. You’re my strength on days i feel weak, my sunshine to counteract my rain.

I love you with every fiber of my being. I love you with everything I am & everything I ever hope to be.

Love always & forever,

Your future wife 💋

Update: we’re married as of August 28, 2021

Here’s our wedding registry

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Stylez Unique Barber Salon & Spa, LLC💈

Stephy Says 💋 I have taken it upon myself as your favorite blogger to introduce you to some of the dopest black business owners. Today is no exception. Allow me to introduce to you, Emmanuel Brooks—owner of Stylez Unique Barber Salon & Spa, LLC.

Emmanuel Brooks- Owner

Whether we like to admit it or not, one of the most judged parts of life is appearance. Our clothes, our shoes, our accessories, but most importantly—our hair. I mean, look at all the memes of LeBron James & Kevin Durant & their hair 🥴).

I digress…Back to the subject at hand & the celebration of achievements.

Honestly, most times, the way we feel we look dictates the way we feel period; and our appearance formulates peoples’ opinions about us before personal interaction. The focal point? The hair. Think about how often you’ve heard someone ask, “Who did your hair?” Or “who cut your hair?” Let’s face it, our hair attracts attention. Most of us, if not all of us want to present with a presentable impression.

Although men are not as vocal as women, we all know that men are just as particular about their hair as women. We also know that they only want professional barbers labeled as the best & a barber with the most experienced hands to touch their hair. I like to think that men are more conscious about their hair than we actually give them credit for. They also struggle with the look they want for their next cut especially depending on the occasion.

Whether it’s a fade, intricate details of a part, or beard maintenance, Manny understands the importance of physical appearance. His cuts are crisp & sharp while maintaining your natural hairline…because men take their hair line seriously—AS THEY SHOULD!

When choosing a barber, there are a few things to take into consideration: price, location, services, environment, & reputation. Stylez Unique & Manny meets ALL of your needs!

Everyone that sits in his chair trusts that their hair/hairline or eyebrows are in good hands. His skill & level of professionalism leave his clients with little to no complaints & satisfaction is always guaranteed! He gives quality work while using quality equipment. His cuts take place in front of a ring light to ensure cutting precision. He understands that adequate lighting is vital to a clean cut. Also, it shows that your haircut can be shown proudly even with the best lighting. No filters needed!

He has mastered barbering & elevated from basic cuts to total makeovers for both men and women. When you sit in his chair, you get a full range of services including you a haircut, a shave. neck scruff cleaned up, & additionally you can get your eyebrows shaped.

For the best cuts: interact with him & give feedback on your cut. Give him an idea of what you want & how you want—& watch him get you right. Just one thing: be constructive, not critical. But trust me, with his skill, you won’t have anything to criticize.

Here’s receipts of his work: —because SEEING is BELIEVING!

Manny Did It

Not only does he transform hair, he also transfers eyebrows. Yes ladies, EYEBROWS! The look may be temporary, but the impression is lasting. The perfection, the precision, & the polished look is perfect for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, or just a little “pick me up.” This new service has been a hit since he began the maintenance of eyebrows. Once you have the Manny experience on your brows, you’ll never see your brows the same again.

Book the Look

Let me also not forget that major barbers respect him as well. He was once recognized by the international barber KrewKutz for inspiring a look he cut. Adding to his resume, his work was featured on the Instagram of Barbers Inc.

Barber love
Barbers Inc.

Mr.SetApart is the barbering king of creativity. He incorporates the most current trends into his cuts. His knowledge in cutting allows him to participate in the in the latest Stylez. He keeps himself current & up to date so that he came execute the styles requested. And yes, that’s for both men AND women.

If you want to walk past the mirror & see your feet reflection or best version of yourself, get a Manny cut. With photos surfacing on social media & the internet, he is always in tune with clients preferences. When you arrive & you bring a reference photo, he aims to deliver & executes as closely to the picture as possible without losing his own identity. He has one aim—precision not perfection. He understands creativity is key. Not only creative, but very much unique.

Manny Did It
Creativity is key 🔑
Spider 🕷 web

When you come across Stylez Unique, you will know that he offers more than a basic cut & basic services. He uses your hair as a blank canvas to exhibit his art. When you leave, everyone around you can tell that you have been stamped by Mr. SetApart. His signature & expertise is all over the cut & you are sure to attract a lot of attention. If your wait is long, you better believe the time spent there will be well worth it.

Aside from his professionalism, Manny shows the utmost respect, not only for his clients—but for fellow barbers as well. He doesn’t believe in competition, he supports collaboration. He not only exhibits greatness, he also surrounds himself with other dope barbers like Nathaniel Butler who is the SHOP MANAGER of Stylez Unique.

Big Butler
Butler cuts

Imagine both of these barbers collaborating in the same shop—that’s pressure.

Manny has demonstrated that there is room for everyone to succeed. His love for his career & clients reflects in his attitude towards his clients. It also is shown in his work every time a client sits down in his chair. Clients understand that when prices are set, every dollar spent is an investment into their selves & money invested in Manny is well-deserved.

His barber shop isn’t just any other shop. His shop is a place where men (mostly) come to unwind & recharge themselves after having the burdens of just being a man. When you walk through the doors, you’re not a client—you’re family.

He understands the importance barber client relationships. He establishes rapport. The relationships & connections with his patrons significantly impacts the success of his business. When you step into his shop, there’s an atmosphere of family & he makes clients comfortable. Not only does he make clients comfortable, he also shows that he appreciates their time & existence in his shop. Yes, you can get a cut or services anywhere—but will you get the Manny personable experience?

Another reputable & respectable aspect of Stylez Unique is that his services all inclusive; he provides services to all races, genders, & orientations. He works with various hair textures & flawlessly performs.

Next to the atmosphere or environment, cleanliness is up to par. Though it’s not in the forefront of the mind of people, an important part of barbering is sanitation & sterilization. This is another area in which he exceeds expectations. He ensures that he uses the best tools & cleans them between clients.

His ever growing clientele super-ceded his former space & he elevated to opening a shop of his own!

If your barber is retired or you have relocated to VA, look no further—I just introduced you to your new barber.

Congratulations 🍾🎈🎉🎊

Word of mouth is often times the best form of marketing, but in this case—the cuts do the talking for Manny.

Manny Brooks—barber, owner, stylist, or miracle worker for you to book for you next look. You will leave there differently than when you came!

You can walk into his shop & sit in his chair with confidence & walk out with reassurance that you know you look good.

You don’t have to search all over for your perfect shop, you can find the perfect barber for you in one stop at :

12480 Warwick Blvd

Newport News, VA 23606

This is why he’s known Mr. SetApart Brooks! Stephy Says 💋 he has rightfully earned his self made name!

Mr. SetApart

This name is rightfully his!

When looking for a barber or stylist, the first thing people usually do is search for reviews or comments about their service: let this be the review you read for Stylez Unique Barber Salon and Spa.

Catch him now before he takes all the way off! I’ve been watching his journey, & now you can too! Keep an eye out, I’ll bet anything that you will see him on the big screen as a celebrity 💈

If you are looking for a barber to trust, Stephy Says 💋 I would bet on Manny.

Due to the high demand of his services, be sure you reserve a spot or book ahead at the link below.

Book Mr. SetApart at Stylez Unique here

Shop hours are:

Monday-Saturday 9:00 AM- 10:00 PM.

Connect with Stylez Unique on social media:

Understand this, there’s no way possible for me to put into words how dope he really is. You just have to go get cut & see for yourself!

If anybody asks, tell’em Manny did it 💈& Stephy said it 💋!

Be Unique!

Happy cutting 💈


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Yummy Yumz LLC 🐨

Stephy Says 💋 how many times after eating dinner (or supper where I’m from) do we say, “now, I need something sweet?” Ok, maybe that’s a southern thing, but what I do know is—mealtime isn’t complete without fulfilling that sweet tooth. Everyone loves dessert. Allow me to introduce to you Yummy Yumz, LLC—with treats so good you’ll want to skip dinner!

First, meet the owner Kiera Sessoms, serving sweets & pastries in various cities & counties located in North Carolina. She is personable & takes pride in making your shopping experience great.

Founder of Yummy Yumz, LLC

Anyone can buy a cake from the store, & for most people, that’s the preferred method. However, every product sold by Yummy Yumz is homemade & made with a little extra love in appreciation for your support. She specializes in desserts & pastries with a wide variety of products including, but not limited to: cakes, cupcakes, banana pudding, apple cobblers, peach cobblers, cheesecakes, cheesecake cups, chocolate dipped rice crispy treats, chocolate covered strawberries, & cookies. Here’s one obvious reason why you should support her —>Who doesn’t love a spread of assorted desserts?

Let’s take a minute to get into this “What will it bee 🐝?” gender reveal theme customized & created by Yummy Yumz.

What will it bee?

Before we talk about the attention to details in her decorating, let’s talk taste. Because how the desserts taste takes priority over how they look. Trust me, I’ve seen some beautiful cakes that tasted like dirt 🤢. Lucky for you, if you shop with Yummy Yumz, that won’t be the case.

Her desserts are lovingly made to order & freshly baked per order. This means your cake is moist, your cookies melt in your mouth, & your cheesecake is chilled to perfection before delivery. Did I mention that orders are uniquely created specifically with you in mind? Her cakes are fluffy in texture accompanied by smooth icing. The icing is an equally important part because cupcakes without icing are just muffins, right? Right! And nobody orders birthday muffins. I’m just saying the beautiful frosting tastes as great as it looks. Don’t get me started on the cookies! The cookies by Yummy Yumz are highly enjoyable, soft, chewy, & consistent in every bite. Listennnn, when I tell you that her desserts are bursting with flavor without overwhelming the taste buds or leaving that tart after taste—-I mean it.

Her sweets are giving exactly what they’re supposed to give—bakery style with a personal touch.

Look at the fluffy extra creamy frosting & that decadent cheesecake. 🤤 The cheesecake cups are filled with buttery crust & fluffy mousse.

Flowers of deliciousness
Apple cobbler cheesecake
Cheesecake cups

She’s managed to find a way to allow you to indulge in some of your favorite sweets & condensed them into bite sized creations which is perfect for those who want a tidbit of guilty pleasure. ….Especially those who want to enjoy the full flavor without gaining a full figure lol I’m sure the weight watchers & calorie counters won’t mind you having a few bites of the irresistible sweetness.

🍎🥧Yummy Yumz has reinvented several of the traditional American favorite desserts. Old fashioned desserts meet new school techniques. When I say reinvent, I mean she put the Apple Pie in a cookie. YES, an Apple Pie cookie. The apples, the cinnamon, the sugar, the crust…ALL of the ingredients of the pie has been baked into a cookie. Even with that brilliant idea, she’s just getting started.

🍓She also turned the strawberry Pop Tart into a cupcake & topped it with a bite of the ACTUAL Pop Tart! The sprinkles are a kid’s favorite part. Maybe you’ve seen that before, but it’s all new to me. And you know what? It’s brilliant.

🍓Oh yeah….Remember those nights at the fair or carnival where all you wanted was a funnel cake? She has brought the county/state fair experience straight to your home with a strawberry funnel cupcake topped with confectioners’ sugar. Yes! A mini cupcake sitting right on top of your cupcake.

🍌One more thing, while we are talking about dessert reinventions—she has a banana pudding cupcake that actually has banana pudding in it. The Nilla Wafer on top adds flavor & pizzazz. Talk about a dessert stacked with a dessert!

🍍Yummy Yumz even offers a loaded pineapple cheesecake bowl!! Sweet assorted fruit drizzled with chocolate sauce & paired with fruit dipping sauces.

She literally brings new & fresh ideas to the table.

Cupcakes reinvented
Loaded pineapple cheesecake bowl

Besides reinventions, Yummy Yumz has mastered themed cake decorating. Her cakes are almost too beautiful to eat. Her themed cakes allow customers to experience the unforgettable combination of fun and flavor.

If you ask for a particular theme, you will get a cake & cupcakes that proves she understood the assignment.

Feed your inner child with these memorable cartoon cupcakes & festive treats layered in the buttercream you remember so fondly.

Sesame Street theme
Circus theme 🤡🎪🎡🎠🍿🎟🎭
Breakfast theme 🥞
Alice in Wonderland theme 🐇🎩♥️♠️

As you can see in the pictures above, she makes show stopping creations. The best part about it is, they are all edible! Remember when I said they are almost too beautiful to eat. Notice I said almost lol, only because you can’t help but nibble away at the desserts. With Yummy Yumz, the dessert table is always sure to wow the crowd & impress the guests. She not only makes a difference, she meets expectations.

With the holidays quickly approaching, let me drop this nugget. The hunt for the perfect treat is over.

Don’t feel like baking Thanksgiving sweets? Try serving Yummy Yumz Apple Pie cookies, traditional Apple Pie, or Peach Cobbler cheesecake waffle bowls for an unforgettable dessert. This is the perfect finish to a family meal.

Yummy Yumz also makes hot chocolate bombs that are perfect to pair with the elf on the shelf, & chocolate chip cookies for Santa. (Oh yeah, these would make perfect gifts for your child(ren)’s teachers).

Stephy Says 💋Here’s why I admire her work & support her business: the imperfections.

She reveals to her supporters her flaws & imperfections of her work. She posts pictures to inspire herself along this journey. She shares her weakest moments with her clientele. THAT is the kind of modesty & humility I look for in entrepreneurs. She shows us that she’s human & that mistakes or flaws does not take away from value. She gives customers her best while still striving to be better. She’s transparent as a business owner & shares her true thoughts & feelings with her supporters. As an entrepreneur myself, I can identify with her. More than that, she’s human & her business venture is relatable to us all. She’s a mother, a wife, a sister, a niece, an aunt, & juggles all of her responsibilities while successfully running & maintaining a business. That leaves me awestruck because I know from personal experience how difficult balancing life can be.

I’m not sure of your religious beliefs, but her story to leave a committed career to pursue her dreams & rely on her faith is inspiring. Not only does she have the best recipes for desserts, she has the recipe for success.

So you see, when you shop with Yummy Yumz, you’re not only helping yourself, you are investing in a dream, a family, a mother, & good faith. The cakes & desserts you purchase assist her with continuing her business, caring for her children, providing for her family, & a will to keep going. That’s why you should skip “large names” bakeries & shop with Yummy Yumz.

Yummy Yumz is available to serve you for:

  • 🎉birthday parties
  • 💍weddings
  • 🎓graduations
  • 🤰🏽baby showers
  • 👶🏽🎀gender reveals
  • 👩‍👦Mother’s Day
  • 👨‍👦Father’s Day
  • 🦃Thanksgiving
  • 🎄Christmas
  • 🎁🍾Anniversaries
  • 🧓🏽Retirements
  • ♥️Just because
  • And many more!

Join the Yummy Yumz experience. Baking is her business, & desserts is what she does best.

I know at some point we have all vowed to “do better“ with our eating habits, but spoil yourself & give in to temptation with Yummy Yumz!
Enjoy a dessert you’ll never forget! Stephy Says 💋it’s worth the calories!!

Connect with Yummy Yumz on social media:

Happy munching 😃🍰🧁🍪🍩


My 2 Cents

A Cure to COVID: Suffer Now or Later?

Stephy Says 💋 first of all: I’m sick of COVID. Sick of hearing about it. Sick of talking about it. Sick of working in it. But, it’s still here…therefore, so am I.

With that being said…

2020 hit us all like a ton of bricks as life as we knew it changed so quickly & drastically. COVID-19 reared its head in the most unimaginable way possible. When the Corona virus made news headlines, let’s admit—none of us really took it seriously. I mean after all, we have seen & lived through the H1N1 Swine flu, H5N1 Bird Flu, Ebola, & Zika; not to mention old school outbreaks like Polio, Measles, Chicken Pox, Whooping Cough, & Tuberculosis. This outbreak would come & go like the others, right? Wrong!

COVID-19 made an appearance & proved that it was here to stay. We witnessed laws change, courthouses close, DMVs shut down, approval of to-go alcohol beverages, schools close its doors, jobs furloughed, utility bills & rent be forgiven, & generous funds (stimulus checks) be provided by the government. Who would have ever thought this would happen in America?

Nobody saw this coming, well except maybe the conspiracy theorists. Honestly, I will admit, I’ve listened to some of the theories—& I don’t think they are all wrong.

We went from a democratic nation fighting over toilet paper & hand sanitizer to a mandatory mask wearing social distancing with a curfew new world order country—all in the blink of an eye. Tests were unavailable to confirm actual positive results & symptoms changed from strictly respiratory symptoms to flu like symptoms with a touch of “sinus infection.” Boy, 2020 had us confused.

Initially, scientists were baffled. Doctors were confused. The medical field was in shambles. And healthcare workers felt complete chaos. There was barely any PPE (personal protective equipment) & “no room in the inn” when it came to hospitals.

As far as those who contracted the virus, there was no standard treatment. Individuals were instructed to “treat the symptoms” with OTC medicines like ibuprofen & Tylenol for muscles aches/fever & hydration. Severe cases were treated with ICU hospitalizations for respiratory distress & life threatening cases ended in death.

Then, miraculously vaccinations appeared—3 different vaccines at that (Moderna, Pfizer, & Johnson & Johnson). All of which had been approved for EUA (emergency use authorization) by the FDA with CDC regulating the guidelines.

As of August 23, 2021 Pfizer became the first & only COVID vaccination approved by the FDA.

As of September 17, 2021 the FDA advisers vote against Pfizer booster shots for the general public.

8:50 pm September 17, 2021 FDA panel recommends Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 booster shots only for people 65 and older or at high risk

Editor’s note: This post was originally published [January 9, 2021] and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

This is when everyone in the world became scientists & COVID experts.

As a healthcare professional, I pride myself on being safe, largely in part due to the life of my patients depending on me, but also for the fact that the safety & wellbeing of my patients is my priority. Also, I too like living.

With that being said, I still receive condemning scowls from individuals because I chose not to get vaccinated. I’m usually informed of the death toll from the virus, as if I’m not already aware. I’ve been called all kinds of names you can think of, people can “understand for the life of my why someone just would be so stupid not to get the vaccine.”

Personally, I have seen the news coverage, & I am aware that the numbers are inaccurate.For some reason, it is just hard for some people to accept the concept of free will or the personal choice of not participating in vaccines. I pass no judgement on anyone’s choice when it comes to their health.

I found a few of the most common reasons for people not being vaccinated:

Most people I come across were initially afraid to take the vaccine due to unknown side effects. The most common side effects seem to be fever, muscle aches, soreness or tenderness at injection site, headache, chills, & fatigue.

The other reason is this, “if I can still get COVID then why do I even need to get the shot?” (keep reading for more of my two cents)


The divide is not between VACCINATED & UNVACCINATED. The divide is between RESPONSIBLE & IRRESPONSIBLE.

I am unvaccinated, not irresponsible.

I wear a mask.

I wash my hands—THOROUGHLY.

I practice social distancing.

And I would still do the same if I was vaccinated.

Let’s talk vaccines.

The media does a poor job of accurately informing the general public. Overall, their goal is to entertain, not really inform. The information we receive is 3rd party. I can only imagine how many times the information has been re-written & misconstrued before being aired to viewers. They air news & headlines that provide a false certainty & a misguided sense of assurance. The statistics are fluffed up for extra excitement & a little more razzle dazzle.

Contrary to popular belief, receiving the COVID vaccination does NOT prevent an individual from contracting or spreading the virus. It merely decreases the chances of severity of symptoms & makes hospitalization less likely. With that being said, vaccinated individuals can still be positive WITH symptoms. They can also be positive WITHOUT symptoms & transmit it to others without knowing. Hence why masks for vaccinated individuals is still necessary.

The vaccines’ effectiveness is supposed to allegedly last about 6 months. I’ve seen people test positive within 3 months or less of receiving their 2nd dose. Am I surprised? No, because I understand that vaccines do not prevent the virus nor the spread of it.

Here are some facts:

A modest percentage of people who are fully vaccinated will still get Covid-19 if they are exposed to the virus that causes it,” Dr. Walensky said in the email.


The vaccines were intended to prevent hospitalization and death, the worst outcomes of infection, in large part the result of damage to the lungs and other organs.

I said all that to say this, even if you are vaccinated- please be responsible. Yes, I know you’re not responsible for anybody else’s health. However, just for decent human courtesy. It would be nice.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had patients come into the office upset because they are asked to wear a mask. “I got the shot.” That’s ALWAYS the response. But let me tell you this…my last 2 exposures have not been from unvaccinated people. They have been from vaccinated people who thought they were “ok” (even though they had ALL the symptoms), just because “they got the shot.” Guess who they contracted the virus from? Vaccinated people. Undoubtedly, people who were didn’t feel the need to mask up because of receiving“the shot.”

Educating about the vaccine & it’s objective is key.

My second point:

The news & the community consistently blames the unvaccinated for the spread of the virus when that is not necessarily the case.

Honestly, when the CDC decided to release the new guidelines stating fully vaccinated individuals were no longer required to wear masks, they were too trusting that Americans would be honest. The dishonest unvaccinated ones that chose to forego the mask without the vaccine were irresponsible. THOSE are the ones responsible for the spread of the virus.

That ain’t got nothing to do with me. I was still responsible. Vaccinated? No! Responsible? Yes.

What it all comes down to is being a responsible & courteous human being. Vaccinated or not, wear the mask, wash your hands, & stay outta people’s face.

If people don’t wanna get vaccinated, mind your business & stay outta their way when you see them coming.

If requirements or mandates come, that’s whack as a heart attack but let people deal with that & cross that bridge when they get to it.

There has been some talk of unvaccinated people having higher insurance premiums. Why? If I’m not sick or costing any extra bills or claims, why should it matter?

I stood in the middle of COVID care for over 70 positive patients before scientists even knew what it was or even had a vaccine to offer. I have maintained negative results the whole pandemic, & now because I refuse their precious vaccine, I should be penalized. Get outta here!

Do I agree with the mandates? Absolutely not! Because I don’t believe anyone should be “made” to do something to their body if it’s not their desire or own free will. After all, as a nurse, we were always taught that a patient has a right to refuse any form of treatment. I believe & fully support medical freedom!

A little more perspective for you:

P.S. here’s how I’ve remained negative the entire pandemic :

  • 1,000 mg Vitamin C
  • 110mg Zinc Oxide
  • Orange Juice
  • Hydration (Water)
  • 8-10 hours of sleep
  • Keep stress levels low
  • Wash hands or sanitize
  • Wearing a mask
  • Avoiding large crowds (social distancing)

Disclaimer: I am not a medical practitioner & not offering any medical advice. Everything in this article is strictly based upon personal experience & opinions.

Stay safe! Happy vaxxing!

Oh yeah, we thought 2020 was bad.

Welcome to 2020won… read it again🥴

As Always, Stephy Says 💋 LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, & SUBSCRIBE

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Create A Marketing Plan You Can Stick To

Stephy Says 💋, last year, I published a blog post about building your brand. In that post, I mentioned that branding is who you are & marketing is what you do. Branding is about YOU & marketing is about the CUSTOMER. I still stand firm on that statement.

Let’s start by defining the word marketing according to Oxford Languages. Marketing is a present participle of the market which means to advertise or promote something.

Marketing consists of 6 C’s: clarity, content, consistency, call to action terms, your community, & commitment.

Content Marketing examples

Before you can market effectively there are a few things to consider, especially when you think of your audience. Examples of considerations are, but not limited to: age, gender, geographical locations, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, religious preferences, education levels, etc.

To better assist you, I’ve compiled a list of thought provoking questions & tips to keep in mind prior to marketing or to enhance your marketing techniques.

In & Out Look to Successful Marketing

Prepare Your Mind for Business

Entrepreneurship is not for the weak! It will definitely test your patience & your gangsta. YOU WILL FAIL! It’s inevitable. However, you are NOT a failure! Success will come! But…it comes with a mindset.

You will need to establish a mind frame of shameless & relentless communication. Remember these 2 words: MILLIONAIRE MINDSET! Challenge your thinking!

Extroverts, this is your time to shine! For those who are innately introverted, it will feel more like over communication. You will feel uncomfortable. However, your success depends on your marketing skills, so get your mind right!

Determine your main niche ( main idea of the business or brand)

Decide what you want to do, & stick with it! Do NOT appear inconsistent. Hone in on what you have to offer. If you offer multiple products, don’t stress yourself out! You don’t have to market every single product, but rather focus on the category of your products: i.e. beauty/makeup, clothing, jewelry/watches, food/drinks, healthcare, etc.

Change strategies if current one does not yield effective results

If ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Buttttt….if your current marketing strategies aren’t bringing in the traffic you need, revamp your strategy. Go back to the drawing board & revisit the aforementioned details about your audience—age, gender, geographical location, socio-economic status. Pay close attention to analytics & stats to see where the majority of your traffic or supporters are. Create hashtags unique to your business & brand- i.e #stephysays💋

For example: Are you marketing high prices items to low economy consumers? Are you pushing your meat products to a vegan audience?

What is the need of my audience, consumer, or customer?

Identify your buyers & identify what stage they are in their buyer’s journey. The awareness stage is the point in which consumers recognize there is a need. Marketing begins here with engagement.

Buyer’s journey photo courtesy of Olsen Matrix

How can I solve their problem?

Again, buyer’s journey. After awareness comes consideration. Your marketing skills should hone in on why your products or service should be considered above all others. The final stage is the decision! Consumers should choose You!

*Fun fact: on average, a buyer will need to see your content at least 7 times before they commit to buying.

What do they not like?

This is just as important as what they do not like, & should be taken into as much consideration when marketing.

What are some items my audience, customer, or consumer love?

Is your audience attracted to bright colors, fun pictures, professional font or more fun font? Do they like personal deliveries or direct door shipping?

How will consumers pay for my products?

In other words, make it clear how payments will be accepted such as—Cash App, PayPal, Automatic draft, money order, check, credit card (Square), After Pay, Zelle, etc.

How will my consumers receive their product?

Consider all methods of delivery & make it clear to consumers before transactions are made. If possible, include it while marketing. Mail, local pick up, local drop off?

Other questions that may often be excluded but are great to consider are —Will they pay for shipping and handling or will the company cover the fee? Will you charge extra for drop offs?

✓What are you hours of operation? Are they convenient for consumers? Include your holiday hours, weekend availability, lunch or meal periods, as well as emergency access if applicable. Emergency application may be necessary for home health agencies or health care services.

Speaking of hours, be cognizant of the hours you market. Pay attention to algorithms & hours that your following base is most active.

✓ Research ways to connect with potential customers & engage. Be a life long learner! Methods of marketing are constantly evolving & changing.


Here’s a downloadable “Can we keep you updated?” form for customers:

Really briefly, let’s talk about fresh ideas to increase your chances to gain traffic to your websites or your business!

MARKETING IDEAS & SUGGESTIONS to gain traffic & new customers:

Create swag bags (sandwich bags or ziplock bags, etc)


Swag bags should include: Business card, sample of product (if applicable), candy (optional) or, & a thoughtful handwritten note.

Pass out bags to people you meet in the grocery store, hairdressers, bank tellers, postal employees, etc).

Write A Letter or email to Potential Customer

Sell yourself & your product. Include how consumers can contact or connect with you such as—Name, Brand name, phone number, website, social media, email, etc.

In the letter, explain what you can do for them, offer promotional discounts, share testimonials, explain why you are better than your competitors & without tearing them down. Do you have competitive prices? Let them know! Solicit donations if applicable. Lastly, offer incentives to become a customer.

Below are listed are public establishments to market your business:

Post Business Fliers

o Laundry mats

o Mobile home parks

o Apartment complexes

o Grocery store community boards

o Daycare Centers

o College Campuseso Churches

o Doctor’s Offices

o Public Library

o Car dealerships

o Gyms

o Newspaper articles

o Restaurants

o Travel Agencies, hotels, airports, etc.

To give you more leverage in the world of entrepreneurship, also consider this list below for additional opportunities to market as well as larger platforms to market.


✗ Join your local Chamber of Commerce (NETWORK) !!

✗ Attend workshops and conferences on entrepreneurship

✗ Welcome wagon! Someone new to the neighbor? Welcome them with a sample of your product!

✗ Contact local hospitals that gives “freebies” to new mothers & ask if they accept outside samples.

✗ Donate a PRODUCT BASKETS to establishments for free advertising (churches, fundraisers, non=profits, etc) INCLUDE A BUSINESS CARD

✗ Bookmarks


No one likes a business that only wants to take & never gives! With that being said…


❖ Birthday promos*Loyalty gifts

❖ Handwritten thank you cards/notes*Keep in touch!

❖ Random giveaways & free samples*Be easy to contact

❖ Wrap purchases like gifts*Schedule a little extra

❖ Customer experience

❖ Create communities for your consumers online (blog posts or open forum, private VIP groups, etc).

❖ Ask for opinions & feedback- how did we do surveys either by email, paper, or phone surveys.

❖ Welcome Packets for new customers! Thank you for being a customer, list of products or services along with prices, promo programs, etc.

Hopefully, this brief guide for beginners has been interesting & informative without it being overwhelming.

As you can probably see, marketing is a full time job & an on-going process. It takes levels of commitment, consistency, & efficiently maneuvering through criticism (from yourself & from others). I won’t lie, it can be draining of energy, but it will be worth it!

To prevent marketing from becoming a daunting task, alternate or revamp techniques to keep it interesting & appealing to you & customers.

As an entrepreneur you need to master 3 things:

Branding, marketing, & networking. Let’s talk!

If you are in need of a business coach for professional development or content marketing, you’re in luck! I’m a certified professional development coach that also happens to be certified in content marketing!

Connect with me on Social media:

Happy marketing 📬📲💻

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I AM by Faye

Stephy Says 💋 regardless of what anyone may say, accessories are a necessity. Nothing completes a look like a fashionable pair of shoes, a trendy purse, or a corresponding lippie (for women); but above all,—jewelry pulls the final look together. Go from drab to fab in a few short seconds with adding the simplest details.

Ladies, think about how an outfit of yours went from bleak to chic by adding earrings (studs, tassels, or hoops), stacked arm candy (bracelets), layered necklaces, or rings. While I leave you to ponder on these thoughts…

Allow me to introduce you Amber McMahan, owner of the jewelry company, I AM By Faye.

Amber, owner of I Am by Faye

I AM by Faye is not your ordinary jewelry company. This temporary small business is owned by a mother, a soldier, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a niece, & a friend. Each products is crafted by Amber with love & completed by hand to a standard of imperfect perfection to ensure that each of your products are uniquely made just for you!

I Am By Faye Jewelry

Her products have a level of simplicity yet also have a striking appearance that appeals to the eye. She has products that are perfect for the minimalist such as adorable & feminine lightweight studs decorated with foils, but she also edgy statement trendsetting pieces such as body positivity (in every shade of skin complexion) & Black Lives Matter.

Minimalist Studs
Body Positivity
Minimal & Bold Pieces

EVERY product made by Amber
is created with accents that add eye-catching sparkle as well as a pop of pretty color. Every product that is created with labor of love always looks as good as you do & is packaged & shipped with impeccable customer service. Remember, presentation is everything.

All of her featured accessories are perfect for any occasion that you can use to dress up or down. For a day in the office or business casual, her earrings or stackable bracelets add a gorgeous, sophisticated, stylish glow to any professional outfit; one would might say you would be interview ready. But, here’s the catch—you can go from the office to after-hours with ease, polish, & style. Coordinate earrings or bracelets with any ensemble from business casual to everyday wear.

Bold Earrings

These bold earrings as pictured above could be paired with a necklace added to your favorite dress or V-neck blouse.

No matter if your style is modest & reserved or flamboyant & in your face, I AM by Faye can meet your needs. Besides style, your quantity preference can be met. She can manufacture orders in single or bulk/mass production. Products are even sensitive to skin allergies.

Bulk order

Fashion sense shouldn’t be expensive, & I AM by Faye fully understands that concept. She has jewelry that not only fits your lifestyle, but also your budget.

Products are:

Affordable & accentual.

Now let me add this: as of August 1st, there will be an increase in prices. Yes, the price tag is going up! AS IT SHOULD! Especially, with the quality of her products & the customer service you receive with purchase.

Labor isn’t free! This boss babe has been putting her blood, sweat, & tears into her business & her brand. She has come into her own, established a clientele, & discovered her worth. And WE GON STAND BESIDE HER!

Accentuate your favorite styles by adding some glamour & or intricate simplistic designs. Though some pieces may be petite, there is durability to last throughout your days.

Inexpensive & innovative.

Notice I said inexpensive NOT cheap. There is a distinctive difference between the two.

Once again, the price tag is going up! But, you’re in luck.

Even with a price increase, prices were set with the customers in mind. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to afford & support without breaking the bank. As old people say, you’ll be able to show you have “champagne taste” while discreetly maintaining a “beer budget.” With the innovation of her products, some of her products are uniquely made, & you can be sure that the people around you won’t be able to duplicate your drip without shopping with I Am by Faye.

Trendy & top of the line quality.

While I AM by Faye, may seem to offer products that may appear to be mere “jewelry,” this company offers so much more than jewelry. She provides confidence & self esteem boosted by every product worn by her clients. She provides another platform for creativity & self expression for those who display their true selves in artistic expression through style or dress.

When I say top of the line, I mean she only offers her customers the best value & aims for highest degree of customer satisfaction, in which she does both with ease.

In my honest opinion, craftiness & exceptional customer service is not something that can really be taught. Either you have it or you don’t, & I AM by Faye DEFINITELY has it.

I AM by Faye is ALL inclusive & does not judge nor discriminate has a product for EVERYONE:

If you prefer colorful accents or a pop of boldness, there’s something for you.

If you prefer something small & modest, simple but apparent, there’s something for you.

If you prefer to make a statement—whether it’s political or personal, there’s something for you.

If you prefer to charge your body with energy by crystals or beads, there’s something for you.

If you prefer same sex relationships, there’s something for you.

If you prefer matching sets & want earrings along with bracelets, there’s something for you.

Pride & BLM
Stackable bracelets

Products by I AM by Faye would make a standout addition to your jewelry collection & stand in a league of their own.

Why shop with a large name jewelry company that will never know you by name or never remember your experience as a customer? I AM by Faye is family based, hands on, personable, & relatable.

Update as of February 21, 2022

I Am by Faye has now expanded. She is offering t-shirts, customized mugs & tumblers, home decor, etc. Her products can now be found in store at Unique Image Beauty Supply located in Arlington, Texas.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published [July 31, 2021] and has been updated frequently for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

Stephy Says 💋 join the I AM by Faye movement, find your perfect accessory, apparel, & decor. Shop today!

Connect with I AM by Faye on social media:

Happy shopping 🛍🛒

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LeahJenea: Crooked Love Story

Stephy Says 💋, if you’ve ever tuned in to Diddy’s show The Four, then you hav probably seen the face & heard the melodic voice of this next artist—allow me to present, the trailblazing LeahJenea.

LeahJenea Instagram

Initially, I wasn’t watching The Four, nor was I interested in watching it (if you follow me, you know I don’t watch much tv)….But my hip hop artist brother Emissary the Shepard thought I would be interested & told me to tune in. I don’t know why, but I always listen to him.

THIS was one time I was glad I did. The second episode I watched was the episode that featured THE LeahJenea’s riveting audition <—click it.

From the minute she popped on the TV I was sucked in. Then she opened her mouth, & I was captivated. She was just different.

She was almost the complete opposite of the “it” girls. Her glasses frames were fashionable but big. Her hair was short. Her body frame wasn’t BBL curvaceous. She was regular & REAL. Just like me! (like she does Shein hauls)

All of this is what drew me to her. I was drawn in by her quirkiness & attracted to the uniqueness she had about her: her speaking voice, her style, her persona, her overall personality. No, I didn’t know her personally, but I felt as I knew her just by the brief interview. My first thought was, she’s relatable. I hadn’t even heard her sing, but I was a fan, simply because she was the “girl next door.”

LeahJenea is one of a kind. In fact, even her competitors on the sidelines were complimentary of her style, & saying— “okay, outfit!” when she stepped on stage. From the outside looking in, it seemed like she stole the whole show. Just her presence on the stage & her existence on the show alone added a different type of pressure & energy to The Four that wasn’t there before she arrived—butttt, that’s just what Stephy Says 💋.

LeahJenea *photo courtesy of Facebook

In an industry full of clones (for lack of better terms), she showed the world that she has always been sure to remain true who she is as an artist & as an individual. She gently & indirectly encouraged others to do the same, & she achieved this in a few short moments. Her originality sets her apart.

Did I mention she is GORGEEEE!!!??? *pictures courtesy of her Facebook page*

Aside from relatability, she’s humble & down to earth. As you could probably imagine, her following multiplied or probably tripled after the show, yet she takes time to respond to her supporters.

RT from LeahJenea
A humble celebrity

I remember I shared one of her posts & I wrote a status that said, “I love me some LeahJenea.” She replied on my status, “I love you back 😘.” I’ll never forget that moment.

I will happily support any artists that take time to personally thank & respond to their supporters. LeahJenea is one of those, so she will always have my support. Im talking a lifelong fan! I remember how excited I was when Crooked Love Story dropped! I was up waiting for the minute it was released to the public.

Actual screenshot from my phone

Now, let’s talk LeahJenea vocals. When I watched the audition, she opened her mouth & the voice that came out was totally unexpected but nonetheless, it was breathtaking.

Her voice is a smooth as silk & as comforting as your grandma’s bosom. The uniqueness of her voice has an edge of sultry & jazziness to it. It’s combined with a soul & airy “flowy” tone, & she can go from playful to poised. During her performances, she wows the crowd. As she stood at the center of attention, she maintained her composure, breath control, voice control, & commanded the room…And continues to do so in every performance. She’s sensitive to the sound & tone of her voice; & manipulates it into a sound that is both satisfying to her ears & the ears of her listeners.

LeahJenea breathes life into the lyrics. When she sings, as a listener, you come alive. Emotions are awakened, goosebumps make the hair on your arms stand up, & your heart is full of whatever feeling she’s singing about. When she sang, I missed a man I never had. I loved a man I never knew. And was heartbroken over a relationship I was never in lol I mean she totally puts me in my feels. She gives real, raw, & authenticity in every verse, every hook, every word, & every song.

Screenshot of me listening

She has mastered out of the box versatility. I mean, she relentlessly tears through songs rifting & running through ranges without so much as a even a blink. And the falsetto?? Sheeeeshhhhh! Skillful to say the least. Her voice is rich & saturated with feeling.

Get into this cover of Focus by H.E.R that she posted on her TikTok.

Focus cover

Although she was not crowned as the winner of The Four, she is clearly still a winner in the eyes of American people. She set out to grow her fan base, & share her love for music with the world. Let’s just say she accomplished that goal.

LeahJenea proves that she’s no stranger to music & music is no stranger to her. They belong together, & she belongs in the industry. Stephy Says 💋 LeahJenea is talented, well rounded, & she comes highly recommended!

Stream her music here :


Apple Music



Connect with LeahJenea on social media:

Happy listening 🎧


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SongBird, LLC- Kourtney White

Stephy Says 💋 I came across Songbirdwhite on my regular TikTok scrolling & her voice stuck to my soul. Chilllleeeee, & let me tell you –I AM A LIFE LONG FAN!

Nothing I say is law, but in my honest & humble opinion – her biggest advantage (next to her fashion sense) is her versatility. She can easily flow in sequence with soul, R&B, & gospel. Her vocal presence can grace any genre & adapt without difficulty. She’s a chameleon that makes herself at home with extensive range without compromising who she is or what she represents. Listening to her music, there’s no doubt that the vocal gift she has is a natural born talent. This is the type of music & soul that cannot be taught. The maturity of her voice just further confirmed that she was made for music. She didn’t music, music didn’t choose her –they chose each other. Everything about her sound leaves me emotionally charged; I mean music that leaves you saturated with emotions. The uniqueness & unforgettable tone of her voice are defining characteristics of her as an artist.

The raw authenticity & pureness of her voice gave me chills. Every word in her “Outside” covered was a balanced & layered with pain & passion. Her voice lifts you from where you are & leads you into another realm by getting lost in her vibes. She’s a true songbird. She’s rich in energy & her voice gets better with each repeated play. The “clip” of her singing wasnt enough for me, & I was drawn in & she left me wanting more. The delivery & placement of words in her lyrics are well thought out & executed precisely. Her lyrics are a storytelling medium that taps in the subconscious.

Her music transforms her trial into triumphs with words & melodies. After you listen to it, I’m almost positive that you will deem this cover one of the most memorable ones to date of MO3’s music. LONG LIVE 3

It’s evident that Songbird, LLC is a company with heartfelt dedication & passion for music, lyrics, composition & engineering of music mixtapes & masterpieces.

And she is now your new favorite artist…You’re welcome ❤️


Lyrics – *Stephy Says 💋 disclaimer: some lyrics have been altered to be consistent with cover lyrics *

God know we stepping now and later

Until it hurts, there ain’t no mercy, that’s just how we made

You hear that church up in my verses

‘Cause that’s just how we raised

I told God he gotta forgive me, I’m insane, oh

Get down on my knees when I’m in pain, oh

Tired of the rain on my name

I clean this blood off my Jesus piece

Ooh, Jesus, please

Can you fill my needs? Yeah

Tired of *messin’ up, I’m in the streets, *yeah

Tryna take away this hurt inside of me

God, I need a second chance

Knowin’ that I love you, but sometimes I do the Devil dance

Lost a couple of my patnas, so I’m slidin’ out on whoever end

Drop one of them ni**as

When I kill em, call the reverend, yeah (Yeah)

’Cause no weapon formed against me shall prosper, yeah

Gotta know I’m clutchin’ on this choppa, yeah

Waiting on them boys outside…

Lyrics courtesy of

*Full MO3 & OG Bobby Billions official video here

Screenshot from the official video

Yesterday, K. White posted on Facebook that she is OFFICIALLY the OWNER of SONGBIRD, LLC. 💪🏽

Stephy Says 💋 stream Songbirdwhite’s music here:


Connect with the songbird on social media:

📸 Instagram: @songbirdwhite

🎥 YouTube: Kourtney White

🎶 TikTok: songbirdwhite

👻 Snapv: Holleywood_86

📅 Booking:

Happy listening 🎧


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Better Butters are a WINNER

Stephy Says 💋, did you know that skin is the body’s largest organ?

I know it sounds bizarre, but I swear it’s true. Fact check me here.

Our skin is the body’s first line of defense. Aside from superficial beauty, our skin is our armor.

It weathers environmental pollution, ultraviolet rays from the sun, heavy layers of makeup, biological moisture like sweat & tears, harsh chemicals in cosmetic products, & more recently– unfiltered cycles of carbon dioxide from continuous use of masks.

With all of these things considered, let’s quickly take a poll.

📊If you could describe your skin in one word, what would it be? Oily? Dry? Wrinkled? Scaly?

For me, it’s a difficult combination. Some days it’s oily & shiny, other days it’s dry & itchy.

Growing up, my skin was always described as sensitive. There were days that my skin was scaly due to severe flares, & other days it was moist due to weeping from irritated open areas that I couldn’t will myself to stop scratching. On the days in between, I found mild patches of rashes & red bumps that seemed to multiply as the day progressed. The sun increased sweating, tripled the itching, & spread the rashes. In case you’re wondering, I suffer from atopic dermatitis or Eczema.

Around the time I reached middle school, I had been promoted from atopic dermatitis to contact dermatitis. Belt buckles, accessory jewelry like watches, bracelets, necklaces, cell phones on my face (specifically Sprint nostalgic phone –The Rumor 2), & most items including the metal nickel caused my skin to appear like it had been eaten by acid. Don’t even get me started on the heavily fragranced washing detergents, body soaps, & body sprays.

By age 14, I was seeing a dermatologist that appeared to be grossed out by the way my skin looked. I remember him pointing at a rashes area with his nose scrunched up asking, “what’s that?” I was horrified & humiliated. At this pint in my life, adults were staring & kids didn’t want to play with me or touch anything I had touched.

I had used every kind of anti-itch cream like 1% hydrocortisone cream, Benadryl anti-itch gel, black soap, tar soap, oatmeal baths, & calamine lotion. I was prescribed steroids to combat the itchiness & flares. Triamcinolone was thick, sticky, & heavy on my skin. Elidel had a warning to avoid direct exposure to the sun to prevent increased risk of skin cancer. Eventually, I gave up on everything. Nothing was working, & dermatologist was a no go–, so I stayed away from everything I knew affected me. Even as an adult, the struggle is real! (Pictured below is my rashed arm after removing a plastic blood pressure cuff).

Rash from Blood pressure cuff

But… what if I tell you, I have come across an individual that has the NATURAL cure that can have you go from hating your skin to loving it with just a few amazing life-changing products?

I swear it’s true. Allow me to introduce you to Better Butters.

The Better Butters is 100% natural. All proudcts are made from pure, raw, & authentic Cupuaçu.

100% Pure Raw Cupuaçu

What the heck is Cupuaçu?

It is a botanical plant found in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest and very closely related to cocoa. Its uses include preventing dry or scaly skin, wrinkles, and restore flexibility and elasticity to the skin.

What other all natural butters do you think of for your skin needs? Before Butter Butters, I automatically thought of cocoa butter & Shea butter. While those are good, I know Better Butters.

Cupuaçu facts

The organically plant powered product packed with antioxidants, is one of nature’s best kept secrets & it is essential for beautiful AND healthy skin & hair.

Better Butters maintains moisture staying power & keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day without leaving a sticky residue due to its hydrophilic (water) biological makeup. The water soluble butter allows your skin to remain soft, moisturized, & maintain its elasticity. The all natural butters leave both skin & hair air soft with a natural looking glow. The unaltered & unfiltered formula will take your skin care to a whole new level if you add it as a part of your daily skincare regime.

Better Butters benefit individuals by adding confidence with evidence of their skin being :

✅ Refreshed

✅ Regenerated

✅ Rehydrated

✅ Renewed

✅ Replenished

✅ Resilient

Along with Better Butters nurturing your skin in the present, this plant based natural product also has the capability to travel to the past & reverse scarring, limit signs of aging, damaged skin & hair, oily buildup, dullness, & discoloration.

The whipped or uncut Cupuaçu is powerful yet gentle & protects from the environmental elements. It is specifically designed to reduce pore blockages & support natural collagen–might I add, it is suitable & beneficial for all skin types.

Stephy Says 💋, I’ve personally used Better Butters, & my experience has been nothing short of life changing. My face has a radiant aura & glow (so much that people think I’m pregnant 😅). The texture of my skin has transformed from rashed, inflamed, & bumpy to illuminating, enriched, & smooth. The texture has transition from rough to silky satin smooth.

Remember the picture from before? It’s the same arm.

Better Butters

Whipped Cupuaçu has a lightweight formula that makes your skin look young & vibrant. For best results, apply it daily. This product is the key to the fountain of youth & product of the present & future.

If your skin is anything remotely close to mine, you should be stocking up on skin products to battle Old Man Winter, Father Time, & Mother Nature like yesterday! I mean really, who’s looking forward to dry, burning, itchy skin? Thanks to these products, my dry itchy skin is a thing of the past!

Want to know something more exciting than that? EVERY PRODUCT WAS LESS THAN $30!!! Each order is promptly delivered with professionalism & exceptional customer service AND you get a handwritten letter with you order!

Exceptional quality & service

Keep your skin & hair moisturized all year long with Better Butters!

Need edges? The Better Butters also treats hair. Whether your hair is dry, damaged, tangled, or broken –Cupuaçu keeps the moisture in your hair & improves it without weighing it down. Your hair will be noticeably healthy & easily manageable.

Defend your hair against harsh chemicals & hair stripping conditioners. Enhance your hair’s natural beauty as Better Butters instantly penetrates curls, hair strands, & locs. For the melanated beauties, it transforms the naturally kinky texture of the hair to a more relaxed state without creamy crack.

Cupuaçu is the ideal choice for the health-conscious person.

When you look your best, you feel your best.

Shop today! Your skin & hair will thank you!

Tap in with Better Butters to love the skin you’re in.

Connect with Better Butters on social media:

📸 Follow on Instagram : The Better Butters

👍🏽 Like on Facebook: Better Butters

🐤Follow on Twitter: butters_better

🛍 Shop with Better Butters: Better Butters

From the desk of Winner

Happy glowing 😁


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One Of A Kind

Stephy Says 💋 TikTok continues to take over the social media world with its shenanigans dance & trends. It’s so time consuming & unproductive, yet I can’t seem to stay of it. In my millionth hour of scrolling, I came across a video that made me pause, watch, like, favorite, & comment. Yes, I did the absolute most, but here’s why–allow me to introduce to the brand owner of One of A Kind & TikTok viral sensation YerrBoyDee..oh, by the way his birth name is Darnell.

Here is how I met him…PRESS PLAY


Initially, the dance moves stopped me. Then I studied the video per the TikTok etiquette (I made that up), & realized the fashion sense & style. I remember looking at his outfit saying, “that outfit is tough.” (I have no idea if people even still say that). Y’all know I’m nosey, so I clicked the hyperlinks to find out where to shop his look AND to find out what the heck oOak meant.

Before we get into oOak, let’s take a minute to appreciate his drip. 🥵

Here’s what I found:

“oOak Wear” (one Of a Kind Wear) is a brand designed for those who crave new fashion and dare to be different. A brand that stands out. A brand that says ”I don’t follow trends, I am a trend!” Quality printed and custom designed clothing made for those who care less about fitting in and more about being “one Of a Kind”!

Dee was inspired to start the brand when he realized that he wasn’t made like anyone else. He embraces his differences & wanted to encourage others to do the same.

Typically, things that most people look for when choosing their next look are:




✅ Trendiness

✅ Complementary designs

✅ Durability (not shrinking after being washed or peeling vinyl)

✅ Breathable fabric

One Of A Kind offers all of these qualities in one brand! *Note how the shirt moves naturally against his body while he dances (Go back & See video up there 👆🏽).

All of his merchandise offers a wrinkle-free comfortable fit without compromising style & softness. Each item is masculine enough for men, yet subtle & fitted enough for women. Ladies, dress it up with a pair of pumps & fellas, dress it down with some J’s.

“Time to take that selfie you always wanted!!” In a brand that’s made JUST FOR YOU!

You can effortlessly
show off your trendsetting style when you wear the One Of A Kind brand & stay true to yourself whether your style is quirky, casual, or you’re initiating a new fashion statement. Since it’s 2021, & COVID 19 is old enough to drink now, he has added breathable cotton face masks for both your protection & comfort to comply with our new world order (😬). If you have to wear a mask, why not wear one that’s One Of A Kind? –see what I did there? Before I digress too much, let me add this —> he even has merch for the stoners dropping soon. 💨🍃 Be the 1st to know by subscribing to his site & following him on social media.

His merchandise is sure to get you noticed.–if not for the style, then people will surely stop you to ask what oOak stands for (remember, that’s what made me nosey enough to click the link).

Become your best version of you when you wear oOak. After all, it’s a constant reflective reminder & walking affirmation when you wear it. You feel your best when you look your best.

One Of A Kind brand will make you standout in a world full of clones.

Now, let’s get into his dancing real quick. Dee has MOVES! He is still trending on TikTok & loved by many for his attention capturing videos. Watch him hit all the beats with precision & his own individual personalized spin on the trending dance moves. I think the ladies particularly loves his looks & body accompanied by the dance moves, especially because his videos are a balance of sexy & smooth. It’s been a couple of women that requested repeat videos because their turtles were barking 😅. PRESS PLAY AGAIN!

Aside from the style & dancing, Dee is just easy to love. His personality shines through in every video & picture. His aura & energy is positively contagious. Ok, you won’t be disappointed. Just press play ONE MORE TIME…..please!!! 😁

I guess it’s simply put, Dee is oOak!


From the desk of Dee:

“A brand you’ll love.. Prices you deserve.. Fashion you wont expect.. So you can feel like “one.Of.a.Kind”!!

Shoot your business shot & ask if he’s accepting brand ambassadors 👀👀

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