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BJ Mood Swing

Stephy Says 💋 I remember a viral video on Facebook of a guy sitting in the car singing Praise on the Inside by Jay Moss. The post was shared by The Playmakers Entertainment. I’m sure you remember the video too, but you probably don’t know it yet.

From his physical appearance, you would automatically assume he’s a rapper—or, at least I did. But when Holy meets hood, you get “ya lil brother.” Even The Playmakers Entertainment Facebook caption said:

Don’t judge a book by it’s gold grill … Bjmoodswing is his name

The Playmakers Entertainment

Stephy Says 💋 meet vocal viral sensation BJ Mood Swing.

Many artists have the natural born ability to sing, perform, & entertain. Most times their music is described as “feel good” music. It’s music that touches your heart & your feet. But, BJ Moodswing touches the soul. He taps into the spiritual part of listeners from the start of the song to the ending of it. He was provided with a gift that he selflessly gives to others. The viral video that was previously mentioned was recorded at one of the most devastated moments of his life, & he sacrificed his pain to give his listeners hope. He allowed God to fill him in the areas that he felt the emptiest & shared his private moment of worship with us.

He had just lost his son, & he sacrificed his moments of grief to give his gift to us during his loss.

See full story of his loss here

His voice & purity of his heart is both penetrating & life changing.

BJ Moodswing

His voice combined with the selection of song will transport you to an outer realm. As a listener I can assure you that his melodies seep into your brain & the lyrics tug at your heart. Every note is emotionally rich, & he’s the epitome of an artist with transcendent music. There’s a unique signature to his voice that is not easily imitated. It’s a blend of originality mixed with well known voice such as Pastor Tim Rogers. BJ doesn’t perform or entertain, he breathes life into his listeners.

His voice breaks yokes & has a different form on anointing that is recognizable & resounding. His voice has the power to shift the atmosphere & shift things for better in your life. As I mentioned earlier, he sang himself through his own grief with a voice that was given through the power of God. He uses music from his mouth to reach the heart of the hurt, including his own heart. Not only does he sing to connect with the heart of the listener, he sings to connect with his own faith. He is not communicates God’s love for him, but also his love for God.

BJ’s voice & humility is praiseworthy, but rather than accept accolades for his gift—he gives all praise to God.

BJ delivers blessed music to the broken.

He offers healing music to the hurt.

He gives the Savior’s music to the sick.

He provides faith music to the fallen.

He sings hopeful music to the helpless.

Make no mistake, he’s not perfect but his heart is pure. He just uses his gift from God as creative expressiveness while also encouraging others. What appears to most imports to Bj is displaying his faith so that others may also develop faith in God.

Though he doesn’t necessarily label himself as a “Christian” artist, but being a believer causes his values, spirit, & beliefs to be produced or show in his singing. Singing is HIS form of worship & reverence to an almighty God. In the midst of a chaotic & hateful world, the love & joy he has as a believer shines through his voice. I believe his appearance debunks myths or breaks the stereotype of what a Christian should “look” like.

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Happy listening 🎧🎶