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Yummy Yumz LLC 🐨

Stephy Says 💋 how many times after eating dinner (or supper where I’m from) do we say, “now, I need something sweet?” Ok, maybe that’s a southern thing, but what I do know is—mealtime isn’t complete without fulfilling that sweet tooth. Everyone loves dessert. Allow me to introduce to you Yummy Yumz, LLC—with treats so good you’ll want to skip dinner!

First, meet the owner Kiera Sessoms, serving sweets & pastries in various cities & counties located in North Carolina. She is personable & takes pride in making your shopping experience great.

Founder of Yummy Yumz, LLC

Anyone can buy a cake from the store, & for most people, that’s the preferred method. However, every product sold by Yummy Yumz is homemade & made with a little extra love in appreciation for your support. She specializes in desserts & pastries with a wide variety of products including, but not limited to: cakes, cupcakes, banana pudding, apple cobblers, peach cobblers, cheesecakes, cheesecake cups, chocolate dipped rice crispy treats, chocolate covered strawberries, & cookies. Here’s one obvious reason why you should support her —>Who doesn’t love a spread of assorted desserts?

Let’s take a minute to get into this “What will it bee 🐝?” gender reveal theme customized & created by Yummy Yumz.

What will it bee?

Before we talk about the attention to details in her decorating, let’s talk taste. Because how the desserts taste takes priority over how they look. Trust me, I’ve seen some beautiful cakes that tasted like dirt 🤢. Lucky for you, if you shop with Yummy Yumz, that won’t be the case.

Her desserts are lovingly made to order & freshly baked per order. This means your cake is moist, your cookies melt in your mouth, & your cheesecake is chilled to perfection before delivery. Did I mention that orders are uniquely created specifically with you in mind? Her cakes are fluffy in texture accompanied by smooth icing. The icing is an equally important part because cupcakes without icing are just muffins, right? Right! And nobody orders birthday muffins. I’m just saying the beautiful frosting tastes as great as it looks. Don’t get me started on the cookies! The cookies by Yummy Yumz are highly enjoyable, soft, chewy, & consistent in every bite. Listennnn, when I tell you that her desserts are bursting with flavor without overwhelming the taste buds or leaving that tart after taste—-I mean it.

Her sweets are giving exactly what they’re supposed to give—bakery style with a personal touch.

Look at the fluffy extra creamy frosting & that decadent cheesecake. 🤤 The cheesecake cups are filled with buttery crust & fluffy mousse.

Flowers of deliciousness
Apple cobbler cheesecake
Cheesecake cups

She’s managed to find a way to allow you to indulge in some of your favorite sweets & condensed them into bite sized creations which is perfect for those who want a tidbit of guilty pleasure. ….Especially those who want to enjoy the full flavor without gaining a full figure lol I’m sure the weight watchers & calorie counters won’t mind you having a few bites of the irresistible sweetness.

🍎🥧Yummy Yumz has reinvented several of the traditional American favorite desserts. Old fashioned desserts meet new school techniques. When I say reinvent, I mean she put the Apple Pie in a cookie. YES, an Apple Pie cookie. The apples, the cinnamon, the sugar, the crust…ALL of the ingredients of the pie has been baked into a cookie. Even with that brilliant idea, she’s just getting started.

🍓She also turned the strawberry Pop Tart into a cupcake & topped it with a bite of the ACTUAL Pop Tart! The sprinkles are a kid’s favorite part. Maybe you’ve seen that before, but it’s all new to me. And you know what? It’s brilliant.

🍓Oh yeah….Remember those nights at the fair or carnival where all you wanted was a funnel cake? She has brought the county/state fair experience straight to your home with a strawberry funnel cupcake topped with confectioners’ sugar. Yes! A mini cupcake sitting right on top of your cupcake.

🍌One more thing, while we are talking about dessert reinventions—she has a banana pudding cupcake that actually has banana pudding in it. The Nilla Wafer on top adds flavor & pizzazz. Talk about a dessert stacked with a dessert!

🍍Yummy Yumz even offers a loaded pineapple cheesecake bowl!! Sweet assorted fruit drizzled with chocolate sauce & paired with fruit dipping sauces.

She literally brings new & fresh ideas to the table.

Cupcakes reinvented
Loaded pineapple cheesecake bowl

Besides reinventions, Yummy Yumz has mastered themed cake decorating. Her cakes are almost too beautiful to eat. Her themed cakes allow customers to experience the unforgettable combination of fun and flavor.

If you ask for a particular theme, you will get a cake & cupcakes that proves she understood the assignment.

Feed your inner child with these memorable cartoon cupcakes & festive treats layered in the buttercream you remember so fondly.

Sesame Street theme
Circus theme 🤡🎪🎡🎠🍿🎟🎭
Breakfast theme 🥞
Alice in Wonderland theme 🐇🎩♥️♠️

As you can see in the pictures above, she makes show stopping creations. The best part about it is, they are all edible! Remember when I said they are almost too beautiful to eat. Notice I said almost lol, only because you can’t help but nibble away at the desserts. With Yummy Yumz, the dessert table is always sure to wow the crowd & impress the guests. She not only makes a difference, she meets expectations.

With the holidays quickly approaching, let me drop this nugget. The hunt for the perfect treat is over.

Don’t feel like baking Thanksgiving sweets? Try serving Yummy Yumz Apple Pie cookies, traditional Apple Pie, or Peach Cobbler cheesecake waffle bowls for an unforgettable dessert. This is the perfect finish to a family meal.

Yummy Yumz also makes hot chocolate bombs that are perfect to pair with the elf on the shelf, & chocolate chip cookies for Santa. (Oh yeah, these would make perfect gifts for your child(ren)’s teachers).

Stephy Says 💋Here’s why I admire her work & support her business: the imperfections.

She reveals to her supporters her flaws & imperfections of her work. She posts pictures to inspire herself along this journey. She shares her weakest moments with her clientele. THAT is the kind of modesty & humility I look for in entrepreneurs. She shows us that she’s human & that mistakes or flaws does not take away from value. She gives customers her best while still striving to be better. She’s transparent as a business owner & shares her true thoughts & feelings with her supporters. As an entrepreneur myself, I can identify with her. More than that, she’s human & her business venture is relatable to us all. She’s a mother, a wife, a sister, a niece, an aunt, & juggles all of her responsibilities while successfully running & maintaining a business. That leaves me awestruck because I know from personal experience how difficult balancing life can be.

I’m not sure of your religious beliefs, but her story to leave a committed career to pursue her dreams & rely on her faith is inspiring. Not only does she have the best recipes for desserts, she has the recipe for success.

So you see, when you shop with Yummy Yumz, you’re not only helping yourself, you are investing in a dream, a family, a mother, & good faith. The cakes & desserts you purchase assist her with continuing her business, caring for her children, providing for her family, & a will to keep going. That’s why you should skip “large names” bakeries & shop with Yummy Yumz.

Yummy Yumz is available to serve you for:

  • 🎉birthday parties
  • 💍weddings
  • 🎓graduations
  • 🤰🏽baby showers
  • 👶🏽🎀gender reveals
  • 👩‍👦Mother’s Day
  • 👨‍👦Father’s Day
  • 🦃Thanksgiving
  • 🎄Christmas
  • 🎁🍾Anniversaries
  • 🧓🏽Retirements
  • ♥️Just because
  • And many more!

Join the Yummy Yumz experience. Baking is her business, & desserts is what she does best.

I know at some point we have all vowed to “do better“ with our eating habits, but spoil yourself & give in to temptation with Yummy Yumz!
Enjoy a dessert you’ll never forget! Stephy Says 💋it’s worth the calories!!

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Happy munching 😃🍰🧁🍪🍩