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Create A Marketing Plan You Can Stick To

Stephy Says 💋, last year, I published a blog post about building your brand. In that post, I mentioned that branding is who you are & marketing is what you do. Branding is about YOU & marketing is about the CUSTOMER. I still stand firm on that statement.

Let’s start by defining the word marketing according to Oxford Languages. Marketing is a present participle of the market which means to advertise or promote something.

Marketing consists of 6 C’s: clarity, content, consistency, call to action terms, your community, & commitment.

Content Marketing examples

Before you can market effectively there are a few things to consider, especially when you think of your audience. Examples of considerations are, but not limited to: age, gender, geographical locations, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, religious preferences, education levels, etc.

To better assist you, I’ve compiled a list of thought provoking questions & tips to keep in mind prior to marketing or to enhance your marketing techniques.

In & Out Look to Successful Marketing

Prepare Your Mind for Business

Entrepreneurship is not for the weak! It will definitely test your patience & your gangsta. YOU WILL FAIL! It’s inevitable. However, you are NOT a failure! Success will come! But…it comes with a mindset.

You will need to establish a mind frame of shameless & relentless communication. Remember these 2 words: MILLIONAIRE MINDSET! Challenge your thinking!

Extroverts, this is your time to shine! For those who are innately introverted, it will feel more like over communication. You will feel uncomfortable. However, your success depends on your marketing skills, so get your mind right!

Determine your main niche ( main idea of the business or brand)

Decide what you want to do, & stick with it! Do NOT appear inconsistent. Hone in on what you have to offer. If you offer multiple products, don’t stress yourself out! You don’t have to market every single product, but rather focus on the category of your products: i.e. beauty/makeup, clothing, jewelry/watches, food/drinks, healthcare, etc.

Change strategies if current one does not yield effective results

If ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Buttttt….if your current marketing strategies aren’t bringing in the traffic you need, revamp your strategy. Go back to the drawing board & revisit the aforementioned details about your audience—age, gender, geographical location, socio-economic status. Pay close attention to analytics & stats to see where the majority of your traffic or supporters are. Create hashtags unique to your business & brand- i.e #stephysays💋

For example: Are you marketing high prices items to low economy consumers? Are you pushing your meat products to a vegan audience?

What is the need of my audience, consumer, or customer?

Identify your buyers & identify what stage they are in their buyer’s journey. The awareness stage is the point in which consumers recognize there is a need. Marketing begins here with engagement.

Buyer’s journey photo courtesy of Olsen Matrix

How can I solve their problem?

Again, buyer’s journey. After awareness comes consideration. Your marketing skills should hone in on why your products or service should be considered above all others. The final stage is the decision! Consumers should choose You!

*Fun fact: on average, a buyer will need to see your content at least 7 times before they commit to buying.

What do they not like?

This is just as important as what they do not like, & should be taken into as much consideration when marketing.

What are some items my audience, customer, or consumer love?

Is your audience attracted to bright colors, fun pictures, professional font or more fun font? Do they like personal deliveries or direct door shipping?

How will consumers pay for my products?

In other words, make it clear how payments will be accepted such as—Cash App, PayPal, Automatic draft, money order, check, credit card (Square), After Pay, Zelle, etc.

How will my consumers receive their product?

Consider all methods of delivery & make it clear to consumers before transactions are made. If possible, include it while marketing. Mail, local pick up, local drop off?

Other questions that may often be excluded but are great to consider are —Will they pay for shipping and handling or will the company cover the fee? Will you charge extra for drop offs?

✓What are you hours of operation? Are they convenient for consumers? Include your holiday hours, weekend availability, lunch or meal periods, as well as emergency access if applicable. Emergency application may be necessary for home health agencies or health care services.

Speaking of hours, be cognizant of the hours you market. Pay attention to algorithms & hours that your following base is most active.

✓ Research ways to connect with potential customers & engage. Be a life long learner! Methods of marketing are constantly evolving & changing.


Here’s a downloadable “Can we keep you updated?” form for customers:

Really briefly, let’s talk about fresh ideas to increase your chances to gain traffic to your websites or your business!

MARKETING IDEAS & SUGGESTIONS to gain traffic & new customers:

Create swag bags (sandwich bags or ziplock bags, etc)


Swag bags should include: Business card, sample of product (if applicable), candy (optional) or, & a thoughtful handwritten note.

Pass out bags to people you meet in the grocery store, hairdressers, bank tellers, postal employees, etc).

Write A Letter or email to Potential Customer

Sell yourself & your product. Include how consumers can contact or connect with you such as—Name, Brand name, phone number, website, social media, email, etc.

In the letter, explain what you can do for them, offer promotional discounts, share testimonials, explain why you are better than your competitors & without tearing them down. Do you have competitive prices? Let them know! Solicit donations if applicable. Lastly, offer incentives to become a customer.

Below are listed are public establishments to market your business:

Post Business Fliers

o Laundry mats

o Mobile home parks

o Apartment complexes

o Grocery store community boards

o Daycare Centers

o College Campuseso Churches

o Doctor’s Offices

o Public Library

o Car dealerships

o Gyms

o Newspaper articles

o Restaurants

o Travel Agencies, hotels, airports, etc.

To give you more leverage in the world of entrepreneurship, also consider this list below for additional opportunities to market as well as larger platforms to market.


✗ Join your local Chamber of Commerce (NETWORK) !!

✗ Attend workshops and conferences on entrepreneurship

✗ Welcome wagon! Someone new to the neighbor? Welcome them with a sample of your product!

✗ Contact local hospitals that gives “freebies” to new mothers & ask if they accept outside samples.

✗ Donate a PRODUCT BASKETS to establishments for free advertising (churches, fundraisers, non=profits, etc) INCLUDE A BUSINESS CARD

✗ Bookmarks


No one likes a business that only wants to take & never gives! With that being said…


❖ Birthday promos*Loyalty gifts

❖ Handwritten thank you cards/notes*Keep in touch!

❖ Random giveaways & free samples*Be easy to contact

❖ Wrap purchases like gifts*Schedule a little extra

❖ Customer experience

❖ Create communities for your consumers online (blog posts or open forum, private VIP groups, etc).

❖ Ask for opinions & feedback- how did we do surveys either by email, paper, or phone surveys.

❖ Welcome Packets for new customers! Thank you for being a customer, list of products or services along with prices, promo programs, etc.

Hopefully, this brief guide for beginners has been interesting & informative without it being overwhelming.

As you can probably see, marketing is a full time job & an on-going process. It takes levels of commitment, consistency, & efficiently maneuvering through criticism (from yourself & from others). I won’t lie, it can be draining of energy, but it will be worth it!

To prevent marketing from becoming a daunting task, alternate or revamp techniques to keep it interesting & appealing to you & customers.

As an entrepreneur you need to master 3 things:

Branding, marketing, & networking. Let’s talk!

If you are in need of a business coach for professional development or content marketing, you’re in luck! I’m a certified professional development coach that also happens to be certified in content marketing!

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Happy marketing 📬📲💻

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