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Stephy Says 💋 regardless of what anyone may say, accessories are a necessity. Nothing completes a look like a fashionable pair of shoes, a trendy purse, or a corresponding lippie (for women); but above all,—jewelry pulls the final look together. Go from drab to fab in a few short seconds with adding the simplest details.

Ladies, think about how an outfit of yours went from bleak to chic by adding earrings (studs, tassels, or hoops), stacked arm candy (bracelets), layered necklaces, or rings. While I leave you to ponder on these thoughts…

Allow me to introduce you Amber McMahan, owner of the jewelry company, I AM By Faye.

Amber, owner of I Am by Faye

I AM by Faye is not your ordinary jewelry company. This temporary small business is owned by a mother, a soldier, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a niece, & a friend. Each products is crafted by Amber with love & completed by hand to a standard of imperfect perfection to ensure that each of your products are uniquely made just for you!

I Am By Faye Jewelry

Her products have a level of simplicity yet also have a striking appearance that appeals to the eye. She has products that are perfect for the minimalist such as adorable & feminine lightweight studs decorated with foils, but she also edgy statement trendsetting pieces such as body positivity (in every shade of skin complexion) & Black Lives Matter.

Minimalist Studs
Body Positivity
Minimal & Bold Pieces

EVERY product made by Amber
is created with accents that add eye-catching sparkle as well as a pop of pretty color. Every product that is created with labor of love always looks as good as you do & is packaged & shipped with impeccable customer service. Remember, presentation is everything.

All of her featured accessories are perfect for any occasion that you can use to dress up or down. For a day in the office or business casual, her earrings or stackable bracelets add a gorgeous, sophisticated, stylish glow to any professional outfit; one would might say you would be interview ready. But, here’s the catch—you can go from the office to after-hours with ease, polish, & style. Coordinate earrings or bracelets with any ensemble from business casual to everyday wear.

Bold Earrings

These bold earrings as pictured above could be paired with a necklace added to your favorite dress or V-neck blouse.

No matter if your style is modest & reserved or flamboyant & in your face, I AM by Faye can meet your needs. Besides style, your quantity preference can be met. She can manufacture orders in single or bulk/mass production. Products are even sensitive to skin allergies.

Bulk order

Fashion sense shouldn’t be expensive, & I AM by Faye fully understands that concept. She has jewelry that not only fits your lifestyle, but also your budget.

Products are:

Affordable & accentual.

Now let me add this: as of August 1st, there will be an increase in prices. Yes, the price tag is going up! AS IT SHOULD! Especially, with the quality of her products & the customer service you receive with purchase.

Labor isn’t free! This boss babe has been putting her blood, sweat, & tears into her business & her brand. She has come into her own, established a clientele, & discovered her worth. And WE GON STAND BESIDE HER!

Accentuate your favorite styles by adding some glamour & or intricate simplistic designs. Though some pieces may be petite, there is durability to last throughout your days.

Inexpensive & innovative.

Notice I said inexpensive NOT cheap. There is a distinctive difference between the two.

Once again, the price tag is going up! But, you’re in luck.

Even with a price increase, prices were set with the customers in mind. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to afford & support without breaking the bank. As old people say, you’ll be able to show you have “champagne taste” while discreetly maintaining a “beer budget.” With the innovation of her products, some of her products are uniquely made, & you can be sure that the people around you won’t be able to duplicate your drip without shopping with I Am by Faye.

Trendy & top of the line quality.

While I AM by Faye, may seem to offer products that may appear to be mere “jewelry,” this company offers so much more than jewelry. She provides confidence & self esteem boosted by every product worn by her clients. She provides another platform for creativity & self expression for those who display their true selves in artistic expression through style or dress.

When I say top of the line, I mean she only offers her customers the best value & aims for highest degree of customer satisfaction, in which she does both with ease.

In my honest opinion, craftiness & exceptional customer service is not something that can really be taught. Either you have it or you don’t, & I AM by Faye DEFINITELY has it.

I AM by Faye is ALL inclusive & does not judge nor discriminate has a product for EVERYONE:

If you prefer colorful accents or a pop of boldness, there’s something for you.

If you prefer something small & modest, simple but apparent, there’s something for you.

If you prefer to make a statement—whether it’s political or personal, there’s something for you.

If you prefer to charge your body with energy by crystals or beads, there’s something for you.

If you prefer same sex relationships, there’s something for you.

If you prefer matching sets & want earrings along with bracelets, there’s something for you.

Pride & BLM
Stackable bracelets

Products by I AM by Faye would make a standout addition to your jewelry collection & stand in a league of their own.

Why shop with a large name jewelry company that will never know you by name or never remember your experience as a customer? I AM by Faye is family based, hands on, personable, & relatable.

Update as of February 21, 2022

I Am by Faye has now expanded. She is offering t-shirts, customized mugs & tumblers, home decor, etc. Her products can now be found in store at Unique Image Beauty Supply located in Arlington, Texas.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published [July 31, 2021] and has been updated frequently for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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