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LeahJenea: Crooked Love Story

Stephy Says 💋, if you’ve ever tuned in to Diddy’s show The Four, then you hav probably seen the face & heard the melodic voice of this next artist—allow me to present, the trailblazing LeahJenea.

LeahJenea Instagram

Initially, I wasn’t watching The Four, nor was I interested in watching it (if you follow me, you know I don’t watch much tv)….But my hip hop artist brother Emissary the Shepard thought I would be interested & told me to tune in. I don’t know why, but I always listen to him.

THIS was one time I was glad I did. The second episode I watched was the episode that featured THE LeahJenea’s riveting audition <—click it.

From the minute she popped on the TV I was sucked in. Then she opened her mouth, & I was captivated. She was just different.

She was almost the complete opposite of the “it” girls. Her glasses frames were fashionable but big. Her hair was short. Her body frame wasn’t BBL curvaceous. She was regular & REAL. Just like me! (like she does Shein hauls)

All of this is what drew me to her. I was drawn in by her quirkiness & attracted to the uniqueness she had about her: her speaking voice, her style, her persona, her overall personality. No, I didn’t know her personally, but I felt as I knew her just by the brief interview. My first thought was, she’s relatable. I hadn’t even heard her sing, but I was a fan, simply because she was the “girl next door.”

LeahJenea is one of a kind. In fact, even her competitors on the sidelines were complimentary of her style, & saying— “okay, outfit!” when she stepped on stage. From the outside looking in, it seemed like she stole the whole show. Just her presence on the stage & her existence on the show alone added a different type of pressure & energy to The Four that wasn’t there before she arrived—butttt, that’s just what Stephy Says 💋.

LeahJenea *photo courtesy of Facebook

In an industry full of clones (for lack of better terms), she showed the world that she has always been sure to remain true who she is as an artist & as an individual. She gently & indirectly encouraged others to do the same, & she achieved this in a few short moments. Her originality sets her apart.

Did I mention she is GORGEEEE!!!??? *pictures courtesy of her Facebook page*

Aside from relatability, she’s humble & down to earth. As you could probably imagine, her following multiplied or probably tripled after the show, yet she takes time to respond to her supporters.

RT from LeahJenea
A humble celebrity

I remember I shared one of her posts & I wrote a status that said, “I love me some LeahJenea.” She replied on my status, “I love you back 😘.” I’ll never forget that moment.

I will happily support any artists that take time to personally thank & respond to their supporters. LeahJenea is one of those, so she will always have my support. Im talking a lifelong fan! I remember how excited I was when Crooked Love Story dropped! I was up waiting for the minute it was released to the public.

Actual screenshot from my phone

Now, let’s talk LeahJenea vocals. When I watched the audition, she opened her mouth & the voice that came out was totally unexpected but nonetheless, it was breathtaking.

Her voice is a smooth as silk & as comforting as your grandma’s bosom. The uniqueness of her voice has an edge of sultry & jazziness to it. It’s combined with a soul & airy “flowy” tone, & she can go from playful to poised. During her performances, she wows the crowd. As she stood at the center of attention, she maintained her composure, breath control, voice control, & commanded the room…And continues to do so in every performance. She’s sensitive to the sound & tone of her voice; & manipulates it into a sound that is both satisfying to her ears & the ears of her listeners.

LeahJenea breathes life into the lyrics. When she sings, as a listener, you come alive. Emotions are awakened, goosebumps make the hair on your arms stand up, & your heart is full of whatever feeling she’s singing about. When she sang, I missed a man I never had. I loved a man I never knew. And was heartbroken over a relationship I was never in lol I mean she totally puts me in my feels. She gives real, raw, & authenticity in every verse, every hook, every word, & every song.

Screenshot of me listening

She has mastered out of the box versatility. I mean, she relentlessly tears through songs rifting & running through ranges without so much as a even a blink. And the falsetto?? Sheeeeshhhhh! Skillful to say the least. Her voice is rich & saturated with feeling.

Get into this cover of Focus by H.E.R that she posted on her TikTok.

Focus cover

Although she was not crowned as the winner of The Four, she is clearly still a winner in the eyes of American people. She set out to grow her fan base, & share her love for music with the world. Let’s just say she accomplished that goal.

LeahJenea proves that she’s no stranger to music & music is no stranger to her. They belong together, & she belongs in the industry. Stephy Says 💋 LeahJenea is talented, well rounded, & she comes highly recommended!

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Happy listening 🎧