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SongBird, LLC- Kourtney White

Stephy Says 💋 I came across Songbirdwhite on my regular TikTok scrolling & her voice stuck to my soul. Chilllleeeee, & let me tell you –I AM A LIFE LONG FAN!

Nothing I say is law, but in my honest & humble opinion – her biggest advantage (next to her fashion sense) is her versatility. She can easily flow in sequence with soul, R&B, & gospel. Her vocal presence can grace any genre & adapt without difficulty. She’s a chameleon that makes herself at home with extensive range without compromising who she is or what she represents. Listening to her music, there’s no doubt that the vocal gift she has is a natural born talent. This is the type of music & soul that cannot be taught. The maturity of her voice just further confirmed that she was made for music. She didn’t music, music didn’t choose her –they chose each other. Everything about her sound leaves me emotionally charged; I mean music that leaves you saturated with emotions. The uniqueness & unforgettable tone of her voice are defining characteristics of her as an artist.

The raw authenticity & pureness of her voice gave me chills. Every word in her “Outside” covered was a balanced & layered with pain & passion. Her voice lifts you from where you are & leads you into another realm by getting lost in her vibes. She’s a true songbird. She’s rich in energy & her voice gets better with each repeated play. The “clip” of her singing wasnt enough for me, & I was drawn in & she left me wanting more. The delivery & placement of words in her lyrics are well thought out & executed precisely. Her lyrics are a storytelling medium that taps in the subconscious.

Her music transforms her trial into triumphs with words & melodies. After you listen to it, I’m almost positive that you will deem this cover one of the most memorable ones to date of MO3’s music. LONG LIVE 3

It’s evident that Songbird, LLC is a company with heartfelt dedication & passion for music, lyrics, composition & engineering of music mixtapes & masterpieces.

And she is now your new favorite artist…You’re welcome ❤️


Lyrics – *Stephy Says 💋 disclaimer: some lyrics have been altered to be consistent with cover lyrics *

God know we stepping now and later

Until it hurts, there ain’t no mercy, that’s just how we made

You hear that church up in my verses

‘Cause that’s just how we raised

I told God he gotta forgive me, I’m insane, oh

Get down on my knees when I’m in pain, oh

Tired of the rain on my name

I clean this blood off my Jesus piece

Ooh, Jesus, please

Can you fill my needs? Yeah

Tired of *messin’ up, I’m in the streets, *yeah

Tryna take away this hurt inside of me

God, I need a second chance

Knowin’ that I love you, but sometimes I do the Devil dance

Lost a couple of my patnas, so I’m slidin’ out on whoever end

Drop one of them ni**as

When I kill em, call the reverend, yeah (Yeah)

’Cause no weapon formed against me shall prosper, yeah

Gotta know I’m clutchin’ on this choppa, yeah

Waiting on them boys outside…

Lyrics courtesy of

*Full MO3 & OG Bobby Billions official video here

Screenshot from the official video

Yesterday, K. White posted on Facebook that she is OFFICIALLY the OWNER of SONGBIRD, LLC. 💪🏽

Stephy Says 💋 stream Songbirdwhite’s music here:


Connect with the songbird on social media:

📸 Instagram: @songbirdwhite

🎥 YouTube: Kourtney White

🎶 TikTok: songbirdwhite

👻 Snapv: Holleywood_86

📅 Booking:

Happy listening 🎧


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Better Butters are a WINNER

Stephy Says 💋, did you know that skin is the body’s largest organ?

I know it sounds bizarre, but I swear it’s true. Fact check me here.

Our skin is the body’s first line of defense. Aside from superficial beauty, our skin is our armor.

It weathers environmental pollution, ultraviolet rays from the sun, heavy layers of makeup, biological moisture like sweat & tears, harsh chemicals in cosmetic products, & more recently– unfiltered cycles of carbon dioxide from continuous use of masks.

With all of these things considered, let’s quickly take a poll.

📊If you could describe your skin in one word, what would it be? Oily? Dry? Wrinkled? Scaly?

For me, it’s a difficult combination. Some days it’s oily & shiny, other days it’s dry & itchy.

Growing up, my skin was always described as sensitive. There were days that my skin was scaly due to severe flares, & other days it was moist due to weeping from irritated open areas that I couldn’t will myself to stop scratching. On the days in between, I found mild patches of rashes & red bumps that seemed to multiply as the day progressed. The sun increased sweating, tripled the itching, & spread the rashes. In case you’re wondering, I suffer from atopic dermatitis or Eczema.

Around the time I reached middle school, I had been promoted from atopic dermatitis to contact dermatitis. Belt buckles, accessory jewelry like watches, bracelets, necklaces, cell phones on my face (specifically Sprint nostalgic phone –The Rumor 2), & most items including the metal nickel caused my skin to appear like it had been eaten by acid. Don’t even get me started on the heavily fragranced washing detergents, body soaps, & body sprays.

By age 14, I was seeing a dermatologist that appeared to be grossed out by the way my skin looked. I remember him pointing at a rashes area with his nose scrunched up asking, “what’s that?” I was horrified & humiliated. At this pint in my life, adults were staring & kids didn’t want to play with me or touch anything I had touched.

I had used every kind of anti-itch cream like 1% hydrocortisone cream, Benadryl anti-itch gel, black soap, tar soap, oatmeal baths, & calamine lotion. I was prescribed steroids to combat the itchiness & flares. Triamcinolone was thick, sticky, & heavy on my skin. Elidel had a warning to avoid direct exposure to the sun to prevent increased risk of skin cancer. Eventually, I gave up on everything. Nothing was working, & dermatologist was a no go–, so I stayed away from everything I knew affected me. Even as an adult, the struggle is real! (Pictured below is my rashed arm after removing a plastic blood pressure cuff).

Rash from Blood pressure cuff

But… what if I tell you, I have come across an individual that has the NATURAL cure that can have you go from hating your skin to loving it with just a few amazing life-changing products?

I swear it’s true. Allow me to introduce you to Better Butters.

The Better Butters is 100% natural. All proudcts are made from pure, raw, & authentic Cupuaçu.

100% Pure Raw Cupuaçu

What the heck is Cupuaçu?

It is a botanical plant found in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest and very closely related to cocoa. Its uses include preventing dry or scaly skin, wrinkles, and restore flexibility and elasticity to the skin.

What other all natural butters do you think of for your skin needs? Before Butter Butters, I automatically thought of cocoa butter & Shea butter. While those are good, I know Better Butters.

Cupuaçu facts

The organically plant powered product packed with antioxidants, is one of nature’s best kept secrets & it is essential for beautiful AND healthy skin & hair.

Better Butters maintains moisture staying power & keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day without leaving a sticky residue due to its hydrophilic (water) biological makeup. The water soluble butter allows your skin to remain soft, moisturized, & maintain its elasticity. The all natural butters leave both skin & hair air soft with a natural looking glow. The unaltered & unfiltered formula will take your skin care to a whole new level if you add it as a part of your daily skincare regime.

Better Butters benefit individuals by adding confidence with evidence of their skin being :

✅ Refreshed

✅ Regenerated

✅ Rehydrated

✅ Renewed

✅ Replenished

✅ Resilient

Along with Better Butters nurturing your skin in the present, this plant based natural product also has the capability to travel to the past & reverse scarring, limit signs of aging, damaged skin & hair, oily buildup, dullness, & discoloration.

The whipped or uncut Cupuaçu is powerful yet gentle & protects from the environmental elements. It is specifically designed to reduce pore blockages & support natural collagen–might I add, it is suitable & beneficial for all skin types.

Stephy Says 💋, I’ve personally used Better Butters, & my experience has been nothing short of life changing. My face has a radiant aura & glow (so much that people think I’m pregnant 😅). The texture of my skin has transformed from rashed, inflamed, & bumpy to illuminating, enriched, & smooth. The texture has transition from rough to silky satin smooth.

Remember the picture from before? It’s the same arm.

Better Butters

Whipped Cupuaçu has a lightweight formula that makes your skin look young & vibrant. For best results, apply it daily. This product is the key to the fountain of youth & product of the present & future.

If your skin is anything remotely close to mine, you should be stocking up on skin products to battle Old Man Winter, Father Time, & Mother Nature like yesterday! I mean really, who’s looking forward to dry, burning, itchy skin? Thanks to these products, my dry itchy skin is a thing of the past!

Want to know something more exciting than that? EVERY PRODUCT WAS LESS THAN $30!!! Each order is promptly delivered with professionalism & exceptional customer service AND you get a handwritten letter with you order!

Exceptional quality & service

Keep your skin & hair moisturized all year long with Better Butters!

Need edges? The Better Butters also treats hair. Whether your hair is dry, damaged, tangled, or broken –Cupuaçu keeps the moisture in your hair & improves it without weighing it down. Your hair will be noticeably healthy & easily manageable.

Defend your hair against harsh chemicals & hair stripping conditioners. Enhance your hair’s natural beauty as Better Butters instantly penetrates curls, hair strands, & locs. For the melanated beauties, it transforms the naturally kinky texture of the hair to a more relaxed state without creamy crack.

Cupuaçu is the ideal choice for the health-conscious person.

When you look your best, you feel your best.

Shop today! Your skin & hair will thank you!

Tap in with Better Butters to love the skin you’re in.

Connect with Better Butters on social media:

📸 Follow on Instagram : The Better Butters

👍🏽 Like on Facebook: Better Butters

🐤Follow on Twitter: butters_better

🛍 Shop with Better Butters: Better Butters

From the desk of Winner

Happy glowing 😁