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Derrick Jaxn: Is this your king?

Stephy Says ๐Ÿ’‹ over the past few days & probably a few more days to come, Derrick Jaxnโ€™s scandal has been the topic buzzing around the internet.

If you havenโ€™t heard of him, let me try to give a slight background from the point of view of a spectator using the internet as my sole sources.

Disclaimer: Nothing I say is law. I can only tell you what Stephy Says ๐Ÿ’‹ based on my findings from Google Nem.

So, I suppose you may have 2 questions:

1. WHO is Derrick Jaxn?

2. WHAT did he do?

Here’s my account of who & what according to what Stephy Says ๐Ÿ’‹:

Derrick Jaxn is a well known relationship guru & public speaker. When I say well known, I mean over 3 million followers on his Facebook Public Figure page. He was highly influential & known for posting videos on social media preaching about how men should treat their lady & how women should never settle for less. Jaxn is also a best selling author of a few books related to relationships, the role of each partner, & self-love. His most known publications are I Still Want It & Single Mothers are for GROWN Men, ONLY.

Derrick Jaxn Publications

He was a fan favorite & most popular amongst women as he seemed to speak boldly about issues that left many women feeling understood. According to his website, it states that he began blogging in 2012 about his personal lessons in love. In 2017, he used comments on posts, tweets, videos, & social media to address the most common concerns of the public & developed a card game titled, “Mentally Stimulate Me.” His goal was to tackle hot topics like rape, narcissism (go figure), & stereotypical mindsets formed in regards to single mothers. The final paragraph on his About Page on the website states:

When Derrick isn’t championing healthy relationships and building his empire, he enjoys spending time with his former college sweetheart, and current wife, Da’Naia and their two children.

For both single women & women in committed exclusive relationships, Derrick seemed to provide a glimmer of hope in a world full of hopelessness.

Here’s a snippet of his relationship advice–: perhaps, it will better explain why women were so devoted to following his brand & platforms.

I mean, what woman wouldn’t agree with this?

Ok, now that we semi-know who he is, let’s delve into what he did…

He was able to strategically articulate words with effectiveness to pierce the heart of even the most bitter & stonehearted women. He has quite a way with words that makes it easy to give him your undivided attention during his Captain SaveAHoe rants. From the outside looking in, he probably was irresistible to women. Which brings me to my next point….

What did he do?

Well, apparently he thought he was slicker than a can of oil & his words were so smooth that a mistress dropped her ‘draws to give him whatever it was he felt like he wasn’t getting from his wife.

Yes, you read that right. CHEATED ON HIS WIFE after ALLL the advice he gave women about relationships! & We actually supported him ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

He played us & left black men with this question…

First–He’s QUITE the hypocrite & failed to practice what he preached because he was exposed as a cheater.

Photo Cred Zeewiththetea Zeewiththetea released this rumor report:
“Chilleeee, I should be sleep but HUNTEA, I could NOT pass up this tea! So, according to blogger, #TashaK, relationship guru, #DerrickJaxn, has been EXPOSED for cheating on his wife of 4 years! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
Now, Allegedly the “SIDE CHICK” has spilled all the tea about their relationship including that Derrick told her that he’s “separated” and he and his wife only have a co-parenting relationship. According to the SideChick, Derrick has been flying her out โœˆ over the last year. They’ve spent his birthday together and they even had S*X in he and his wife’s bed ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
Now, if you do NOT know who Derrick Jaxn is, he’s famously known on all over social media for posting relationship advice. Hes even written books geared towards relationships. His official IG is @derrickjaxn.
On the other hand, while I can NOT confirm if any of this is true, it sure as heck has the skreetz talkin’ about how ‘Mr.BlackMenDontCheat’ ain’t all he puts on to be! *slurpz tea*๐Ÿต
If you’d like to listen to the Side Chick’s interview, head over to Tasha K’s YouTube channel.
Wheew…what are your thoughts? ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ’ญ
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Secondly– Not only did he cheat, but he had the gall & audacity to record a live video (while referring to himself in 3rd person) on social media with the caption: Did I Cheat In My Marriage?” featuring his wife Da’Naia Jackson. Andddd quite frankly, I’m not even sure he should have done that because that took matters from bad to worse. WITH A QUICKNESS!

For starters, he appears on live with his wife holding hands after confessing to cheating on her–THEN he had the nerve to include the link to a “best selling” book in attempt to capitalize off her embarrassment.

Caption of his video read:

“Did I Cheat In My Marriage? #TheTruth (Feat: Da’Naia Jackson)

How did we come back from this? Read the story in my book, “Heal Together Without Hurting Each Other” get it here “

So, let me get this straight. He cheated, then rather to express SINCERE remorse, he marketed his book.

As far as that raggedy video, apparently, thousands of viewers agreed that that energy & body language in the video seemed unnatural & speculated that he was abusive in their marriage. I believe the term used to describe his body language was narcissistic (probably how he was able to develop those cards). The term used for her was brainwashed. There was so much theorizing that she felt the need to address the concerns in a separate video.

Aside from that, the memes began immediately about how “busted” she looked in the video.

People have presumed that his cheating is because of the way she looks & her lack of sex appeal. One of the comments stated (Harold McConnell) , I’d cheat too if I had to come home to my wife dressed like one of the temptations.” ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

These types of comments tapped on nerves & left people saying, Beyoncรฉ got cheated on too.

Then that turned into men saying, if women forgave Jada we had to forgive Derrick too. Men called women out on double standards.

Black women immediately began with comments that had a “it couldn’t been me” attitude.

But IMO, it’s been them, but that’s none of my business.

After so much ridicule about the way she dressed for the live video, Da’Naia Jackson appeared AGAIN on a separate video defending herself. Let me just say this, Stephy Says ๐Ÿ’‹ she is too far gone to be saved.

Source (per usual): ZeeWithTheTea

“#DanaiaJackson, #DerrickJaxn’s, wife speaks out again and this time she’s addressing comments regarding her choice of clothing.

“I did not come here to play games and to play dress up. I came here in my battle suit, I came here on the battle ground covered in the blood of Jesus to proclaim victory over sin. You see a bonnet, I see the helmet of salvation, you see an army green shirt, I see the breast plate of righteousness.”

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This apparent mental break caused her to be the face of another meme–pictured as a No Limit Soldier ๐Ÿฅด

His wife then admitted to stalking the women that were “friends” of his in response to someone asking how she dealt with his fame. She discussed how she visited the pages of women that he liked & has PREVIOUS FLINGS with. Soooo….basically she knew he was cheating or on the verge of cheating.

As if that wasn’t enough drama, a second mistress popped up stating that she was one pregnant by Derrick.

An article on headlines read:

Derrick Jaxnโ€™s Second Mistress Claims She Was Pregnant And Still Has Contact With Him Despite Video With Wife, Daโ€™Naia”

It took being drug by the internet, ridiculed by strangers, joked by men, & scrutinized by women before Derrick spoke up to defend his wife.

Days after the scandal surfaced, he made a statement:

Damiso Arrington made this caption:

Translation: “She’s my wife. I’m the only one who can hurt and diminish her.” #Narcissism101

Imagine a Husband picking and choosing which attacks on his marriage he protects his Wife from or participates in???

I TOTALLY GET THE MESSAGE ON A PROTECTOR LEVEL, but you brought her to this party several times against her will… If she is being attacked, it’s because you injected her into the fight from your actions before and through these videos…

Real talk, we’re praying for growth… hers and yours…

Because right now, all we see is your love for social media attention is greater than your love for what matters…

I’m not perfect… no Man or Woman is… so I’m off your neck and you definitely have a lot more to deal with than these captions… Real accountability starts OFF these apps…

Some people believe that Derrick’s career is over, but if you ask me, this fiasco grew his social media presence even more & if you didn’t know who he was before–you know who he is now. released an article revealing that he gained followers after he admitted to cheating.

As far as his wife….

Initially, I felt bad for her because I saw the hurt, fear, & desolation in her eyes. I’ve been in her shoes–Cheated on, embarrassed, & lied to. My heart ached for her…


After her rants & videos, I knew there was no hope for her. She’s religiously preoccupied, fixated on him rather than healing as an individual, & too mentally brainwashed.

I will be the 1st to admit,

I’ve been stupid before. As far as I’m concerned, I might BE stupid, but I’ll cut the grass with toenail clippers & mop the ocean water at the beach before I get online in front of millions & LOOK stupid.

Turns out that the knight in shining armor was just a lame in aluminum foil.

Connect with Derrick Jaxn on social media:

๐Ÿ“ธ Follow Derrick on Instagram: @derrickjaxn

๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ Like Derrick on Facebook: @DerrickJaxn

๐Ÿค Follow Derrick in Twitter: @derrickjaxn

โŒจ๏ธ Visit Derrick’s website: Derrick Jaxn

Happy cheating…I mean, happy reading๐Ÿ˜


By Stephy Says ๐Ÿ’‹

Published authoress, certified blogger, & certified Master Life Coach with niches in Happiness, Goal Success, Personal Development, & Professional Development. Lover of words, writing, reading, & English.ย 

6 replies on “Derrick Jaxn: Is this your king?”

This was a great overview. I still feel bad for derricks wife because I feel like sheโ€™s hanging on to her belief system for dear life mentally. Cheating and gaslighting and mental games can literally drive you crazy. And if you choose to stay you can literally be in a nightmare not to mention that they have two children. Who knows for how long within their short marriage hes been capitalizing off of his fame to get into ppls pants, while coming home to his wife preaching that nonsense he spouts on the internet. Furthermore I feel like Derrick put her out to the wolves in order to shield himself. He knew her mental state and to bring her out only when heโ€™s bout to be ripped to shreds is crazy. I def have sympathy for her because her state of mind is a clear by product of intense trauma. Cheating can cause PTSD and she appears to be showing signs of that. Even if you have mental issues itโ€™s not your mates job to cheat on you or put you in front of ppl to be laughed at

Liked by 1 person

Thank you โ™ฅ๏ธItโ€™s all too familiar to me because Iโ€™ve been in her shoes & rather than leaving her alone to heal, i believe he would somehow or another make her feel guilty for leaving. Sheโ€™s deeply mentally invested & he has mind control. That type of mental stronghold is not easily broken. She is holding on tight to the false hope of a healthy marriage & he sits by & feeds his ego off her embarrassment. It tools days for him to soak up & โ€œprotectโ€ her but i believe that was partially due to boost himself. Heโ€™s as narcissistic as they come & she is trapped. Sheโ€™s gonna need therapy after all of this.

Liked by 1 person

Yessss!! Exactly! Exactly exactly! You said that so eloquently and I hate to say it but I too been in her shoes and I remember my significant other trying to control me with scriptures and trying to tap into my own moral compass! I had to fight and ultimately leave and say no because he never stopped doing what he claimed to be sorry for and he would literally play so many games with me and ask me every day why I was sad and hurt! Still try to feed off my energy and have me baby him. Like you said her decision to be mentally invested is basically costing her everything. I hope she does get therapy – not only for herself but also her kids sake

Liked by 1 person

Yes!!! Iโ€™m so sorry you had to go thru that!! My ex-husband was an elder & made sure i understood that God frowned upon divorce. Initially, I was afraid to leave & mentally fought an invisible battle about whether or not to leave or just โ€œmake it work.โ€ Itโ€™s the emotional abuse, mental abuse, & verbal abuse that sticks with you. Thereโ€™s no way she has peace at home sleeping in the same bed he allegedly cheated in. But sheโ€™s so devout & he so devious. To me, This relationship is beyond repair. The saddest part is she stalked other women & attempted to recreate their images to make him want her

Liked by 1 person

Thanks for sharing that. Iโ€™m sorry for your experience too. You make so many good points, i agree. And yes, that last part actually is so heartbreaking because it really gives us a taste of what sheโ€™s struggling to hold in and suppress with stoicism. She was actually sounding like sheโ€™s punishing or rebuking herself for her feelings that he caused! Sheโ€™s hurting bad. But in this life we either live or we survive. Sheโ€™s choosing to survive I guess. Both are hard choices to make

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