Hurry! While Supplies Last for a Limited Time Only….25 Call to Actions to Increase Sales

Stephy Says 💋, I’m sure we have all visited stores or browsed online shops for retail therapy, or maybe just browsed them out of boredom with no real intent to spend money. Every once in a while, we may come across something that piques or interest that we casually toss into our cart. But… How often do we visit Amazon online or other online shops & add items to the cart just to leave them there because we hesitate to checkout?  Chance are, it happens frequently.

Why do we do this?

We do this because there is no sense of urgency. We feel as if we have time to wait. I mean, what’s the rush right? We think to ourselves, “There’s plenty in stock.” We assume that there is high supply & low demand. Sometimes the items sit so long that we start getting reminder emails.

See example pictured below. (these are my emails 😁)

The owners of the website, online store, or boutique lure us with bright colors & maybe even affordable prices, but there is no call to action, so we let those items sit in the cart.

What is a call to action?

In order for us to understand how to effectively use a CTA or the benefits of using a CTA, we must 1st understand exactly what it is. 

call to action is a marketing term, technique, or tactic that is strategically designed to prompt or stimulate an immediate response to encourage an immediate sale, purchase, or subscription. The goal is for the consumer to purchase RIGHT NOW without feeling direct overwhelming or overbearing pressure from the owner to do so. A CTA can be a single word, a phrase, or a sentence. 

By using a CTA, the owner is shouting the message “BUY IT NOT NOW, BUT RIGHT NOW!” However, the owner is doing so with a such a diplomatic approach that the consumer is unaware of the salesman like methodology.

As entrepreneurs, our marketing strategies & tactics are vital because we want our customers to shop our products or subscribe to our services. We want them to be drawn in & ready to buy, but it seems almost as if they aren’t moving fast enough. 

Take a moment to reflect on your business & your marketing strategy. Are you using CTAs?

If you are having trouble thinking of CTAs, here are a few Call to Action terms that may make potential consumers more susceptible to click that “buy now” or “checkout” button that they’ve been hesitant about. 

Call to Action verbiage

1. For limited time only…

2. While supplies last…

3. Exclusive discount…

4. For the next 24 hours…

5. Everything must go!

6. Get 20% off when you buy today!

7. Free download

8. Sale ends today

9. Don’t miss out! Start today!

10. Sign up now!

11. Call today for a free consultation!

12. Buy now, pay later!

13. Free 7 day trial

14. Join our team!

15. Book today to save!

16. Buy one get one free.

17. Back by popular demand

18. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

19. Free shipping for qualifying orders

20. Risk free

21. This offer expires soon

22. Register now to receive unlimited access

23. Free samples!

24. Click the link to find out more!

25. You’re invited! RSVP by…

These are only a few of the many CTAs that can be used to increase both traffic & sales for your business. Remember: Create an urgency in your clients & potential consumers. Finding the most effective CTA for your business will be trial & error, but study & note which ones are most productive for your business & yields the most successful results. Consider changing them frequently or generate constant traffic. I hope this was helpful! Feel free to add the CTAs you use in the commenta below.

Happy business

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