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2021 MILLIONAIRE MINDSET–Law of Attraction Using Entrepreneur Affirmations

Stephy Says πŸ’‹ As a child there was a motto that I was required to repeat daily. “My attitude determines my altitude.” In laymen’s terms: my attitude determines how high I will soar or how far I will go.  I had NO earthly idea what it meant then but it groomed me for life, both as an individual & as an entrepreneur.

MIND MAP to Success

When the idea of entrepreneurship buds, we often make a checklist of the most common aspects of business; finances, business plan, products, competition, price lists, & who are targeted clients will become. However, more often than not, we forget a vital component of business. 

What did I forget? 

One of the most important yet forgotten aspects of owning & growing a business is —MINDSET.

A close second in importance is ATTITUDE

You can have the finances, the business space, & customers, but your mindset & attitude determine your success & growth. 

Self assessment–Sometimes dreams are deferred & visions are hindered because we have chosen the mindset of defeat before initiate a plan and results. Does this sound like you? 

How often have you thought of a business idea or wanted to start a business but slipped into a mindset of fear accompanied by an attitude of defeat?

β€’ “I don’t have the money to start.”

β€’ “No one will be interested in what I have to offer.”

β€’ “Someone is already doing that business & I don’t want them to think I stole the idea from them.”

β€’ “I don’t have the time to start a business.”

 You are not alone. I’ll be the first to raise my hand to say I’ve said several of these things. 

It wasn’t until I changed my MINDSET that I was able to step out, take a leap of faith, & see real results. I had to remind myself that I am knowledgeable. I am equipped. I am capable. I can, & I will be successful according to MY definition of success. 

Let me reiterate-This is not to say that there won’t be any discouraging moments, because THERE WILL BE. However, your attitude during those moments will decide how you handle them & the outcome. 

Did you know that mindset conditions your business & dictates both how & when you grow?

πŸ“ŠHOWβ€’slowly, sporadically, quickly, positively, negatively

πŸ“†WHENβ€’ now, later, never, etc.

How does mindset dictate growth?

Not only your mindset, but the mindset of your clients also affects your business.

Here is an example of how mindset impacts business growth from the entrepreneur’s POV and the client.

Entrepreneur’s mindset–for instance–

If you believe you will be unsuccessful, you will soon see lack of results or slow growth of business resulting from a defeated attitude fueled by a negative mindset. This will eventually create unmotivated work ethic furthering into delayed business expansion.

Consumer’s mindset example:

A 1st time customer purchases from your business on a day that you happen to be frustrated. Your tone of voice may become strained & you unintentionally snap on them. That customer may form the mindset that every experience will be unpleasant, thus causing them to shop at another business.

Make sense?

All in all, the point is this–the mindset & perspective you choose shapes your business framework. 

Ask yourself — Where would you be now if you chose to view a moment of defeat or failing moment as learning opportunity? An attitude of Optimism vs pessimism. A mindset of the glass half full rather than a glass half empty.

Along with minding your thoughts, it’s best practice to watch your mouth! 

You ARE what you attract! 

What you think becomes what you say & what you say becomes what you do.

The Law of Attraction  is real! You yield results according to your thoughts & words. Thinking & speaking positively will allure positive resolutions. On the flip side, thinking negative thoughts & speaking negative words will do the same. 

I can’t tell you how many times my day started off on the wrong foot & I responded, “I see today just ain’t gonna be my day.” You wanna know what happened for the rest of the day? It kept getting worse & every time something happened, I repeated the same phrase rather than speaking positive to counteract the negativity. I can’t be the only one…

I made up my mind before 2020 ended that I wasn’t going to let anyone dictate my success, including myself. If you are with me…


Start your year making positive declarations:

  • over yourself
  • over your finances 
  • over your clients
  • over business loans
  • over sales
  • over debts

If you are a business owner, THIS year is OUR year!

Say these things to aloud to yourself.

I will grow. 

My Finances will increase. 

My Clientele will flourish.

My Business loans will be approved. 

My Sales will advance. 

My Debts will be settled. 

I will be successful.

I have a millionaire mindset.

Everything that was being done for free before, put a price tag on it now.

If it had a price before, add taxes on it now.

If you someone needs assistance or have questions, have them book a time slot.

Time is valuable.

You are valuable.

Your service is valuable.

Your knowledge is valuable. Furthermore, this further benefits them so they can have your fully undivided attention.

Honestly, I was sleeping on myself before, I’m up now. Are you sleeping on yourself or are you awake & chasing your dreams?

It’s easy to sleep on your dreams because no one else can feel them, no one else can see the vision, & no one else can feel the passion.

Your business is in your hands. Better yet, it’s in your mind & your mouth. Mind your thoughts & watch your mouth.

πŸ“ŒTakeaway point–Failing is inevitable, but being a failure is an option.

Your mindset & attitude will decide your path…

Happy thinking πŸ’­

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By Stephy Says πŸ’‹

Published authoress, certified blogger, & certified Master Life Coach with niches in Happiness, Goal Success, Personal Development, & Professional Development. Lover of words, writing, reading, & English.Β 

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Thanks for sharing this! I feel like people will allow themselves to get so wrapped up in what ‘possibly go wrong’ instead of giving more attention to ‘what could possibly go right’.

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