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10 ways you can support a business WITHOUT spending money!

Stephy Says πŸ’‹ Happy New Year! Whew! We survived! Give yourself a high five for surviving 2020!

That’s enough celebrating. Now, it’s time to get back to business! Welcome to 2021! I won’t make New Year’s resolutions, I am committing myself to making lifestyle changes. Who’s with me??

Enough of the small talk, let’s just get into the meat of this post.

What does a new year mean for us?

In short, a new year means:

  • new ideas πŸ’‘
  • new goals 🎯
  • new opportunities ❗️
  • new success πŸ₯‡

It also includes fresh perspectives & renewed mindsets.

Let’s put a pushpin here. πŸ“Œ

Repositioning perspectives & shifting outlooks is the area of focus for this particular blog post. Today, we will be mythbusters.

I want to begin this year with the same topic I began with last year —support.

As a small business owner, I am the first to admit that it can be frustrating at times to not receive the same measure of support that I give to others. The amount of shares, likes, tweets, retweets, subscribes, comments, & support tilts the scale a little heavier on my side than it does on the side of others. In all honesty, the business world is a roller coaster of emotions ranging from discouragement to doubt to defeat.

Sure, as a business owner, my primary goal is to secure a profit. However, I understand that economically the nation is in a crisis that won’t allow everyone the financial ability to support in a way they would like to. I get it. Everyone may not necessarily be in the best financial situation. Adulting is hard, & life is tough. Money makes the world go ’round, & some of us are at a screeching halt.

But what if I told you money didn’t matter?? Some of you may say, NO WAY THAT’S TRUE.

Stephy Says πŸ’‹ I’m here to tell you & reiterate the validity of this statement —Money is not always necessary to support a business.

I believe that a problem in large is that support is inappropriately equalized with the term finances.

Myth: Support is solely financial.

The idea of “support” is led by the misperception & misinformation that the ONLY way you can support a business is by opening your wallet or pocketbook (that’s Southern for purse 😁).

Real quick, try this exercise. (I won’t tell you to close your eyes because you won’t be able to read 😊, but channel your memories).

Exercise : Think of the times that you have asked someone to support a cause or support your business/brand. What was there response?

I’m sure the most remembered response was someone giving the excuse of not being able to support because they didn’t have the money. Continuing with my assumption, how many people followed up on the lack of finances statement with, “but if you have any business cards, I’ll pass some out for you?” How many offered to refer your business to family or friends they believed could benefit from or afford your products or services?

You may see the direction this post is going & the point I’m trying to make.

If you are reading this, you may be an entrepreneur in need of support or an individual wanting to support a business, but lack of money & financial hardship may be a predisposing factor preventing from doing it. If so, don’t fret!

I’ve complied a simple list of ways you can be supportive and never have to spend a dime, but be appreciated just as much.

6 ways to support small business

1. Subscribe to websites, YouTube channels, etc.

2. Like, Share, or comment on social media posts.

3. Word of mouth- share the news, referrals, etc.

4. Engage in discussion posts.

5. Attend a free event.

6. Leave a positive review.

7. Invite a friend to join the social media group.

8. Host an event.

9. Offer words of encouragement.

10. ASK how you can support. Even if you can spend money, business owners will appreciate you taking the time to inquire about their needs.

Hopefully, I’ve given you some ideas of ways you can increase your support in 2021 but also keep your checkbook balanced & your pockets from going flat broke.

Starting a business venture is massive & entrepreneurs could use a little love from others. After all, most small businesses are full time employees, marketing, full time vital family members, packaging, purchasing items with their own money, & trying to keep it together. A little support could go a long way.

Happy reading!

Stephy Says πŸ’‹ As always LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, & SUBSCRIBE ✨

By Stephy Says πŸ’‹

Published authoress, certified blogger, & certified Master Life Coach with niches in Happiness, Goal Success, Personal Development, & Professional Development. Lover of words, writing, reading, & English.Β 

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