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Nicole Lundy

Stephy Says 💋, per usual social media has connected me to yet another talented artist. She is sure to make a notable appearance in the music industry. Allow me to introduce you to a rising R&B sensation & Slept On Artist (SEA) of the Year 2021, the gifted Nicole Lundy.

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I came across Nicole in my daily aimless TikTok scrolling. In the video that made me pause, the caption on the screen said, “#fillintheblanks,”& she began singing Ja Rule’s throwback Always On Time feat. Ashanti. Nostalgia!

It was something about the way she sang “now baby” that made me stop in my tracks & say YOU BETTAH! You know, the typical black girl compliment 😅

From there I clicked around her TikTok profile, & ended up on her Instagram page. A video of her singing Treat Me Like Somebody by Tink halted me in my tracks, & I have been stuck in fandom ever since.

Let’s admit, the music industry is tough. Besides politics & legalities, success in the music industry is based on a combination of talent of both lyrics, sound, personality, & a certain sense of style; all of which must appease the eyes, the ears, & the emotions of their listeners. Stephy Says 💋 with much confidence, Nicole Lundy has it ALL!

Her style is as flawless and polished as a diamond leaving her supporters awestruck with not only her voice, but her style & persona as well.

Nicole Lundy

Her voice is strong & bounding, full with convicted & compelling emotions. It’s attention grabbing on some songs while soft & melodic on others. Each song on her album shows her versatility & her unconventional range of artistry. While listening to her music, it will strike up sleeping emotions & awaken them with her poetic lyrics. The whole project & entire orchestration of it is emotionally-rich & vibe heavy.

She appeals to all of your emotions & situations. In love? There’s a song for that. Break up? There’s a song for that. In the mode for making love? There’s a song for that.

Nicole’s music doesn’t consist of mere words, but rather an art of storytelling. She paints art & tells a story through her words— but the real connection to her listeners is by the tone of her voice; the richness, the feelings, & the experiences of life. She breathes life into the words on paper, & they in turn breathe life into her listeners.

Her lyrics meaningful & purely written with real, raw, & authentic emotion. Her album & voice will have your heart full with her heartfelt music. Let me not forget to mention that will have you turning the lights down low.

Aside from composing original content, she is also the QUEEN of smashups & remixes. Her skill & musical inclination to choose two unapparent similar songs & blend them over one beat while making them a bop is like none other. (If you follow me, then you know I deemed Rico Da Ruler the King of remixing popular songs).

Nicole hits notes with so much confidence & certainty that makes her listeners more attracted, mostly because of the sureness of herself as an artist. She is comfortable with her vocal range. Nicole delivers various ranges while taking big leaps & chances while still remaining true to herself & delivering without taking away her voice control.

For a moment, I thought the R&B industry & music was dead. I read a post that said R&B has been having an “identity crisis” due to the genre being mislabeled. Well…Nicole has been one of the artists that made me believe that the R&B genre could be salvaged. She has contributed to the genre from becoming non-existent. She has stuck to the definition of R&B, & has confirmed her identity within not only the genre, but in the industry. The best part about Nicole is her ability to blend into the pop & neo-soul genre as well. That’s what I call multifaceted. The chameleon effect is definitely there.

Nicole’s live performances are a win-win for her supporters. Without a doubt, she would be worth the listen & worth the view.

Nicole Lundy

Tap in with Nicole & join her on her music journey!

Independent movie directors & producers, she ready to be your film soundtrack.

Need a feature? She would be an asset to your mixtape or single.

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Happy listening 🎧 ladies & gents!