❀️From the heart of an “essential” health care employee…

We are tired. We are irritable. We want to scream.We want to cry. We are hot under these respirators. We are defeated. Doctors are overwhelmed.Facilities are understaffed. Nurses are overworked.Aides are underappreciated. Our hands are dry & cracking from washing them so many times.Our backs are aching.Our knees are sore. Our stomachs are empty.Our bladders are full. Our checks never add up to the amount of hours & service we put in. We are having to gown & regown time & time again. Active cases & Numbers are growing. Supplies are depleting. We are frustrated because it’s only getting worse. We are heartbroken because many of these patients are sick & may possibly die alone. We are anxious every time we step in a room with a Covid positive patient. We understand they don’t feel well & don’t want to rush them, but we are concerned about our own health & want more than anything to provide the care we are required to & leave as quickly so we don’t have prolonged exposure. We are committed, but we are cautious. We want to quit. But we can’t give up We are essential.

Published by Stephy Says πŸ’‹

I am a multifaceted blogger with an outgoing personality full of fun, yet professional.

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