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🎤The Voice: Malik Daváge🎶

Stephy Says 💋, once again, social media has introduced me to another dope unsigned artist. Ladies & gentlemen, please allow me to introduce, Malik Daváge.

If you are wondering if you’ve heard this name or seen this face before; perhaps you remember him as a contestant on season 12 of NBC’S, The Voice as he won the support of Adam Levine resulting in Adam turning his chair around during blind auditions. Though his journey there ended, his music career is just getting started. His followers, likes, supporters, & fans continue to grow & soar.

In addition to his debut on The Voice, Malik has also performed on BET’s 106 & Park connecting with the audience giving them R&B vibes.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard him sing before, but his voice is pure & idiosyncratic (distinctive). There’s undoubtedly only ONE Malik Daváge. The creative vibes & intoxicating energy he gives in his music will transport you to another realm. He creates “feel good” music, the type of music you can ride to AND vibe to. His music puts you “in the zone” and his works are ones to get lost in. He makes the kind of music that makes you want to sing with him, EVEN if you can’t sing. He, along with his music, can be described as memorable with quotable lyrics. He successfully captures emotions & place then into songs. I swear his songs get better with each repeated play. His ability to orchestrate each rhythmic tune is impeccable. In other words, he can put together dope music–rhythms & lyrics. As I follow his music career, I see the constant growth & level up as an artist. He reinvents himself & keeps himself current. I witness him work to become the best artist he can be for his supporters. Let me add that not only is he an artist, he’s an entertainer. Each performance he gives energy & stage presence along with delivering vocals.

I remember seeing one of his covers on Twitter, & constantly retweeting it just so it wouldn’t go away. Unfortunately, Twitter temporarily suspended his account, & his presence has definitely been missed on the TL (timeline).

I’ve been a top fan for a while 😁

(Don’t worry Malik! We are fighting for you to return to Twitter 😉)

Stephy Says 💋 if you aren’t already, join the experience & follow the journey of Malik Davage!! He’s down to earth & relatable. You won’t be disappointed!



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09.10.21 update:

Malik has posted on his Instagram & Facebook the following message:

Any new music you see with my name on it, I didn’t put out and I don’t get paid from it. It’s all the labels choice. I’m not a part of any song picking process nor can I create my own content and put it out on my own. I don’t own any right to anything with the name MALIK DAVÁGE attached to it music wise. My creative freedom was taken and it won’t be given back which is why I don’t do music anymore. I do wanna say thank you for all the support over the years. But bottom line is I signed a terrible deal and turned my passion into something I just don’t care about anymore. Regardless of the situation is due to personal or business reasons, it’s just not fun anymore. I choose not to be seen and really don’t want to be seen atp (at this point) in my life. Again thank you all (for) the love and support over the years. But I think I’m solid on not putting out music.

His caption reads:

Account will be down by 12 noon eastern time or earlier. And I’m gonna close out by saying DO NOT FEEL FOR ME. IT WAS A DECISION TO SIGN IT AND I GOT THE BAD END OF THE DEAL. I appreciate you guys for understanding 🙏🏽

Editor’s note: This post was originally published [10 January 2020] and has been updated frequently for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. 

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