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πŸ”₯Rico da Ruler

Stephy Says πŸ’‹ during my normal scrolling on Facebook, I stumbled across Rico the Ruler & had no choice but to pause.

Rico Da Ruler is an underrated artist that I would honestly put up against any mainstream artist. His flow is unique & from everything I listened to, he bodied every beat. πŸ”₯

I’m honestly trying to figure out what took so long for me to discover him, or why it took so long for the videos to flash across my timeline.

Who do you know that can completely devour a Temptations beat with bars? Rico da Ruler

Check out the savagery here.

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I have never seen anyone put it together so clever with bar after bar to a iconic beat. He has a way of capturing your attention by the use of #TheArtOfStoryTelling, & using popular songs that you can vibe to with his #OffTheDome lyrics. He is indeed, undoubtedly, the #FreeStyleKing. He comes with punchlines, metaphors, & bars without so much of a stumble.

Besides the Temptation rendition, he completey snapped on Ella Mai’s Tripping. I’ve heard many covers & renditions, but not too many have mastered the art of rapping over the beat. His version of Tripping is viral with over 170,000 views.

This international sensation has been in rotation from the US to Australia to the UK. He broke the internet when he spit a freestyle rap “Daddy’s Little Girl” to his daughter, gaining over a million views, a spot in front of the camera on the news, & a shout out from Marlon Wayans, Plies, Mike Epps, & Angie Martinez; but the best recognition was the emotional reaction from his daughter. (It’s bigger than rap).

He is quietly dominating the industry, but the time to recognize him is now. His humility is admirable, and his technique is unprecedented & unparalleled. He is in his own lane. He is incomparable. He’s Rico Da Ruler πŸ’―, & there is no other like him. Ride the wave with him & become a fan today!

Start following him today as he continues his musical journey that I know without question will lead him to the Grammys. Be on the lookout for new music, new videos, events & performances, tours, as well as t.v. appearances!

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