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🎢Loving George Lovett

Stephy Says πŸ’‹ if you haven’t heard George Lovett, you are missing out.

George Lovett was a contestant on season 11 of American Idol, but didn’t make it to Hollywood week that time. He auditioned again in season 13 in 2014. reports that “American Idol 2012 audition was part of a group trip of SCAD students. He ended up being the only person who made it through to Hollywood Week.

Although he didn’t get as far as he desired on American Idol, he is a 3 time winner of Showtime at the Apollo.

He’s still a winner in my book. πŸ†

Mr. Lovett is from Baltimore, MD and describes himself as a soulful singer, actor, & songwriter. George is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in performance art and is now studying Sound Engineering.

According to, Lovett stated,  β€œI want to be the voice of my generation and bring real great singing back.” If you’re asking me, he’s doing everything he is aiming to do. I could listen to him sing & whistle any day & every day.

Some of his music artists likes are Brandy, Jessica Sanchez, Kanye West, Drake,, Angie Miller, and Fantasia.

In, Lovett states, “I feel like God placed a voice in me and I feel like it’s just my duty to present it to the world….I would just be betraying everything I believe in.”

My love for George grew overnight. I happened to stumble across a video of this musically talented young man whistling on Facebook, and from that day forward, I decided I was going to follow him & his musical journey. I have no been disappointed by a video I’ve viewed yet. I’ve been showing off his videos as if I know him personally, but the talent is so real & raw, I feel like everyone I come across HAS to hear him. Become a fan today & you won’t be dissatisfied.

Check out George Lovett’s whistling skills here.

Not only is George Lovett’s voice amazing & attention grabbing, his whistling is impeccable! Everything about his whistling & singing: from his tone to his range to his technique is breathtaking. I’m a forever fan! πŸŒŸπŸ’«

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