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😝Kataya Fun Facts

Stephy Says 💋 check out these fun facts about the beautiful & talented Kataya!

If you’ve visited my blog before, this is just an update for you. If you’re new to Stephy Says 💋, learn about Kataya’s makeup skills 💄 & her new single Space 🚀. Those 2 posts will explain why I’m so obsessed with her.

I’m a forever fan & wanted to take the time to share facts about her that only her followers are privileged to know.

Get to know your new favorite artist. I’m using this platform as a liaison for Kataya to connect with her supporters. Now, let the fun facts begin!

Did you know that :

    💋Kataya doesn’t really wear dresses👗 & would much rather wear an oversized t-shirt.👚
    💋She once did a poll to have her followers choose a meal 🍔🍟🍕for her because of her indecisiveness. She once tweeted that she was going to start letting her followers choose her lunch for her daily.
    💋She loves both rapping & singing 🎶🎤however, she loves singing more. Buttt don’t sleep on her 😴💤🛌, she easily has barssss.
    💋She loves makeup 💄, but hates taking it off. Check out her YouTube makeup tutorial.
    💋Aaliyah is her favorite artist & inspired her style, singing, & vibe. 💫
    💋She feels so comfortable in her skin & being black that she would never change her skin tone.
    💋She is in competition with no one but herself, and aims to become the best version of herself everyday.
    💋She doesn’t believe in giving up.
    💋She hums new melodies all day.
    💋She’s always wanted to film a morning/night routine.

✨Hopefully, by now, you know a little more about this star & your interest has been sparked enough to want to get to know her as an artist. The goal of any artist should be creating a mood or awakening feelings in listeners & Kataya successfully does just that!

🙏🏽Forgive me for obsessing just a little & excuse my low key stalking, but I LOVE HER 😍

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