🔥FYE Fridaze Week 2

Stephy Says 💋 Welcome to week 2 of #FYEfridaze: for this week we are starting off with a few of my favorite remixes, samples, & remakes 🔥🔥 Happy FYE Fridaze 🔥🎤

(Disclaimer: songs are not listed in any particular order)

  • Bad & Boujee– Fabolous & Trey Songz
  • (Bad & Boujee– Migos)

  • Boo’d Up ( Remix)– K. Camp
  • (Boo’d Up– Ella Mai)

  • Don’t – Chris Echols
  • (Don’t– Bryson Tiller)

  • Say Ahh– Chris Brown
  • (Say Ahh– Trey Songz)

  • Treat Me Like Somebody– LeBlanc
  • (Treat Me Like Somebody– Tink)

  • Be Patient – Plies
  • (Be Careful-Cardi B)

  • Boo’d Up (Remix)- Ella Mai feat. Fabolous

  • Million-Tink
  • (One in a Million-Aaliyah)

  • Your Secrets – Tink
  • (Diary– Alicia Keys)

  • Let’s Get Married (Remix)– Jagged Edge

  • Happy listening 🎧 & as always Stephy Says 💋 LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE

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