Keeping 🆙with the Jetts

Stephy Says 💋Here’s an update of the power couple L. Terrel & Rachel Rae:

Since the last blog post, Var & Rae Plus 8, quite a few changes have occured.

I was ranting and raving about how amazing this power couple was, but since October 2018, the Jetts have managed to level up once more. Their relocation to Georgia, from a small town in VA, has already greeted them with life changing events.

L. Terrel has been performing regularly to his rapidly growing fan base in Georgia, all the while showing love to his hometown fans and supporters as they continue supporting him. Along with performances, L. Terrel also has his hits spinning at the local radio station.

His EP “Stay Up” has dropped & it’s 🔥! I know this from personal experience. I purchased the EP & I haven’t stopped listening to it since I purchased it. It’s available on iTunes. The song that I personally listen to & have on repeat is —Sorry. Everything he said in that song, 🗣I FELT THAT ‼️

L. Terrel has newness is dropping soon–🎊🎉🎁🎈🎂Birthday Girl featuring Era will be available on all platforms on January 26th! (Birthday Girl release countdown will be available on

RACHEL RAEBeside every good man, is a great woman! His lovely wife Rachel Rae, has been making her presence both known & felt in the modeling, fashion👗👠, and make up 💄world in ATL. This melaninated queen is the epitome of black girl magic. She’s naturally & unapologetically dope. Rachel Rae’s make up skills & precision in applying makeup is unmatched. In fact, her clients hated to see her leave VA, but were supportive in her endeavors. Her makeup expertise was widespread throughout the DMV (Washington, DC, Maryland, & VA) with Georgia being added to her map of success. Because of her natural beauty & flawless skin, modeling comes naturally for her. Check out the pics & how effortlessly she poses & captures your attention. 😍

Here are a few reasons you should follow her journey:

✨she’s gorgeous

✨she’s relatable

✨she’s humble

✨ she’s supportive

✨she’s encouraging

✨she’s talented

✨she’s dope

✨ she wants to see everybody win!

These qualities & characteristics merely scratch the surface of who Rachel Rae.

L. Terrel & Rachel Rae remind me of Dwayne Wade & Gabrielle Union. They are fun, but also bosses making boss moves. They have every tool it takes to delve into a successful career. They have a drive to succeed, receive motivation from one another, and are ambitious. In fact, they are so ambitious, they left behind a familiar life and began a new journey in order to fulfill the dream. Their dreams will be fulfilled & Stephy Says 💋 you should stay tuned & follow them on this journey.

Coming soon to a screen 📺near you, look out for L. Terrel & Rachel Rae 👀

Stephy Says 💋 STAY UPdated here & keep up with the Jetts!

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