💫🚀Space -Kataya

If you have visited my blog before, this young lady won’t be a stranger to you as you have seen her before in Kataya & the Flawless Fall Face. You met her in one capacity, but let me introduce her to you in a different spotlight.

This beauty has dropped her new hit single “Space” & it’s available on iTunes. Since dropping it, she’s already gotten major love & support from fans, both old & new.

This song issa vibe! I’ve had it on repeat since I’ve purchased it. I first heard a clip of it on her Twitter page & have been anxiously waiting for it to drop!

The time has arrived!

Let me tell you….it was WELL worth the wait.

She perfectly summed up everything I feel in a perfect melody that also happens to be flawlessly self mixed. Her producer Kauntent is sheer genius for producing this hit.

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👣📧 Kauntent@outlook.com

Kataya’s model, personal Queen, & inspiration Aaliyah is credited for her style, vocals, & personality. She completely embodies Aaliyah in her hit “Space.” You can hear Aaliyah’s vibe & energy vibrating from the speakers. This song travels through your soul. I’m led to believe that if Aaliyah were still living, she would be honored by & proud of her protégé. (Follow Kataya on Instagram & you can see an uncanny resemblance to Aaliyah‘s style😍)

*Stephy Says 💋 does not own rights to these images*

The goal of any artist should be creating a mood or awakening feelings in listeners & Kataya successfully did just that! Stephy Says 💋 Support her & show her some love

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