🎤C.A.M. 🎶Creating All Music🎧

🐤Twitter has once again connected me to another dope individual–CAM 🎶🔥

It was my pleasure to receive a Direct Message from him asking me to visit his site.

Honestly, normally, I hate receiving messages like this. However, this time I used it as a networking opportunity, & I am so glad I did!

I visited the site & fell in love immediately! 👀See why I fell love here! I am blessed & honored to have him agree to be a blog feature for Stephy Says 💋!

I listened to It’s Like (Winnin’) & had to send a separate direct message to show him how much I LOVE the vibe! I put the song on repeat because the orchestration of the song is genius! His voice is so smooth & attention grabbing. I’m definitely a fan already!

I shared the link to another artist & got the same response,

“who is that? The beat is definitely dope…I really like the chorus…”

“He’s off to a good start.”

Stephy Says 💋 it doesn’t cost anything to support an aspiring artist. In your free moments, check him out. Just one simple click may change his life in a major way.

Furthermore, he’s WORTH the time! His music travels from your ears into your soul. I’ve been ranting & raving about this dope artist. Now, it’s time to meet him.

Meet C.A.M.:

🎶Artist Name: C.A.M. 

What does C.A.M do?

C.A.M.–besides being a dope 🔥 artist, he offers multiple services in the fashion & entertainment category including: all services from:

  • writing/ghostwriting
  • beat/music production
  • arrangement, features, etc.

How long do you have to wait to receive services?

It varies. It could be anywhere from everyday to every week to every month. It just depends. In order to know how long it would take him to complete a service for you specifically, contact him or send him an email for a consultation or booking at offbrandrichczn@gmail.com

How can I connect with C.A.M?

👣 Follow C.A.M. on Twitter: @OFFBrandCZN


👣 Follow C.A.M. on Instagram: @coolasmyself

👍🏽 Like C.A.M. on Facebook: CAM

👣 Follow C.A.M on Snapchat: choosecam

👣 Subscribe to C.A.M. on YouTube: C.A.M. Worldwide

💵Buy It’s Like (Winnin’) on Amazon

▶️ Play It’s Like (Winnin’) On Spotify

👂🏽 Listen to It’s Like (Winnin’) on Soundcloud

👂🏽 Listen to It’s Like (Winnin’) on Tidal


As always, happy listening!

Published by Stephy Says 💋

Published authoress, certified blogger, & certified Master Life Coach with niches in Happiness, Goal Success, Personal Development, & Professional Development. Lover of words, writing, reading, & English. 

3 thoughts on “🎤C.A.M. 🎶Creating All Music🎧

  1. Me and my team LOVE the review so much and we are so honored to have been featured on your blog! We definitely approve and can’t wait to share this with are going fan base! We love to welcome you to the R$CH CITIŻEN team as an official member please be sure to fill out https://rchcitien.typeform.com/to/D9FARk whenever you get a chance! Thank you for being apart of our Journey! It’s citizens like you that keep us and C.A.M. going!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Stephy Says 💋 Thank you for being a feature! I look forward to witnessing your success & elevation! I am honored to be an official member! The application is completed. You have 100% of my support & endorsement!! 💋✨


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