💋Kataya & the ✨Flawless Fall Face🍂🍁

It’s Fall y’all! Like 🗣FALL FALL! The weather is settling down & it’s finally gotten to the temperature that your face won’t melt off with your makeup. 🌡️☀️

I have never been the one to apply much makeup, partly because I have no idea how & I don’t feel like I have the time.

But let me tell you, I ran across this beauty on Twitter that selflessly shared her Makeup Tutorial that is perfect for beginners like me.

Let me also add that she just published her YouTube page! This is great because now we can 🌱GROW🌱 together. This gives us the perfect opportunity to 👡follow👡this journey with her.

Here’s why you should watch & subscribe:

💄 She’s ✨fun & personable

💄 She offers her 💋HONEST💋 suggestions & opinions during the tutorial.

💄She talks TO you not AT you.

💄 She’s Beautiful 😍& ‼️LOOK AT THE QUALITY & precision of her skills 💅🏽💁🏽‍♀️.

Anndddd because

💄 #stephysays💋 like, share, comment, subscribe ‼️

Stay tuned here for updates as her channel grows! ✨🌱

Love this natural look? You can achieve this flawless full facial beat here

✨Want to see more tutorials?

Subscribe to her YouTube channel

Follow her on Twitter: @tayasavy

Follow her on Instagram: @katayacasanova

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