Life-size Barbie MUA💄😍

How many of us young ladies played with Barbie Dolls as little girls? A better question would be, how many of us adult women envy Barbie because of her flawless appearance? 😊

Well, believe it or not! I have the pleasure of knowing a life size Barbie! She’s the queen of turning your normal everyday face into one of intense glamour & perfection! Wait! Did I mention she was 🗣SELF TAUGHT‼️

💋✨Here’s her story:

Why? In High School, puberty became even more of a real struggle for me. Having acne was a pain in the butt! As I got older, I’ve realized that beauty was a big part of a women’s makeup, as in how she carries herself, that it led me to learn about things that could boost my self esteem up a little bit more.

How? I’ve started researching makeup products to use, makeup tips, and even watching tutorials on YouTube that could help me become better at applying my own makeup.

Motivation? Keeping a creative mind open, like mine lol, helps me to expand my talent. I always think outside the box and don’t let people put me in one. Being the person that I am, I’ve always refuse to give up on something that I love and have a passion for. I also love giving out makeup tips to whoever that wants to improve their own makeup skills. When it comes to makeup, you can do UNLIMITED things with it. Makeup is my therapy! I will ALWAYS strive to be the best that I can be at it!

💋MUA Name/Brand Name: Chrissy Michelle

💋Email her at:

💋 Services offered: Makeup Services

💋Find her in the Beauty category or section

💋When is she available? Availability is determined upon request.

Unfortunately, a website unavailable at this time.

💋Facebook: Crystal Eley

💋Instagram: cryssy_boo

💋Snapchat: i.amchelle👻

💋YouTube: Chrissy Michelle 

By Stephy Says 💋

I am a multifaceted blogger with an outgoing personality full of fun, yet professional.

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