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🎤C.A.M. 🎶Creating All Music🎧

🐤Twitter has once again connected me to another dope individual–CAM 🎶🔥

It was my pleasure to receive a Direct Message from him asking me to visit his site.

Honestly, normally, I hate receiving messages like this. However, this time I used it as a networking opportunity, & I am so glad I did!

I visited the site & fell in love immediately! 👀See why I fell love here! I am blessed & honored to have him agree to be a blog feature for Stephy Says 💋!

I listened to It’s Like (Winnin’) & had to send a separate direct message to show him how much I LOVE the vibe! I put the song on repeat because the orchestration of the song is genius! His voice is so smooth & attention grabbing. I’m definitely a fan already!

I shared the link to another artist & got the same response,

“who is that? The beat is definitely dope…I really like the chorus…”

“He’s off to a good start.”

Stephy Says 💋 it doesn’t cost anything to support an aspiring artist. In your free moments, check him out. Just one simple click may change his life in a major way.

Furthermore, he’s WORTH the time! His music travels from your ears into your soul. I’ve been ranting & raving about this dope artist. Now, it’s time to meet him.

Meet C.A.M.:

🎶Artist Name: C.A.M. 

What does C.A.M do?

C.A.M.–besides being a dope 🔥 artist, he offers multiple services in the fashion & entertainment category including: all services from:

  • writing/ghostwriting
  • beat/music production
  • arrangement, features, etc.

How long do you have to wait to receive services?

It varies. It could be anywhere from everyday to every week to every month. It just depends. In order to know how long it would take him to complete a service for you specifically, contact him or send him an email for a consultation or booking at

How can I connect with C.A.M?

👣 Follow C.A.M. on Twitter: @OFFBrandCZN


👣 Follow C.A.M. on Instagram: @coolasmyself

👍🏽 Like C.A.M. on Facebook: CAM

👣 Follow C.A.M on Snapchat: choosecam

👣 Subscribe to C.A.M. on YouTube: C.A.M. Worldwide

💵Buy It’s Like (Winnin’) on Amazon

▶️ Play It’s Like (Winnin’) On Spotify

👂🏽 Listen to It’s Like (Winnin’) on Soundcloud

👂🏽 Listen to It’s Like (Winnin’) on Tidal


As always, happy listening!

Artist Reviews blog feature entertainment music/entertainment

Who is 🤴🏾King Air 💨?

Allow me to introduce you to the man made ⚡️WAV ~🤴🏾~GOD⚡️!

I had the pleasure of following & being followed by King Air on Twitter. If you ask me, he’s a 💫superstar💫; but I’m sure if you ask him, he’s just a man that’s trying to change the world & make his mama proud. This alone makes him more admirable to me!😍

Aside from his music being dope (which we will get to soon), he is a dope individual. He spends his time engaging & empowering supporters and impacting the world one tweet at a time. Rather than be selfish & promote himself, he spends his time promoting positivity & love. Don’t believe me? Check this screen shot of some of his tweets. He’s ultimately reached & impacted the lives of 6 MILLION people!

I had no choice but to honor such a 🤴🏾King, just for that fact alone. I can honestly say that since I’ve followed him, he’s made a huge impact on my life. I have more positive energy & spread positivity in the universe. He’s full of positive vibes & creative waves that makes you instantly connect with his soul.

Not to mention he’s eye candy for the ladies 😍

Aside from him being a dope individual, he’s an even more dope artist! He produces feel good music with a feel good vibe. I meant he has bars, beats, punchlines, & metaphors for DAYSSSSSSS! And let me add he’s one of my favesssss 😍✨🌬🌊🤴🏾

If you haven’t listened to any of his music and don’t follow him on any social media platforms, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Start listening 👂🏽& following today!👣

I promise he will have you glowing ✨

Check out his music for yourself! Go buy the album or listen on YouTube!

You can even grab a #FREEAIR shirt

Connect with the WAV GOD & join the wavy family 🌬🌊

Follow WAV GOD on Twitter: @WhoisKingAir

Follow WAV GOD on Instagram: @whoiskingair

Follow WAV GOD on Snapchat: Yungair02

Subscribe to WAV GOD on YouTube: The Creatives

Visit & shop WAV GOD on the web:

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👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Modern Day Jon & Kate Plus 8

Ok y’all! I have got to rant & rave about this power couple & AH-MAZING family!

1st of all–They have a beautifully blended family & are the modern day Jon & Kate plus 8. Var & Rae plus 8! I mean really, look at this perfectly blended family! There’s so much love that you can’t even depict who biologically belongs to one parent or the other & that alone makes my heart melt!

Now, let’s talk about the parents! The gifts & talents of these two are MIND BLOWING!

Mommy, Rachel, who also goes by Lady Rae is mommy by day, but quickly transforms into Make Up Artist Extraordinaire 💋💄✨!

Not only is she a makeup artist, she doubles as a beautiful modelesque babe followed by her stunning daughter! The ONLY daughter might I add! I have witnessed this young lady blossom into such an extraordinary rose amongst a garden of daisies. I’ve seen her mom (and bonus dad-we will get to him in a few) pour affirmation & plant seeds of positivity into this young lady to ensure that she blossoms no matter where she is planted! This young lady wants to pursue modeling! Help her dream come true! If you know a modeling agency, please reach out!

Besides makeup & modeling, Lady Rae transforms yet again into a Craft Mom (this lady can do EVERYTHING). Check out the matching skirts sewn by Lady Rae 😍

Now, let’s move on to dad! Lavarius Majette, who also goes by L Terrel is super dad by day, but superstar singer by night! Let me correct that, he doesn’t SING , he SANGSSSS! You have to watch this video & it’s one of my favorite songs! (Issa vibe)

This young man has developed into a star that is sure to rise to stardom & will be one of the next top names in music! Be on the lookout for L. Terrel.

I remember when he was singing in a group, then named Chosen. I could hear the passion of music in his voice & he reminds me of a young Chris Brown. I also remember when he sang in the high school Jazz Band & you had to be the best of the best to be selected to sing in that band.

I’ve never seen a young man that loves his family so much. Not only is he a dad & a superstar singer, he is a Pastor & pours into people on a regular basis. He offers support, encouragement, and inspiration to his family & his church family.

Those boys are nothing short of amazing! ALL 7 of them! Full of different contagious personalities that blend beautifully together that makes you fall in love with them all, but for many different reasons. They are all well mannered & excel in whatever they do! Not to mention HANDSOME! That’s parenting done right! Var & Rae sacrifice whatever they have, whether it’s time, money, or energy to ensure these boys don’t end up another statistic.

Check out their parenting Done right pics

I fully support & endorse this family! Keep up with this AMAZING family by connecting with them! I PROMISE, you won’t be disappointed!

Follow mom on Instagram: @she_is_rachelrae

Follow mom on Twitter: @Ladii_Rae

Follow dad on Instagram: @L.terrel

Follow dad on Twitter: @l_terrel_

Subscribe to dad’s YouTube channel: L. Terrel

Purchase dad’s single Better

Check out Don’t Shoot

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🎧 Earbuds In, World Out 🌎 Issa Vibe

While typing ⌨️away at work doing my daily duties, I put my earbuds in 🎧and tune out the noise & the office drama.

My favorite Pandora stations are playing the best vibing music, and I’m in a world of my own🌎. This inspired my postà when you listen to these songs, issa vibe!

This is the kind of music that touches your soul & you feel in your heart. ❤️

These artists and songs achieved the “I felt that” feeling deep within, and I doubt that you would disagree with me. These songs evoke some kind of emotion within you & sets a tone, whether is a sense of independence, self-love, gratitude, romance, or loneliness, they definitely set a feeling within.

My favorite Music Quotes:

🎵”Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions, and if it’s in the bones, it’s in the bones.” ― Keith Richards

  • 🎧”I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” ― Billy Joel
  • 🎶“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ― Bob Marley
  • This is the kind of music you could listen to all day, but identify with every song.

    💋 (I think you see what my station is set on 😁)   

    Indie/Neo Soul

    1. Video–India Arie
    2. Doo Wop (That Thing)—Lauryn Hill
    3. Ex Factor—Lauryn Hill
    4. Golden—Jill Scott
    5. There’s Hope—India Arie
    6. Sweetest Thing—Lauryn Hill
    7. Nothing Even Matters—Lauryn Hill
    8. Tyrone—Erykah Badu
    9. Bag Lady—Erykah Badu
    10. On & On—Erykah Badu
    11. Next Lifetime—Erykah Badu
    12. Love of my Life—Erykah Badu
    13. Window Seat—Erykah badu
    14. Brotha—Angie Stone
    15. I Try—Macy Gray
    16. I Am Not My Hair—India Arie
    17. Cry—Lyfe Jennings
    18. She Got Kids—Lyfe Jennings
    19. Cool-Anthony Hamilton
    20. Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You—Erykah Badu
    21. 911—Wyclef Jean
    22. Killing me Softly With His Song—Fugees
    23. Ready or Not—Fugees
    24. Brown Skin—India Arie
    25. Turn Your Lights Down Low—Lauryn Hill 

    Other songs that I vibe to:

    1. Waterfalls—TLC
    2. You Make Me Wanna—Usher
    3. Creep—TLC
    4. So Into You—Tamia feat. Fabolous
    5. All Falls Down—Kanye West
    6. Thru The Wire—Kanye West
    7. Can’t Let You Go—Fabolous
    8. Winner—Chris Brown
    9. You & I—John Legend
    10. Let’s Get Married—Jagged Edge
    11. Medicine—Queen Najia
    12. Int’l Players Anthem—UGK
    13. Work Out—J. Cole
    14. Don’t—Bryson Tiller
    15. Location—Khalid
    16. Everything is Everything—Lauryn Hill
    17. Can’t Tell Me Nothing—Kanye West
    18. Have You Ever—Brandy
    19. Southside—Lloyd feat Ashanti
    20. Like You—Bow Wow feat. Ciara
    21. Circles—Marques Houston
    22. I’m Tryna—Omarion
    23. Million—Tink
    24. Rock the Boat—Aaliyah
    25. More than A Woman—Aaliyah

    These are only a few songs that I know off the top of my head that I can vibe to on any day!

    If you have some songs to add, drop them in the comment box below 📥📥.


    As always, Stephy Says 💋 LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, & SUBSCRIBE!



    entertainment My 2 Cents

    😒Bitter Broads

    In case you guys had no idea, I am also a published author & aside from blogging, I write stories. Check out this excerpt from my short story “Game Over.”

    💋You know the warm fuzzy feeling you get when that special someone calls? And that tingling feeling you get in your stomach from being in love? You know how it is to be in love, right? Yeah, me neither.

    And I’m tired of everyone around me acting like they are so in love. They know like I know that everybody cheats. Men, women, boys & girls. But especially men.

    You wanna know where your prince charming is? Somewhere cheating.

    What about the “knight in shining armor?”

    Somewhere in another woman’s face lying and hyping her up. And guess what else? She’s believing it.

    He’s texting her and 3 other women the same “good morning beautiful” text; and every time he posts a status on social media about his girl or “bae,” they are all believing that she is the one he’s referring to.

    She’s telling the world that she’s in love & can’t live without him. She’s surfing the internet looking for wedding dresses and planning her dream wedding because she has met the man of her dreams. She has bought all the false dreams he’s sold her. She’s bought by false hope.

    Meanwhile, he’s in some other woman’s DM or inbox getting her number and making her feel special too. I swear some of y’all mamas raised boo boo the fool. I was a fool two times. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me & I was definitely ashamed.

    I’m convinced, ain’t no such thing as love & the people that are “in love” are faking the funk just to say they have somebody. These men got these women out here looking stupid; and then they get mad when somebody  try to tell them that their man is for everybody. But I can’t say too much because I was out here looking stupid too. Malcolm and Braxton had me fooled.

    That love stuff is for the birds and those men ain’t nothing but old bats, buzzards, chickens, and turkeys. Love ain’t real. I’m starting to think it’s just a myth.

    These women that are “in love” think they are winning, but in reality they’re losing.

    You know what they are losing? Their cotton picking minds. Especially if they think they are the only one.

    What’s even crazier is when a man approaches

    you and you bring up the fact that he has a girlfriend, he has the nerve to say stupid things like “I can have friends” or “what my girl don’t know won’t hurt her” like that justifies cheating. I heard that was Malcolm’s response, but that didn’t surprise me. However, I was shocked to learn that this was Braxton’s answer too.

    I start thinking to my self, “Well, she’s gonna know ‘cuz I’m gonna tell her.”

    Then I snap myself out of that trance, knowing good and doggone well that she wouldn’t believe me if I did try to tell her.

    See, men like that are single in your inbox begging for a phone number & time to “chill,” but are the same men “in love” on Facebook.

    Boy, please! They are the first ones participating in “Woman crush Wednesday.”

    I can’t help but roll my eyes at that kind of foolishness. I’m not hating on nobody’s relationship, but I know half of them ain’t what it’s crapped up to be. Cuz me and Malcolm had everybody thinking we was all peaches and cream. Don’t even get me started on Braxton. I was actually foolish enough to marry him. So, don’t take what I’m saying personal because it applies to me too. I’m not exempt. If the shoe fits, you gotta lace that ish up and wear it. But if I’m not stepping on your toes, don’t worry about what I’m saying.

    All men gonna do is lie and cheat. All they want from women is “a little piece of tail,” booty calls, wham-bam-thank you ma’am, hit it and quit it, smash & pass or whatever you want to call it..

    You may think I am a Bitter Broad, but I’m not.

    I have my reasons. Let me tell you about Lamont. Or maybe Tyrone. Or maybe Rondell. Tyreek. Wallace. Chris. Champion. Whatever, you get the picture.

    I really thought Braxton was the one, but as it turns out, he was a nickel that couldn’t handle this dime. He was too busy throwing away a diamond to pick up a bunch of rocks.

    Business Review fashion/beauty

    💋Kataya & the ✨Flawless Fall Face🍂🍁

    It’s Fall y’all! Like 🗣FALL FALL! The weather is settling down & it’s finally gotten to the temperature that your face won’t melt off with your makeup. 🌡️☀️

    I have never been the one to apply much makeup, partly because I have no idea how & I don’t feel like I have the time.

    But let me tell you, I ran across this beauty on Twitter that selflessly shared her Makeup Tutorial that is perfect for beginners like me.

    Let me also add that she just published her YouTube page! This is great because now we can 🌱GROW🌱 together. This gives us the perfect opportunity to 👡follow👡this journey with her.

    Here’s why you should watch & subscribe:

    💄 She’s ✨fun & personable

    💄 She offers her 💋HONEST💋 suggestions & opinions during the tutorial.

    💄She talks TO you not AT you.

    💄 She’s Beautiful 😍& ‼️LOOK AT THE QUALITY & precision of her skills 💅🏽💁🏽‍♀️.

    Anndddd because

    💄 #stephysays💋 like, share, comment, subscribe ‼️

    Stay tuned here for updates as her channel grows! ✨🌱

    Love this natural look? You can achieve this flawless full facial beat here

    ✨Want to see more tutorials?

    Subscribe to her YouTube channel

    Follow her on Twitter: @tayasavy

    Follow her on Instagram: @katayacasanova

    Business Review fashion/beauty

    Life-size Barbie MUA💄😍

    How many of us young ladies played with Barbie Dolls as little girls? A better question would be, how many of us adult women envy Barbie because of her flawless appearance? 😊

    Well, believe it or not! I have the pleasure of knowing a life size Barbie! She’s the queen of turning your normal everyday face into one of intense glamour & perfection! Wait! Did I mention she was 🗣SELF TAUGHT‼️

    💋✨Here’s her story:

    Why? In High School, puberty became even more of a real struggle for me. Having acne was a pain in the butt! As I got older, I’ve realized that beauty was a big part of a women’s makeup, as in how she carries herself, that it led me to learn about things that could boost my self esteem up a little bit more.

    How? I’ve started researching makeup products to use, makeup tips, and even watching tutorials on YouTube that could help me become better at applying my own makeup.

    Motivation? Keeping a creative mind open, like mine lol, helps me to expand my talent. I always think outside the box and don’t let people put me in one. Being the person that I am, I’ve always refuse to give up on something that I love and have a passion for. I also love giving out makeup tips to whoever that wants to improve their own makeup skills. When it comes to makeup, you can do UNLIMITED things with it. Makeup is my therapy! I will ALWAYS strive to be the best that I can be at it!

    💋MUA Name/Brand Name: Chrissy Michelle

    💋Email her at:

    💋 Services offered: Makeup Services

    💋Find her in the Beauty category or section

    💋When is she available? Availability is determined upon request.

    Unfortunately, a website unavailable at this time.

    💋Facebook: Crystal Eley

    💋Instagram: cryssy_boo

    💋Snapchat: i.amchelle👻

    💋YouTube: Chrissy Michelle